Windows 10/11 comes pre-installed with the antivirus tool Windows Defender, commonly known as Windows Security. It is an anti-malware scanning program that enables booting and scanning in a secure environment. This enables adequate defense for your PC against viruses and other malware. Windows Defender decided to delete and block threats as fast as they are recognized. Users have, however, complained that Microsoft defender offline scan is malfunctioning. 

Hence, this article will be immensely beneficial to you if you are struggling with this issue, as we will direct you to some troubleshooting methods to get the problem solved. So, let’s move forward.

What Does Offline Scanning Mean?

Users may identify dangers such as Trojan horses, ransomware, as well as other viruses that may go unnoticed by another antivirus program when Windows is functioning by undertaking offline deep scanning. The recovery environment is where Offline Scan operates. 

Microsoft Defender Offline

Therefore, the PC will restart into Advanced Recovery anytime you want to conduct an Offline Scan. When you arrive, Defender will analyze each document for viruses, malware, and other suspicious information. The PC may not commence performing for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Causes Why Windows Defender Offline Scan Not Be Working

Below are the causes mentioned why “windows defender offline update” or “windows defender offline for windows 10” is not working –

  • The offline scan cannot be done if you see the error message “You need permission to execute this operation.” This is a problem with your user account permissions. To perform an offline scan, you’ll need to have an admin account.
  • System file corruption in Windows Defender: If Windows Security’s system files or fundamental documents are damaged, it won’t be capable of commencing an offline scan.
  • A third-party security program that tries to interfere: now let’s say you already use any third-party security program. Due to a conflict between the two pieces of software, only one of your Defender offline scans will function.

How To Resolve Microsoft Defender Offline Scan Not Working Issue?

Well, here we will finally discuss the effective and latest methods to resolve the “microsoft defender offline scan” not working issue on your device or your system. So, without any delay, dig into the methods to fix it quickly.

Method 1: Perform a System Restore

Perform a System Restore

Follow the below steps to perform this specific method properly –

  • First, enter Restore Point in the Start menu’s search box.
  • Secondly, from the search result, select the Recovery option.
  • Now, click the Open System Restore button, followed by the Next button on the System Restore button.
  • Then, the available restoration points for the PC will be displayed on the following screen.
  • Choose one, and then press the Next button.
  • Last, on the confirmation page, select Finish, and then wait for the procedure to finish.

However, when you choose a restore point, you may also get a list of the affected programs. When the procedure is finished, make sure to look over that to know precisely what you could need to get them back.

Method 2: Employ the DISM and SFC Commands to Restore Corrupt Files

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Any software that depends on a system file will not run if it is corrupted or incapable of performing its functions. You must repair any corrupted files associated with Windows Defender or with any of its linked program. Utilizing SFC tools and DISM commands, it may be completed. Therefore, perform the following steps listed below –

  • First, click the Start button with the right mouse button, then choose Windows Terminal (Admin), or Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Secondly, to conduct a scan, type sfc and hit Enter.
  • Now, the system will begin to be scanned by System File Checker to look for damaged or missing files. Windows would attempt to repair the corrupted files as fast as they are detected.
  • Even if Windows Defender still won’t run, try performing a DISM scan by running DISM/Online /Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth in the command prompt and clicking Enter. 
  • Open the Windows Security programme once it’s finished, then attempt executing the offline squad.

Method 3: Eliminate Third-party Security Applications

Eliminate Third-party Security Applications

Although more than one antivirus software can function on any OS, just one should be active at any given time. Installing two different security software will lead to disagreement. Offline scanning might not function if you already have third-party applications installed. The recommended course of action is to disable or delete that security programme before running an offline Windows Defender check.

Method 4: Activate the Windows Defender Services

Well, activating the Windows Defender Services is a very effective method to fix “microsoft defender offline scan” not working on your computer. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below properly to execute this method –

  • Utilize the Windows Search Box to launch the “services” software on a Windows computer.
  • To access a service’s “Properties,” locate it and double-click on it. Windows Defender services will then appear.
  • Under the “Service Status” section, choose “Automatic” from the “Startup Type” drop-down menu, then click “Start.” To save the changes, click “Apply > Ok.”

Finally, restart your computer after finishing, then see whether it now functions properly for you.

Method 5: Recovery Partitions Should be Rebuilt

Well, rebuilding the computer’s recovery partitions is another viable solution to the problem “microsoft defender offline scan” not working. Therefore, follow the steps below to apply this method –

  • First, from the Microsoft website, download the Windows 10 Installation ISO file, then open it to establish a drive.

Fix Microsoft Defender Offline Scan

  • Next, to begin an in-place upgrade, open this disc, double-click the setup.exe file, and then follow the on-screen directions to complete the update and verify that it is working for you.

Closing Lines

Hence, we believe this article has benefited you in fixing “Microsoft defender offline scan” issues. You can accomplish this by reading and working according to our recommendations. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions or recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Should you use Windows Defender Offline scan?

Ans: In the instance that Windows Defender detects malware that it is not able to eliminate, it may recommend users install and run Microsoft Defender Offline. However, if you want to be cautious, you could conduct an offline check on your computer with software like Microsoft Defender Offline.

Q2: What is a Microsoft Defender Offline scan?

Ans: An anti-malware program called Microsoft Defender Offline permits you to boot and conduct a scan from a secure location. The scan is conducted outside of the typical Windows kernel in order to target malware that tries to evade the Windows shell, such as viruses and rootkits that corrupt or replace the master boot records.

Q3: What happens after the Microsoft Defender Offline scan?

Ans: Following the scan, Microsoft Defender Offline will begin and do an instantaneous PC scan in the restoring power. Your computer will restart on its own once the scan is complete, which normally takes 15 minutes.  In order to launch Microsoft Defender Offline, you typically require administrator credentials for the system.

Q4: Can I reinstall Windows Defender after uninstalling it?

Ans: Every registered Windows user receives Windows Defender for free. It only takes a few minutes and doesn’t necessitate any technical knowledge to reinstall Windows Defender if it isn’t working correctly or is removed from your computer. For Windows Defender to be installed, no CD is required.