Norton Safe Web is a free service that protects your online activity. It involves using its servers to research websites to ascertain how they’re going to affect an individual and his/her computer. Symantec designed this software to protect its user to deal with various web intimidations that exist on the Internet today. this treat could be malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, and more. Norton Safe web was also created to protect people from theft. Within Identity Theft, people try to access your MasterCard information, bank information, passwords, or send spiteful files which will infect your computers.

Norton Safe Web: Work Procedure

To keep track of the web, Norton Safe Web relies on user comments. This implies that Web users will assess various websites based on how they operate, whether anything strange occurs when visiting them, and so on. The websites that are reviewed vary from the most popular, like Facebook, to the lesser-known. This information is available to anybody who visits the Norton Safe website and clicks on the “Community Buzz” page.
Norton safe web

Under the “Community Buzz” button on the left side of the website, there are some evaluations of various sites written by various people. These individuals signed up for Norton Safe Web. Anyone can submit evaluations for any webpage they choose, but they must first create a free profile on the Norton Safe website. If the individual also has a Norton account (for an item or brand, for example), the login details for that profile will function on the Norton Safe website. Alternatively, the individual can enroll on the Norton Safe website using the given login details.

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Next Process

After that, the individual may write a review for almost any webpage he or she wants. Whether other online users like, they may rate the feedback and debate it. Norton will also investigate the site to see whether it represents a threat to the online community.

Website owners may upload their websites to Norton SafeWeb so that Norton didn’t verify them out and help them develop their sites so that they have benefited from having and users can feel completely safe while on them. Once they earn the Seal, their websites will show in the Norton Identity Safe, Norton Safe Search, and Norton Security user search results pages.

Why Norton Safe Web is Beneficial For This Era?

Norton Safe Web is a free program that provides Internet consumers a great knowledge of which websites are safe to visit and use. as well as those ones that are risky to access and use in a safe manner. Security attacks, data breaches, and fraud are reported on a daily basis. This is due to users visiting rogue websites that distribute malicious software such as malware and ransomware.

It’s practically difficult to grasp each site that’s out there and every hazard that may exist on the web as more and more come online and more people use the web remotely through their cellphones. That’s where Norton Safe Web comes in handy; it depends on a society of Online consumers to go outside and explore what else is out there, how sites function and operate, and if they’re secure for use. This will offer Internet consumers a far better understanding of where people should go to perform commercial or personal communications, as well as where they should avoid doing so.

While it’s impossible to understand every website and each threat in today’s high-speed-paced digital era. Thus, utilizing Norton Safe Web would be a great choice. Free thanks to the World Wide Web today and its ability to improve security and comfort for the user.


Regarding the above information, it can be good to say that we explain every bit about Norton Safe web and how it works. Hopefully, the information explained in this article helped you well to understand the Norton safe web. This software is all about the protection from Identity theft. If you are the one who needs it then you should hook this extension on your site after creating an account in it just as explained in the post.