Are you also facing issues regarding your OneDrive sync pending? This has been a matter of concern for many people who are using one drive in Windows 10. If you too are getting such a problem then this article has it all for you the causes and their resolutions for OneDrive upload pending. Let’s get an understanding of each of the elements involved in this process and the reasons behind it. Before getting to any point the first thing that needs to be understood is what is on the drive and what causes it to not sync to Windows.

Introducing One Drive

One Drive is cloud storage that is a source of free space for anyone who has a Microsoft account. It is just an alternative to external or additional storage for your device. It has many advantages being a cloud space as it can be easily accessed anywhere the users want to have their one drive opened. 

One Drive

Everyone in their lives requires some extra space for their devices because with time and use the existing space would not be enough to satisfy the requirements of the user. In such situations, additional storage like one drive comes in handy to get your device some extra storage. It is a keeper of all your files and data stored in one place which can be very easily accessed anywhere just with your Microsoft account.

This creation of Microsoft is available for all Microsoft users for free. It provides 5GB of free storage but if you require more storage than this, you might have to pay some extra charges. This is one of the most reliable cloud storage out there as it is a built-in software of Windows. One drive allows you to sync your files to the device as well as to the cloud. Now, this process sometimes gets disturbed for several reasons and results in sync pending OneDrive. 

Why is OneDrive Sync Pending?

Many people face this problem of one drive upload pending in their Windows. What could be the reason behind your sync pending Windows 10? There can be a lot of reasons behind this thing happening in your device. Let’s see what the possible reasons behind OneDrive sync pending:

One Drive Sync pending Error

  •  OneDrive not updating regularly could be one of the reasons for its pending sync as an older version might have trouble functioning well. If you too are running an older version of your one drive then it might be the reason for your pending one drive sync.
  • If your one drive just stopped uploading a file then the problem might be in the file. One drive has a limit on the size of the uploads. If the file that is being synced is not according to that limit then the one drive may not sync it.
  • Hoarding of cache files in the OneDrive can also result in drive sync pending
  • If the storage on your one drive is running low then also it might be unable to sync files.
  • OneDrive requires certain permissions to complete the sync but if permission is not allowed to it then it would be impossible for it to complete the process of syncing.

These were some of the reasons for sync pending onedrive and now let’s get on to the solutions for this trouble in the further part of the article.

Solutions To Getting Rid Of Pending Sync of One Drive 

1. Update Your Windows

Everything that runs on a device is affected by the situation of the Windows and not having your Windows up to date can cause your pending OneDrive sync. To not let your Windows lack of update bug with your one drive sync, follow these simple steps to update your Windows:

Update and Security

  • Go to the start button and open the Settings
  • Then click on Update and Security
  • After that open the option with Windows Update
  • Click on the check for updates option and get an update for your Windows.

2. Update Client OneDrive

When the automatic download access to update client OneDrive is denied then it should be updated manually. Not having your OneDrive client updated can be one of the reasons for your OneDrive pending sync. So, to resolve this issue just update your OneDrive. Remember before updating OneDrive, you must turn off OneDrive

3. Storage Check

Many times people are not sure if they even have space left in one drive to carry the syncing process. So, to solve your pending sync you need to check for your storage. Follow the given steps to know about the status of your storage in your OneDrive:

Manage Storage

  • Login into your one-drive account
  • Then click on “Manage Storage”
  • This would lead you to the page which would show you the space status. How much of it is used and how much is left?
  • If you are running down on space then you can either clear out some space or get more storage for your OneDrive.

4. Check The Size Of Your File

OneDrive has set a limit for the size of the file that can be uploaded on it. If your file exceeds that limit then you won’t be able to sync the file to your OneDrive. The size limit depends on the type of files, your device, and your account type. So check your compatibility with one drive and coordinate with the files you are trying to sync. Make your adjustments accordingly and get your pending OneDrive sync resolved. 

The Final Say

There might be a few reasons that are making it difficult if your onedrive sync pending to your Windows 10. But the above guide provides you with every detail regarding this issue along with the solutions for it. Whenever your one drive is unable to sync with your Windows, you can now get that resolved with the simplest yet effective steps given in the article. Use all the steps provided above and solve your issue of not getting your pending one-drive sync. 


1. What does sync pending mean?

Sync pending means when you are unable to sync your files somewhere. Sync pending is commonly seen in one drive when a user is unable to sync a file to his OneDrive due to different reasons.

2. How can I sync one drive to my computer?

In order to sync one drive to your computer follows the given steps:

  • Click o the start button
  • Search for OneDrive
  • Login into your OneDrive account 
  • Then select the files and folders to be synced and you can easily sync anything to your one drive.

3. How do I fix one drive sync issue?

If you too are facing some issues with your one drive to sync then you can use the following method to fix your one drive issue:

  • Update OneDrive
  • Restart your one drive application
  • Check your storage left
  • Update your Windows
  • Reinstall OneDrive.