Yo Soy Betty La Fea is the original version of the much beloved Ugly Betty series. Betty, the Ugly One as translated was an extremely inspiring hit at the time.  

Yo Soy Betty, La Fea went on to then, therefore, be adapted into several series in varied languages. If you are a fan of the Ugly Betty series you will probably love the original basis of the show. Yo Soy Betty La Fea Netflix has received much attention ever since the show went up for streaming. Fans of all the adaptations of course will have an interest in the very genesis of the idea. 

yo soy betty, la fea

Cast and Plot of Yo Soy Betty La Fea

Betty in Yo Soy Betty La Fea was played by Ana Maria Orozco. Her performance is outstanding and brings uniqueness to tropes that might seem routinely done. Jorge Enrique Abello, Natalia Ramirez, Jorge Herrera, and Lorna Paz all provide excellent support to their characters and the plotline at large. 

Betty has almost been synonymous since the inception of the show. Betty La Fea Mexico is so popular in the region perhaps owing to how local yet universal the story surrounding Betty feels. The story revolves around Betty, a dorky girl, with high grades as her only focus. Things change when she starts working for Eco Monda. Here she meets Armando Mendoza. 

Suddenly Yo Soy Betty, La Fea is simply not a story about a geeky girl but a geeky girl in love not knowing what to do. Suddenly attention shifts from grades to clothes and lifestyle choices. Betty La Fea Mexico is one of the few places and regions where the series has streaming rights. Apart from streaming in Betty La Fea Mexico, the streaming is also streaming in Spain. 

Yo Soy Betty La Fea Mexico Streaming on Netflix? 

yo soy betty la fea on netflix

Yo Soy Betty La Fea Netflix is streaming in the regions of Mexico and Spain. Simply logging into the Netflix account will allow easy streaming. 

However, the discerning sad part remains with so many spin-offs of the original series. Fans remain on all sides of the shore, so what is the solution then? How does one watch it in a region, say in Australia or the States or the UK or Asia? In places outside of Mexico and Spain that don’t have streaming rights. 

What is a Virtual Private Network? 

Major streaming services have geo-blockers installed in place. This is largely due to the complications of licensing film and series rights. You might find it very common, say a film streaming on MUBI, is only selected for certain regions. This is because of a multitude of factors. To begin with, streaming rights are different for various regions. Streaming rights include governmental laws of the region. 

There is also the business side to it. A film series might be projected to simply not have enough audience in certain regions for the cost of streaming ratio that needs to be paid. Similarly, Betty La Fea Mexico and Spain are streaming in these places owing to the massive burgeoning popularity of the shows in these regions. 

How to watch Yo Soy Betty La Fea then outside of these regions? Well, this is what a Virtual Private Network or a VPN is for. A VPN will change your IP address to a location of the server in the region where this particular series is available. 

After that simply log in to the Netflix account, search Yo Soy Betty, La Fea, and no matter your region. The series will be streaming. 

Choosing the Right VPN

An abundance of options in the market can make selecting the right VPN quite a daunting task. Well, we are writing this to help you deal with that dilemma. 

The point to note, streaming sites like Netflix have very strong and able geo-blockers. Geo-blockers stop streaming series and films from areas without licensing. 

So if you are willing to stream this series on Netflix the need is to have a VPN able to break past the geo-blockers. The pointers to note then, 

  • The number of servers provided by the VPN says you are willing to stream Yo Soy Betty La Fea Netflix. The task then is to choose a VPN with servers in the region of Spain and Mexico. 
  • The speed of the VPN comes next. The idea is to select a VPN that won’t be causing annoying buffering. We don’t want to watch it and right when in the middle of a laugh the screen goes buffering. That’s just annoying.
  • Data protection and encryption is an important facet of any good VPN. The best VPNs in the market do provide high-grade security protection. Security protection helps to hide our data from internet third parties and protect our IP address. 
  • Many top VPNs in the market offer a first-month cashback guarantee. Supposedly you are new to the world of VPNs and you have selected a VPN. The VPN doesn’t fulfill the needs that you were looking for in the first place. The cashback guarantee helps in changing the choice without the risk of losing money. 

This then is the list of the details that broadly one must use as a checkpoint list before investing in any VPN. What are the right VPNs to stream? Well, we have got you covered with that. 

The Best VPNs to Stream Yo Soy Betty, La Fea 

These are the best VPNs in the market to allow easy streaming of not only Betty La Fea Mexico but other favortie shows like Legacies, IT Chapter 2, etc. 

1. ExpressVPN

Considered the best elite VPN available in the market, ExpressVPN operates at some elite speed. The security protection of ExpressVPN is extremely safe and reliable. The VPN offers military-grade data protection alongside an AES 256-bit encryption and a Kill Switch Feature. 


The Kill Switch ExpressVPN Feature helps hide the IP address in case there is an internet breakage between the VPN and the system. It allows logging in with six devices at once under one account. 

The interface is easy to navigate and there is a round clock chat support to help with any queries. ExpressVPN provides over 3,000 plus servers in over 90 regions.  

The advantages to sum up ExpressVPN are therefore as follows. 

  1. Offers 3,000 plus servers in over 90 regions. 
  2. Provides high-grade data security and protection. 
  3. Impeccable speed. 
  4. Allows logging in with five devices under one account. 
  5. First-month cash back policy. 
  6. Round-the-day chat support. 

To talk about the disadvantages of ExpressVPN, one must note the pricing plans are quite high. 

2. SurfShark

SurfShark is the most popular VPN for single-use personal purposes users. It is the most affordable of the VPNs amongst the very best in the market. There is a unique feature to provide as many device logins as the user wants from one account. Security protection is strong and reliable. The usual AES 256-bit encryption along with military-grade data protection and the Kill Switch feature are all present. 


SurfShark provides over 3,200 servers in over 65 countries. A strict no-logs policy and every-minute chat support. SurfShark has a lot of advantages. 

  1. Has 3,200 plus servers in over 65 countries. 
  2. A unique feature of unlimited device logins from one account. 
  3. Reliable security and data protection features. 

To talk about disadvantages, SurfShark servers can greatly impact speed.

3. NordVPN 

NordVPN provides us with a good run for the money. With the best speed and servers of over 5,500 plus in over 60 plus regions, NordVPN is simply considered amongst the best. The security protection of NordVPN is reliable. There is the Kill Switch feature, a strict no-logs policy. NordVPN has AES 256-bit encryption and the option of logging in with six devices from one account. 


The first month’s money-back policy and round-the-clock chat support only add to the VPN’s appeal. 

  1. Provides 5,500 plus servers in over 60 plus regions. 
  2. Top-tier security protection. 
  3. 24×7 chat support. 
  4. Thirty-day money-back support policy. 
  5. Six devices login allowed from one account.     

The drawbacks of NordVPN lie in the fact some of the desktop applications might run slowly. Also, the higher the advancement of the security, the slower the speed of the server.

Free VPNs Do Not Work

No matter the VPN you are using without paying, there is very minimal chance of the free VPN doing the job. FreeVPNs simply don’t have strong enough servers to break past the aggressive geo-blockers present in the streaming sites. 

What does happen, is the free VPN tends to steal and sell personal data to a third party. We would therefore definitely recommend not using a free VPN. No matter how enticing they may seem. 

Stream Yo Soy Betty La Fea Netflix via VPN 

So now you’re aware of all the steps and tricks to stream. This romantic drama telenovela has only been garnering more and more love from widespread audiences. 

No matter your region, be it outside of Mexico and Spain. Simply use a VPN, change the IP address to the location, log in to Netflix, and stream whenever you want. 

We wish you happy streaming. Remember streaming via VPN is all very safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1) Is Betty La Fea On Netflix? 

Betty La Fea is on Netflix but only in the regions of Spain and Mexico. To stream from every region in the world simply use a VPN. 

We recommend NordVPN, change your IP address to one of the servers in the region where Betty La Fea is streaming. Login to Netflix and watch the series.  

Q.2) How to watch Yo Soy Betty La Fea on Netflix?

Yes, Yo Soy Betty Betty La Fea is on Netflix. The series is streaming though only in the regions of Mexico and Spain. To watch from every place in the world, you must use a VPN.  

Q.3) Where can I watch Yo Soy Betty La Fea?

You can watch Yo Soy Betty La Fea on Netflix.