You must have heard that Titanic is a love story movie based on a luxury ship that falls prey to a disaster. This film has an innumerable fan following as it has been awarded 11 Oscar Awards. It has been getting loved since 1997 which is not over yet but many people are not able to watch this movie on Netflix. This is because Netflix is no longer holding the rights of Titanic & many restrictions are placed in different regions. There are also Titanic Netflix proxies such as Disney+ and Amazon because they also provide Titanic and other content. If these platforms are also out of reach of your region, then you should take the help of a VPN which is absolutely safe. Further, we will give you all the answers to Is Titanic on Netflix and the resolution to stream it easily. 

Story of Titanic in Brief 

The film is based on the Titanic ship that sank in 1912. Cameron made this film on a budget of $200 and became the most expensive movie of that decade. Not only did this film get a lot of praise, as well as many big awards also came in its bag. This movie is unmatchable.

The film was released on December 19, 1997, which people were so eager to see that in the first week it was shown earning up to $ 28. This film had only good feedback and it became a historical movie.

titanic netflix

This story is based on a girl named Rose and a boy named Jack. Here Rose is a rich girl but she is not getting happiness from this fame. She gets engaged to a boy named Kaal but she doesn’t like this guy because everytime he bothers her a lot. Once Rose goes on a journey with her fiancé and family where she meets a boy from a poor family who is Jack.

One day when she got very upset, she wanted to commit suicide but on time, Jack saved her. In this way she told her grief to Jack and then slowly both of them started falling in love with each other.But their love ends in a different way, as the ship collides with an iceberg and sinks, along with the love and dreams of both of them. 

Is Titanic on Netflix [Answered]- Netflix Alternatives 

The answer is no, you can not stream Titanic as it is not available on any Netflix country. But you can also watch it with the help of the platform given below.

  • Microsoft Store
  • AMC on Demand 
  • Google Play Movies 
  • Spectrum 
  • Vudu
  • Flixfling 
  • Redbox 
  • Youtube 
  • Disney+ 
  • Amazon 

If none of these is available in your country, then you are in big need of a VPN which is a reliable service. 

Location Where You Can Watch Titanic on Netflix

In some places, the titanic is available on some sites like Amazon and Disney+ & both are available in the USA. Here, you just have to take the plan of subscription as per your need and you can also watch other old content like Titanic. For now, the titanic movie option is not available on Netflix. 

VPN is a way that unblocks restricted sites as well as manages to have good privacy protection. Today, many VPNs offer, but the ones we have mentioned here are having the best reviews. 

How to Watch Titanic with Best VPN?

If you use the VPN, it will be possible to stream Titanic. If you are staying in a location where these both sites are not running. You have to just apply the following simple steps one by one to start the VPN service and watch and enjoy Titanic Netflix with no delay. 

  • Firstly, get the best VPN like ExpressVPN, and SurfSark.
  • You need to select the plan whatever you like to subscribe to. 
  • Now create your account on it and choose your desired way to use it in payment. 
  • You can get the VPN app by the “Products” tab on the website of any VPN service like ExpressVPN. 
  • Download the VPN app now as per the device you use. 
  • Open the VPN app and fill in all the login credentials that you created. 
  • Go to the “Selected Location” and tap on the three dots. 
  • Select the United States for the server and also choose the “Connect” tab (if required). 

Top Recommended VPNs for You 

Although many VPNs are available nowadays, here we have talked about those which are being liked the most for Titanic movie Netflix. Considering the needs of the users, many features have been put into them. 

1. Express VPN 

ExpressVPN has always been reviewed as the best VPN available in more than 94 countries and that too with 3000+ servers. The speed will be even better when you are streaming with this VPN, so when you want to watch Titanic or other Netflix content, you will not have to face any kind of obstruction. Moreover, on a single account ExpressVPN subscription, you can connect with many devices at once.

Express VPN 

  • Customer Live Help Service 24/7 
  • 30 day Money back scheme 
  • Ensure Strong Privacy and Security 
  • Marvelous Speed 
  • Make sites unrestricted 
  • Up to 5 devices connected at the same time
  • Most Expensive Comparison of all top VPNs

2. NordVPN 

NordVPN is also one of the top choices for streaming Titanic Netflix and any new or old content. It is available at a lower price than the ExpressVPN One while both have most of the features similar to each other. Its network servers have been given more than 5400+ in more than 60 countries. After getting a NordVPN subscription, you will always have the option of live chat. Also, if your plan does not suit you, then you can use a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Speed is up to the mark 
  • Unblock the geo-restricted sites
  • Huge servers to process anything
  • Strong data protection and privacy 
  • No-logs policy 
  • Up to 6 Device Connect simultaneously
  • No free trials days to test 
  • Sudden issue while browsing app (not frequently)  

3. SurfShark

SurfShark comes with an affordable price as well as it includes unlimited bandwidths for each account. This thing can help in saving money if you want to connect multiple devices or users on one ShurfShark subscription. Today this app is being used in 65+ countries. With its help, Netflix can be played even in those countries where it is blocked, so watching Titanic Netflix is completely possible now. 


  • More than 3200 network servers 
  • 24/7 live customer help 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • The logging policy is not available 
  • Great Security
  • Strong encryption to secure sensitive data 
  • 7 fewer free trial days only for mobile 
  • Good speed but comparatively less

4. IPVanish 

It doesn’t matter what your location in the world is, now you can stream anything like Titanic Netflix and other shows with the support of IP Vanish. It is working in 75+ countries with more than 2000 servers. Here ISP tracking is avoided so that no prying eyes can check your internet activity. According to the number of features in it, the price is absolutely reasonable and also less than other competitive VPNs. 

titanic netflix ip vanish


  • Email Threat Protection 
  • Run unlimited devices on a single subscription 
  • Zero Logs data protection 
  • 30-day 100{50afa256e6562afb2cd7837d8db3fd71ce947f26b53ffff72a77bb9141ae121a} money-back guarantee 
  • Virus and Malware Scanning
  • Lower speed than other best VPNs 
  • Changes price of plans frequently


You know now the answer to Is Titanic on Netflix. Moreover, For Titanic, if you do not understand which VPN should choose, then we would say that all the best VPNs are offering brilliant features. You should see which feature you need the most and whether their price is reasonable or not. Apart from this, if you have any other questions about the Titanic movie on Netflix in your mind, then you can get back to us anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- Where to Watch Titanic? 

Ans- Titanic is currently available to rent, purchase, or stream via subscription on Apple iTunes, Microsoft Store, DIRECTV, Redbox, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, AMC on Demand, Vudu, Spectrum on Demand, Flixfling & YouTube. Currently, you can not directly watch it on Netflix.

Q.2- Where can I watch titanic on Netflix?

Ans- It is unfortunately no longer possible to stream Titanic through Netflix in any country. Currently, Titanic is available on Disney+ and Amazon Prime in many countries, and if it isn’t available near you, you’ll need a VPN service.