Are you a fan of the English Premier League? Did you see the constant sponsorships by this betting company called Stake? You will likely see them everywhere in the playing jerseys and the training jerseys of Watford. As much as the Hornets like to change their manager, the Stake betting sponsorship remained permanent. The stake betting company is also listed as the official sponsor of UFC.  So, then if you are willing to partake in some good time Stake betting chances are you might have found yourself blocked. This will inevitably bring the question of how to play Stake in the U.S. The answer to how to play Stake in US is pretty simple. You will simply need a VPN for Stake playing. 

As we trudge forward, we will inform you all about how to play Stake in US, whether Stake is legal in the U.S., and the ways to use a VPN for Stake.

Play stake in US

Entailments of Stake Betting Online

Stake betting online casinos are hugely popular among lovers of some good adrenaline. This is evident with the huge sponsorship deals Stake betting has invested in the past few years. 

As much as we would love to, spend our life away drinking martinis in the desert of Vegas. There is a responsibility to maintain practicalities binding us. Once you come to terms with how to play Stake in the U.S. You can participate in several online casino games. 

This includes Blackjack or Roulette and Slot Machines. The payment method of Stake betting has the feature of cryptocurrency. You can use Bitcoin or Litecoin or Dogecoin or Ripple to pay and play. The cryptocurrency payment feature in Stake betting games certainly helps in the protection of data and private financial details. 

How to play Stake in the U.S. is almost necessary to know if you enjoy gambling. Gambling in moderation now and then, particularly at times when your team is playing awful and the next win seems to be next season. 

Stake betting allows you to hedge your bets on some sporting events and scenarios. Alongside the whole host Stake original games like the likes of Kilo or Slide or Wheel or Stake slots. The chances of winning big are also pretty enticing. 

There are cash prizes worth about ten thousand dollars each day. Other than this there are also tickets available to grab. The more your tickets the further will your chances boost to get a shot at fifty thousand dollars at the end of each week. 

Is Stake Legal in the U.S.? 

Is Stake Legal in the U.S.? 

So if you are living in the States and found yourself blocked at one of their sites, it is likely possible. You are wondering whether is Stake legal in the U.S. Well, Stake betting is getting much love from all the places. 

To be more specific about whether is Stake Legal in U.S? There is no licensing in U.S. or even Britain for that matter the Stake game. U.S. prohibits online gambling and can incur fines or a ban or a possible short jail sentence. 

The very reason you will need a VPN for Stake playing. The stake is banned in the U.K. and is the sponsor of Watford. So make of that what you will. So before we move along further details of how to play Stake in US? This must be noted Stake is an authorized crypto-gambling online community.

Even though the question is Stake legal in the U.S. still needs a definite answer regarding the lack of licensing. Places like Canada, of course, Canada or Chile or Argentina, and Uruguay all provide legal licensing of the Stake betting site.

VPN for Stake 

So the simple answer to how to play Stake in the U.S. is to use a VPN for Stake. Why do we need a VPN, well because a VPN changes the IP address. The IP address can be changed to a location where the Stake betting casino site is legal. The VPN will hide your privacy and security online. 

And to make the long story short and remove all the pie in the sky, since Stake is banned in the U.S. The only way to play Stake is to use a VPN for Stake.

In the next section, we will cover the details of VPNs that aid in how to play Stake in US. We will include criteria and features to check before choosing a VPN for Stake betting online.

Selecting the Right VPN 

Selecting the Right VPN 

This surely isn’t the first article you have come across as you typed how to play Stake in US. There might be even articles offering a whole host of free VPNs to help you partake in Stake betting. 

With such an abundance of options selecting the right VPN can be tricky. We need to keep focus besides on how to play Stake in US on choosing a VPN that will be apt in hiding our address and providing security. 

The number of servers comes first

Each VPN comes in with a whole host of a range of server numbers in varied regions. This is important to bypass geo-blockers. To access any content or gaming sites that are blocked in your region. The first step is always to connect with a server of the region where what you’re accessing isn’t blocked. 

Security protection comes in next

 Say now you know how to play Stake in US There is an enormous need to hide your IP address and information details. This is paramount to avoid the selling of your information to a third party. Or any unnecessary harassment that might include if you are partaking in online gambling from a strict region like the middle-east.

Speed is a close third

The speed of the VPN is a necessity. Once you have connected to the server and the IP address has been changed. Speed plays the role in the easy playing of any online games or streaming. No one wants their internet to buffer in between a round of Blackjack. 

The number of devices allowed

Login from one account is a feature that helps us be sanctimonious. Imagine a scenario where you are betting on Stake on whether Forest will stay up or not. 

You are calculating all your fates on Dean Henderson. While you do that someone of your friends or family can bypass geo-blockers and stream whatever they wish to. You both are left in peace and there are simply no arguments regarding the hogging of the VPN.      

Money Back Policy

Most of the elite VPN services offer a first-month money-back policy in circumstances where you want to shift to another VPN and change plans. This is a great way to test and select the right VPN that fits your demands without the risk of losing money. 

Now, we have discussed the establishing criteria for choosing a VPN for Stake betting. In the following segment, we will discuss the VPNs that meet the above-mentioned. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will be all aware of how to play Stake in US. 

The Best VPNs for Stake   

These elite VPNs are suited not only as VPN for Stake but for a whole host of other functions. These VPNs will pretty much guarantee you internet freedom and while doing so protect your security throughout. 

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is probably the best quality VPN one can vouch for. The VPN offers incredible speed to aid in online gaming or streaming without any interruptions. 

The security features are all well-protected. ExpressVPN offers military-grade security protection. The Kill Switch feature helps in circumstances of internet breakdown between the system and the VPN. It will still hide your IP address.

ExpressVPN provides AES 256-bit encryption and a strict no-logs policy helping you in leaving no traces of history online. Five devices can be logged in from one account and there is the usual first-month cash-back policy and all-day/night chat support. 

The number of servers clocks to around three thousand in over ninety-four countries. 

To summarize the advantages then will be as follows, 

  1. The number of servers is around three thousand plus in over ninety-four countries. 
  2. High speed with no interruption. 
  3. Security protection is well-built. 
  4. The first-month cash-back policy. 
  5. You can log in to 5 devices under one account. 

The best things in life all at times unfortunately come with a price. So, you’re selecting ExpressVPN as the right answer to how to play Stake in US? You must note the pricing plans can be quite costly. 

2. NordVPN 


NordVPN can be easily argued to enter first in this list. The speed of NordVPN can rival the very best of elite VPNs including ExpressVPN. 

The security features are strong with AES 256-bit encryption, alongside the military-grade data protection feature. Spilt tunneling and Kill Switch and no-logs policy only strengthen the security bases of NordVPN. 

Six devices can log in from one account and also, a first-month cash-back policy. The twenty-four hours of live chat support and five-thousand-two-hundred servers in over sixty countries. 

NordVPN is in the category of the most elite VPNs in the market right now. 

  1. Six devices are allowed to log in from one account.
  2. The speed of NordVPN is impeccable. 
  3. The number of servers is around five thousand two hundred in over sixty countries.
  4. Security protocols are reliable and ensure safety. 
  5. There are twenty-four hours of live chat support to troubleshoot all the problems. 

The disadvantage in NordVPN is the fact that desktop applications can at times run much slower. The higher the advancement of security the more possibly slow the VPN will run. 

3. SurfShark


SurfShark is the VPN for people who enjoy boxing-day more than Christmas. The most affordable VPN in the elite category in the market, SurfShark offers the unique feature of unlimited device login. 

The number of servers for SurfShark is around more than three thousand two hundred plus in over sixty countries. The security features in place offer the same protection as the formers discussed. 

Military-grade data protection, AES 256-bit encryption, a Kill Switch feature, and a strict no-logs policy are all provided by the VPN. The chat support system along with the first-month cash-back policy is also there to assist the user. 

  1. An unlimited number of devices log in from one account. 
  2. The security protocols are great at reliability. 
  3. The number of servers is three thousand two hundred plus in over sixty-five countries. 
  4. Pricing plans are very affordable. 
  5. The first-month cash-back policy is present. 

The disadvantages of SurfShark lie in the fact a good amount of time will need to be invested each time to test the servers. The server speed will determine the speed of the VPN of course and this will also depend on the device compatibility. 

These three VPNs should do it as the way to play Stake in the US. So choose what you thought was right for you and be happy playing Stake betting. 

Free VPNs Do Not Work for Stake Online 

As much as we would like to write over here, there is another way to play Stake in the US via a free VPN. They barely work. In most cases, they won’t. The geo-blockers in place are strong while the servers of the free VPNs can’t break past that.

There is a serious chance of misuse of your private data online if you’re indulging in a free VPN. The system can also get infected with malware. Since free VPNs do not earn money from subscriptions. The other way for them is to sell data to a third party. 

Some Final Musings

VPN for Stake is an easy way to access online gambling casinos. The gaming features and cash features are so enticing. It is like a mini Vegas café at our palms.   

This article was meant to assist in how to play Stake in US. Since even though it is an authorized online gambling site many places like France or Britain or Iran have the game blocked.

Do gamble responsibly though. Online gambling is great fun until circumstances not going in your favor start affecting your head. This will then eventually affect the pockets. Gamble Responsibly, Gamble Happily!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How to play in the U.S.?

Since the States prohibit online gambling sites, the best way to play Stake in the US is to download a VPN. 

We recommend NordVPN, download the VPN from the site and connect to a server. Canada or Brazil or Chile are all suitable locations, go to the official Stake online site and start playing. 

Q.2) Is stake legal in the US?

No. The stake online casino is legal in the countries of Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombo, Costa Rica & Ecuador amongst other countries.