Many of us save our significant personal things on personal computers, or at least the digital variety, including family pictures. Laptops, however, don’t last forever, so if yours collapses, you’ll really like to recover the hard drive so you may use it with a different model. A lid on the underside of certain laptops provides easy access to the hard drives. Hence, you could learn how to remove laptop hard drive via the methods provided in this article. Therefore, keep reading this article with us.

Why Do People Remove Hard Drive From Laptop?remove laptop hard drive

The most obvious reason for needing an update is why you would want to take out the hard disc from your laptop. It’s possible for hard discs to fail. They might need to be replaced if they are destroyed for this reason. These subsequent sections provide a detailed explanation of the steps you must take to remove your drive. However, the purpose of this guide on how to remove the hard disc from a laptop is to act as a warning instead of to terrify you since there are circumstances in which doing so is essential –

  • The hard drive needs to be replaced because it has been damaged.
  • Installing a larger-capacity disc is the only method to add additional space since you are out of space and need it.
  • You want to add more sophisticated disc slots to your system since it already has many; for example, the most modern laptops also include HDD slots and  SSD card slots.
  • You want to switch out your outdated drive for a more modern, sophisticated one.
  • You wish to take out the drive and put another drive in its place so that you may use it as a backup disk for your laptop.

Can You Remove Laptop Hard Drive And Insert It Into Another?

With the right hardware arrangement, replacing a laptop’s hard disc with another one shouldn’t pose any difficulties for you. But if the PCs aren’t the same, you’ll have trouble with driver compatibility and probably have major beginning issues. If you’re privileged enough to get the computer to run the Operating system, you’ll still run into issues with drivers that don’t suit the hardware, which will necessitate you spending a few minutes or hours sorting through the complexity of upgrading drivers.

Remember that if you buy a brand new computer and move our old hard drive to that too, you will take on all of the troubles with the old drive. Therefore, before replacing the drive, it is best to clean it of any viruses.

How To Remove Laptop Hard Drive? (Quick Solutions)removing a hard drive from a laptop

In this part, we will discuss “laptop hard drive removal” or “remove hard drive from laptop”. However, in general terms, there could be some variations in how a hard disc is extracted from a laptop depending on the model. The steps below will definitely help you if you are looking for information on how to “remove laptop hard drive”. 

Step 1: Make a Backup of your Documents

Before removing the largest hard drive, make a backup of all important files. Backups can be created using an external disk drive, a USB device, or cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 2: Switch off the Computer and Disconnect the Connected Cables

If the computer doesn’t hang up on wires or suddenly turn on, it will make entering it much easier. Before learning how to remove a hard disc from a laptop, disconnect the power supply, the display, and any additional connected devices from the laptop.

Step 3: Take the Battery Out

The laptop’s battery must be removed before the hard drive can be taken out. Most of the time, there are two release latches on the laptop battery that you push in order to take it away. Therefore, you must unlock the locks and remove the battery from the compartment.Take the Battery Out

Step 4: Hold Down on the Power Button for 15-16 Seconds

Once the battery has been taken out, hold the power button down for 15-16 seconds to verify the laptop is effectively lifeless.

Step 5: Disconnect the Main Access Panel by Unscrewing it

However, the primary access panel’s screws should then all be removed from the system. The access panel may be located on the laptop’s bottom or one of its sides. Depending on the laptop brand, the process for removing the hard disc may be different.

Step 6: Completely Eliminate the Hard Drive MountCompletely Eliminate the Hard Drive Mount

After detaching the access panel, the hard disc mount could very well be accessible. The hard drive mount, that maintains the hard disc in position, must be uninstalled at this point as a result. As a result, you also need to remove the hard drive mount.

Step 7: Disconnect the Connectors from the Hard Drive

This is the time to remove the hard drive from the interconnections. When removing the hard disc from the connectors, please be careful not to destroy any connections. In any other case, the laptop won’t be able to accommodate an internal hard drive.

Step 8: The Drive’s Hard Drive Bracket should be Removed

Now, start to remove the hard disc from the bracket after it has been disconnected from the connectors. The brackets are secured in place by screws located on the hard drive’s sides. The bracket must thus be unscrewed in order to access the hard disc. After carrying out each step, the hard drive from the laptop has been successfully removed or “remove hard drive from laptop” is successful. However, if you want to upgrade the laptop’s hard disc, you can place a new drive in it.

Note: To ensure that data is protected in the event that certain careless activities result in data loss, it is advised to make a hard disc clone before removing it.


In conclusion, this article has described how to “remove laptop hard drive” and also answer on “where is hard drive on laptop”. There are typically 8 steps here to remove a hard disc. The solutions in this page can be used to remove a laptop’s hard disc. Also, you are always welcome to contribute any other distinct suggestions about how to remove a laptop’s hard disc in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it safe to removing a hard drive from a laptop?

Ans: If you are careful while extracting the hard drive from the laptop, it is not a difficult operation. However, it is certainly not a smart idea to remove the laptop’s hard disc. If you have never done it before and are unaware of the potential negative effects that might occur both during and after the operation. 

Q2: Should I remove the hard drive before recycling?

Ans:  You must thoroughly clean or take out the hard drives before donating or discarding your computer. When you do this, you can be confident that data thieves won’t be able to recover. The information stored on the hard drives since it will be entirely obliterated.

Q3: What happens if you drill a hard drive?

Ans: The drive might potentially become permanently warped because of the effects of the drill’s heat.