Duelbits is an online crypto casino. It was founded in 2020 and users can pay in it via PayPal or credit cards or Bitcoin or Litecoin. It allows users to play with other users around the world. Thus, saving the trip to the casino every time Duelbits has gotten much attention since the time of arrival. There is a variety of the usual games Duelbits offers such as Blackjack or Crash or Dice Duels and many others among the most common ones. 


Why is Duelbits VPN Necessary? 

It is an excellent online gambling casino and is licensed and legal as verified and authorized. There is a catch here that needs to be taken note of. While it has a legal license, it is banned in the United States. 

So if you’re residing in the States there is a need to access Duelbits VPN.  As Duelbits USA is amongst the banned regions in the duel bits TOS. The VPN will help locate another server in a region where Duel Bits isn’t banned. Once done there will be no blockage of playing Duelbits USA. 

How to Choose the Right VPN?

There are a few pointers to take note of if you’re new to the process of using a VPN. 

  1. The speed of the VPN becomes of paramount importance. No matter the VPN you’re using, the speed of the server of the VPN will help you in the easy process of playing Duelbits. If the server lags or buffers you certainly don’t want a disadvantage while playing Duel Bits. 
  2. The number of servers probably comes next. The more the number of servers the better are your chances to change the IP address, locate and select and play smoothly. 


This holds even in cases of playing in other similar online gaming banned in certain regions. 

  1.  An easy interface is suitable. While we are all set for a good time with Duel Bits we certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out the VPN. 
  2. Each VPN allows a certain number of devices to be connected under one account. This is a greatly beneficial feature. While you play it, the other people in your family or friends can log in and stream or play to their wish. 
  3. The first-month money-back guarantee is another feature. Duelbits VPN is best when you’re playing via servers compatible with your devices.  

In case there is a wrong choice made, it is good to have the luxury of changing without losing money. 

  1. The option of round-the-clock chat support is very helpful. No matter the time you sit and start playing it. Any problem with the VPN and there is the option of seeking query and help. 

So, there you have a certain fair list one needs to check before investing in a VPN. Duelbits hold great enthrallment for gamers. Select the right VPN and start playing. 

The Top VPNs

We have listed down the pointers to select the right VPN. We will, in this section, provide a bit further information. Hopefully, this will help to assist you in making the correct choice. Here is a list of VPNs you must know.

1. ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN is the best quality VPN present in the market. It offers good speed and also offers military-grade data encryption. Other features of ExpressVPN include a Kill Switch. The Kill Switch feature helps in hiding the IP address in case the connection of the VPN breaks. There is a strict no-logs policy and an AES 256-bit encryption.  Talking about the number of servers, ExpressVPN provides over three thousand plus servers in over ninety-four countries.  Here is then a list of advantages of using ExpressVPN.


  1. ExpressVPN provides three thousand plus servers in over ninety-four countries. 
  2. ExpressVPN has the best speed. 
  3. There is military-grade data protection. 
  4. The Kill Switch Option helps in hiding the IP address if the connection breaks. 
  5. The first month’s money-back policy. 
  6. ExpressVPN allows connecting five devices at once under one account.

The disadvantage is along with all the good ExpressVPN brings you to have to pay a hefty price to acquire services. 

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is widely popular for single users looking to easily stream or play light games. The most affordable amongst the top choice VPNs. Surfshark has over three thousand two hundred servers in over sixty-five countries. To go along with the good cost, Surfshark allows the option of unlimited logins from multiple unlimited devices. To protect the IP address of the user the Kill Switch is present. The military-grade data protection and a strict no-logs policy only further enhance the appeal of Surfshark. Here is a list of pointers to all the advantages of using Surfshark VPN. 


  1. Surfshark VPN allows unlimited device logins under one account. 
  2. Surfshark has the most affordable rates. 
  3. The military-grade data protection and Kill Switch feature helps in providing reliable security. 
  4. There is round clock chat support.  
  5. Surfshark provides three thousand two hundred servers in around sixty-five countries. 
  6. Surfshark offers a policy of money back in the first month. 

The disadvantage of Surfshark remains the speeds can greatly vary depending on the server. This along with the compatibility of the device is greatly reliant on the speed you will get. 

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is right up there as the best VPN in the market. In terms of speed, it has comparison levels with ExpressVPN. There is the feature of AES 256-bit encryption. Along with this, the Kill Switch feature and a strict no-logs policy. NordVPN allows logging in to up to six devices under one user account. The number of servers is around five thousand in over sixty countries. The list of advantages of NordVPN is quite impressive. 


  1. NordVPN provides military-grade data protection and AES 256-bit encryption. 
  2. The speed of NordVPN is elite. 
  3. NordVPN offers a presence of five thousand one hundred servers in around sixty countries. 
  4. There is the feature of round-the-clock chat support. 
  5. The first month’s money-back policy. 
  6. NordVPN allows the option to log in using six devices under one account. 

The disadvantages of NordVPN are the desktop applications can be quite slower. The same slow speed can be present with advanced security.

Duelbits VPN: The Bottomline

No matter the region, be it you’re playing Duelbits USA or any other. You can play this game smoothly without any interruption using Duelbits VPN. Indulge in Blackjack or any other game of your choice. 

We wish you good luck in the Duelbits casino. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How to play Duelbits in the U.S.?

The USA is among the places where the game is banned. Therefore straight access isn’t present. Simply use a VPN, say ExpressVPN, and change the IP address to the server of a region where Duelbits isn’t banned. Thereafter log in to the game and start playing. 

Q.2) Can you play Duelbits in the US?

It is banned in the U.S. To still play this widely popular online casino game, use VPN. NordVPN is an excellent VPN that would help in the easy playing of the game.

Q.3) How do you play Duelbits UK? 

It isn’t available in Britain. Following their American counterparts, Britain too has been a place where Duelbits finds itself banned.  However, people still play the game. Simply use a VPN like NordVPN and change the IP address server and play the game.