This movie revolves around a girl living an ordinary life with big dreams that she wants to come true. Then comes the mind-twisted turn when she wakes up as a city boy and living all the dreams that she always wanted. Then comes the mind-twisted turn when she realizes that she has swapped herself into the body of a teenage Japanese boy. Watch this movie how she battled the odds and more about the magical connection. Is your name on Netflix? You need to keep holding up till the end to know about this movie, and how you can watch it without hovering into redirection tabs or doing torrent downloading. 

Is Your Name on Netflix? 

Is your name on Netflix?

Yes, the movie “Is your name is currently streaming on Netflix, but only on selected Netflix regions. The reason behind this is that Netflix sometimes doesn’t own the rights to a particular movie or show from the production house to unlock them in every Netflix platform around the world. Hence, Netflix has to use geo-blockers to prevent its users from watching content from different nations. But we have a solution to this problem, keep holding up till the end of this article for streaming your name Netflix.

Where Can I Watch On Netflix? 

Currently, the movie “Is your name” is only available on some selected Netflix platforms around the world which include the following- 

  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany 

Why Do You Need A VPN Application To Stream The Movie on Netflix ? 

The reason is that some regions have service guidelines that Netflix has to follow as well. If you try to sneak into different regions with your actual IP address, and location then you’ll not be able to see your desired movie or show on your Netflix platform because of Geo-blockers software. 

In order to get that content unlocked for streaming, you have to use a Virtual Private Network that will provide you with an encrypted private network with a dummy IP address that you can use for sneaking into the desired nation. All you have to do is to that location and the VPN will get the job done to defeat every geo-restriction. Hence, to watch Is your name on Netflix, and other amazing movies you need to have a high-quality Netflix account.

How To Use VPN For Online Streaming? 

How To Use VPN For Online Streaming? 

Using VPNs for online streaming is not rocket science, all you should have is a paid membership to that VPN. If you think that free VPNs will do the trick in providing you with robust security and speed then this is not the case. Anyway, let’s get started with the how-to tutorial with which you can pair a VPN with your device easily- 

  • You need to download a high-quality VPN on your desktop or on your device. 
  • Once you’re there, you need to look for a region inside your VPN where your desired show or movie is active. 
  • Just tap on that specific country and you will get the dummy IP of that region. Don’t worry your real IP address and location will still be hidden. 
  • Once you’re in your selected region, now go to your Netflix account and look for the search option. 
  • Search for a movie that is unlocked in that region. Happy Streaming.

How Does VPN Work? 

The term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network,, this means that your VPN will provide you with a private network that you can use to sneak into highly-restrictive locations without getting caught. You’re not using an internet service provider (ISP) which is a public route and is easy to track by corporations, the government, and anyone who knows how to track what you’re doing on the world wide web. 

But with a VPN, you will be hidden and people will not be able to track your activity on the Internet. Through VPN you can also get into different locations by hiding your actual IP and location. So if you want to stream your name on Netflix then you should have a VPN. 

How To Choose The Best VPN for Steaming Your Name on Netflix ? 

To land on the best VPN that should do the work in keeping you safe and hidden all the time while you’re streaming your favorite Netflix movie you should know the special qualities of the best and most reliable VPNs which include the following- 

  • Your VPN should have wider network coverage ( maximum servers in maximum locations)
  • It provides robust data protection all the time 
  • Your VPN must offer live customer support all the time 
  • Your VPN should provide great speed and connectivity

Best VPNs That will Breach Every Geo-Restrictions on Netflix

1. IPVanish 


If you’re looking for great speed and security in less time then IPvanish is the best VPN that you try for online streaming and to sneak in different sites and pages that are not authorized in your region. IPvanish shares no logs policy this means that all your data is safe and sound, your data will neither be collected nor be tracked and shared. It provides the best user-friendly interface and can be used with almost every device that you use to surf the internet. 

  • Maximum server coverage in 75 different locations 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Capacity to connect multiple devices together

2. NordVPN 


Nord VPN is the premium VPN service provider that includes all the advanced features which make your surfing more secure and fast. It is best known for its solid cloud security, great speed, and connection that you may not find in other VPNs. It comes with an easy-to-use user-friendly interface and can be used with different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV, and even with your wifi router. 

  • Featuring double VPN protection 
  • Amazing connectivity 
  • Maximum server coverage in different locations across the globe
  • Easy-to-use application 
  • Can be used for multiple devices in one go

3. ExpressVPN


If you don’t want to take a chance with your cloud security, and want to keep your location and all sensitive information end-to-end encrypted then Express VPN is something that you need this time. ExpressVPN has a good reputation in the market and most of the people who run startups or work freelance prefer to use ExpressVPN because it is trusted by millions of users worldwide. Be it if you’re streaming your favorite show in any corner of the world or running your business online, ExpressVPN is something that will keep you safe and out of the light online.  

  • User-friendly platform 
  • Multiple device window
  • Robust data protection 
  • Great speed and connectivity
  • Maximum server coverage 

Closing Thoughts 

Now you have the list of VPNs that you can throw to others if someone asks you “Is your name on Netflix? You have the right directions through which you can watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix. Just forward this blog to someone who needs to see this. Let us know more about your experience with VPN streaming. We will see you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is The Movie Is Your Name Available on Netflix? 

Yes, the movie is currently available on Netflix, but only in selected regions. If in case your region is not there then no need to panic as you can use a VPN for streaming is your name on Netflix in high resolution.

Q2. Can You Suggest The Best VPN? 

It’s hard to say because there are thousands of VPNs out there. But most of the people have voted for NordVPN and ExpressVPN. You can try any one of them. 

Q3. Is It Risky To Use Free VPN For Online Streaming? 

Yes, what you’re doing is not legal because it breaches the guidelines of services. If you get caught, you can get heavily fined or your account can also be terminated. Netflix, as of now, is issuing warning messages for such actions.