File compression and management are the major concerns of people. Without this, it would be very difficult to manage the files as the device has limitations over storing them. In such situations, software such as Winzip becomes something that aids a lot of our demands together. It offers us the facility of compressing files as well as management of those files. But in some cases, Winzip and its security are often doubted by the users. if you are thinking of whether is winzip safe then here is the guide.

To clarify any such confusion here we are with a detailed review of WinZip which would clear your mind about the fact that, is Winzip safe. Let’s get into the article further to get this wholesome review. 

What is Winzip? What is Winzip? 

Winzip is one of the leading software for utility management and compression of files. It is a multi-service provider as it provides the user with two services of management as well as compression of files. Winzip is something that ranks among the most popular compression-providing services. Also, allows you to detect duplicate files and convert them along with exporting them. Winzip provides numerous facilities for the users as it converts and resizes and watermarks the images in the process of compression which makes the work for the user even more easier and convenient.

It allows you easily share through the cloud, social media, and emails. It is so good in its services that many big organizations too believe in its capacity and use it for their work.

Features of Winzip

After a complete understanding of Winzip and what it aims to provide let’s have a look at some of the best features of Winzip:

  • It makes the process of compressing, sharing, and managing files very quick and easy to use for the user.
  • It allows integration with the services of the cloud in a direct way.
  • Supports the use of the “zipx” file format and also supports DLL file extension with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • It automatically modifies and reduces the size of the compressed image.
  • Allows the amalgamation of multiple PDFs in a single file.
  • Adds a watermark on the images and PDFs automatically.
  • It comes with an in-built sharing functionality.
  • Allows backup to be stored locally on the cloud.
  • You can use a zip extractor to access these files on your device. Now you might think, is a zip extractor safe? Yes, it is safe to use as it is protected against all the threats that might cause you problems.

Tools of Winzip

For the smooth running of all the services it promises to provide, WinZip has different tools that run such services for the users. Following are the tools provided by WinZip for the running of the different features provided by it:

  • Winzip Safe Share

This tool provided by WinZip provides the feature of sharing, encrypting, and compressing files. It allows the user to run all these features in a single interface. It allows a secure and safe process as it has strong security layers built up.

  • Winzip Duplicate File FinderDuplicate File Finder

This app WinZip helps to find out any kind of duplicate files present. It detects and finds out for you any kind of duplicate file and then notifies you automatically. This comes to be a very helpful service for the user as duplicate files are something that causes a lot of inconvenience to the user but with the help of WinZip, you can easily get rid of this problem of duplicate files.

  • Winzip Image Manager

This is one of the unique features provided by Winzip. Through this, the users are provided the services such as organizing images and even editing them along their conversion and many more such services.

  • Winzip PDF Express

One of the other tools of WinZip is Winzip PDF express which provides the feature of exporting PDF to other file formats such as word files, images, etc, and also is a PDF reader. It provides you with all these features for your PDF, all sorted in one place.

How to Install Winzip? How to Install Winzip? 

If you want to install Winzip, then the following steps will help you to do that in the easiest way possible:

  • Firstly go to the official website of Winzip to install it.
  • Then click on the “Get” option. This would enable the process of downloading.
  • After finishing the download you need to install it.
  • Once done with the installation you can find it on the start menu’s all-program list.
  • After that simply open the application and get the free trial version and enjoy all the services provided by it.
  • Just by clicking on the particular tool, it would direct you to its use.

Is Winzip Safe to Use? 

This question, “is Winzip safe?” has been confusing in the minds of many. But here are some of the points which will prove that WinZip is safe and very much secure to use. Let’s clear out all the questions on safety through the following points:

  • Winzip is a secure application as it is free of any kind of virus and malware.
  • Its worthiness is proven as many prominent and government-oriented organizations along with a plethora of private companies are using WinZip on a large scale.
  • If you only download the application from the official site, it is the one to be trusted, not just any site or link that might be misleading. In case you have downloaded the application from the wrong site then you should uninstall Winzip. 

How to Uninstall WinZip

Here are the steps that might help you to uninstall WinZip that might be not from the official site:

  1. Firstly click on the start button
  2. Then go on the system
  3. Choose apps and features
  4. Select Winzip and click on uninstall.How to Uninstall WinZip

This will uninstall the wrong app. After you are done with that, get your application from the official site.

  • Never open unknown files as they are not safe and then would lead to the confusion that Winzip is the one causing problems but it would be those unknown files.
  • Keep your application updated as it ensures keeping your experience bugs-free.
  • Keep your device always scanned with antivirus as there might be other viruses causing you trouble but the conclusion you might get would lead you to a wrong impression about Winzip.

Winzip is a safe app to use if you run it with all the instructions mentioned above and not being careless about the factors that might lead you to trouble. If used in the right way it can be one of the most useful applications for you that are all secure for your use. All the above-mentioned points might have answered your question, “is Winzip safe? “


All of the previous points may have answered your question, “Is Winzip safe?”. If you too find yourself often in a situation where you are confused about the safety and security of Winzip. This confusion might lead you to be unaware of the great features provided by Winzip. This article will bring an end to your confusion as it gives you a detailed overview of everything you need to be sure about before using Winzip.

Everything has two sides, in the same way, there might be a few things that you need to keep in mind while using it. If followed in the correct way and aware while using Winzip, then it is not something that is not secure. Just take the above-mentioned information as your guide and make your way clearer while using Winzip. 


1. How trustworthy is Winzip?

Winzip is a very much trusted application as it has its security laid in the layers of encryption. Its trustworthiness is reflected in the number of users it caters to. These users are not mere individuals or private companies but also large firms and government organizations. This makes it very much clear that WinZip is a trustworthy application. 

2. How do I get rid of the Winzip virus? 

The Winzip virus is something commonly called the WinZip driver updater. If you want to get rid of it then follow the given steps:

  • Uninstall the Winzip Driver Updater the quickest
  • Then run your antivirus to check for any virus on the device.

These steps will help you get rid of the virus and establish a safe setup on your device.

3. What happens if I delete Winzip? 

If you decide to delete Winzip then you might lose all the files that were installed by Winzip. It would also delete everything related to the application such as shortcuts, entries, etc.