Norton Secure VPN is a tool that protects your online activities. It provides you online security to perform every task sincerely. Millions of people use websites that can get their personal information. Everything they do online whether it be a bank or credit history can be accessed easily. Even providing your password can be a great risk for you. 

But, you don’t need to be worried as Norton Secure VPN is there to help you. Through Norton Secure VPN, we can easily get an advanced level of security against those websites that try to access and use the data. As everything is online so the tool in today’s time is much more valuable. You may want to know more about this tool. Well, keeping that in mind, we prepare this article to provide you a better view of what Norton Secure VPN can offer to you. 

It’s no secret that your online privacy and security have at risk. The growing threat is always there whether you switch from an unsecured to a private Internet connection. But, Norton Secure VPN secures your data, information, and connections whether being you at home or some other place. It also fights cybercriminals who try every possible way to infect your devices to access personal information. You may not aware of this, but current federal regulation allows activities like tracking, selling, and accessing our history to Internet service providers. Not only that but you can also get filtered content on your feed.  

A Small Brief of Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN

If you want to try out some extensive types of security tools, then you must bring Norton Secure VPN. Also, protects your sensitive information from instant advanced level security. Your password and credit card number will be secured and protected. Using a public hotspot can bring all of your sensitive information to the world. As a consequence, anyone having the access to that hotspot can also become quite able to fetch your information. But, Norton Secure VPN always secures you and your information from getting trapped by those nonsensical sites. 

You can have all the power in your hand with Norton Secure VPN. Just make a click and you are all ready to secure all your online privacy. Adding on, you can also get the freedom to receive only those contents you value the most. With this incredible software, you can continue your work and share bank information without worrying much about security.

As it runs effortlessly in the background so you don’t need to log in several times. Just install the software, log in once and leave the rest of the work on the software. What is more satisfying than securing our browsing history, bank-related information, and so on. After logging in, you will receive more privacy and security any time you are making your way online. 

As we have mentioned above, using a public WiFi location can prove risky for you. Using WiFi means sharing your data, your information, your browsing history, and everything on the Internet with all those people who are using that hotspot. You are neglecting it now but it can become a big risk that can cost you in the long run. If you want to keep yourself away from this kind of risk then you must put in some level of protection. 

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Benefits of Norton Secure VPN

There are several benefits of using the Norton Secure VPN. You will find some of them listed below.

Norton Secure VPN

  • Without any fear and restriction, you will be able to browse your favorite apps and content. The best part is you can have it not only at your home but in other places as well. Whether you be at home or some public place, you can easily enjoy the working of this incredible software.
  • You will get the best bank-grade encryption services whenever you make your way towards the public WiFi hotspot. It indicates that you will be provided some of the highest levels of protection that too when you are on an open network. 
  • It regulates to encrypt your data on a no-log virtual private network. That means you can easily search for what you need online while just on a private network. Well, if you have still some doubts to use this tool then just throw all of your doubts as there is no such possibility that a third party will store or track your information.  
  • Norton Secure VPN also enables you to browse any websites you want anonymously. As the tool works to protect your privacy with no limitation of where you move online. 
  • Also, the software comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, you can first try it and then make a further decision of still using the software or not. You need to use the service within that timeframe to encounter its benefits. Let us tell you that the support from Norton is too good. 
  • This amazing tool provides you enough power to gain control over everything you do online. As well as, your access is not bounded as you will receive a much higher level of protection from all of those illegitimate sites and cybercriminals. 

System Requirement to Install the software

The software is available for Windows PC, Macs, iOS, and Android Smartphones and tablets: 

It is also compatible with Macs, Android smartphones, PCs, iPads, tablets, and iPhones. If you subscribe to its services then you can use the tool on the specified number of devices with unlimited use. 

Windows Operating Systems

  • It will work on all versions of Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
  • Also, support all versions of Microsoft Windows 10
  • All versions of Microsoft Windows-7 with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later

Mac Operating System

  • Require current and last two versions of Mac OS X 

Android Operating Systems

  • Androids running 5.0 or later

iOS Operating Systems

  • iPhones or iPads having the current and last two versions of Apple versions. 

Ways to Download and Install this Software

To use the software, you have to first download and install this on the device. So, let’s learn the steps that will help you in doing so.

 If you have a Windows or Mac device

No matter what you are using a Windows or Mac as Norton Secure VPN can easily run on both of the devices through these steps:

1. First of all, you need to navigate to the official site of Norton and then tap on Sign in. 

2. Now, just do one of the following things on the page of Welcome to NortonLifelock page.

  • Try to enter the login credentials and tap Sign in to log in to your Norton Account if you have it.
  • Otherwise, you can select Create a new account and follow the onscreen guidelines to make a new account.

3. select Download under Secure VPN.

4. Now, just try to access the downloaded file and do one of the following:

  • For Windows: Complete the installation procedure by following the on-screen guidelines.
  • For Mac: You need to open the Application folder to place the Norton Secure VPN into it.

5. You need to now launch the Norton Secure VPN app. If you are a mac user then don’t forget to provide the administrator password during launching Norton Secure VPN.

6. Just sign in with your Norton account credentials.

7. Next, hit the button Turn On.

8. In the end, click on the VPN switch to turn it on.

Users of Android or iOS device

1. Start the procedure by performing these steps:

  • If you are an Android user, then navigate to Play Store and tap on Accept if you use the app for the first time.
  • If you are an iOS user, then select the App Store icon located on the home screen.

2. Now, search for VPN in the search menu and select this app.

3. Proceeding with one of the following:

  • On Android, tap on the install button and then click accept & download.
  • On iOS, click on Get and tap Install and just sign in with your Apple account password.

4. Now, just tap on allow if you get a message that states “Norton Secure VPN Would Like to Add VPN Configuration.”

5. After that, you need to access the Norton Secure VPN app, and choose I Already Have a Subscription. 

6. Answer Yes when asked with Do you have a Norton Account.

7. In the end, enable VPN to activate Secure VPN.

Wrapping Up!

So, this is the entire guide related to Norton Secure VPN. We hope that you find it informative. Although, if you have any queries then drop them in the comment section.