The Blacklist is one of the best crime thrillers. It is available on Netflix in Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the USA. If you do not live in any of these countries then you must be wondering, is The Blacklist on Netflix? No, it is not on any other country’s Netflix due to geographical restrictions. So if you want to watch The Blacklist Netflix, then you will need a VPN. Let’s get to know more about it. 

What is The Blacklist?

the blacklist netflix

The story of The Blacklist revolves around Raymond Reddington who is a criminal mastermind. He is an ex-navy officer and now he is on top of the most-wanted list of the FBI. Donald Ressler is an FBI officer who has invested 5 years of his career to find Raymond Reddington, but every time he manages to get away. 

The first season of The Blacklist was released on Netflix in 2013 and since then, it has been a blockbuster show. Till now, 9 seasons of the show have been released and The Blacklist season 8 Netflix has been the top-rated season. The Blacklist season 9 Netflix was recently released in October 2022 and we can expect season 10 to be released by the end of 2023. 

Is The Blacklist on Netflix? 

Is The Blacklist on Netflix?

Yes, The Blacklist is on Netflix. But because of geographical restrictions, it is only available in four countries, the USA, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. So if you live in any other country, for example, the UK or any Asian country, then you would not find The Blacklist on Netflix, even if you search for it. 

But you do not need to worry, there is a very simple and reliable solution to this problem. You will need VPN to change your IP address to any of the 4 countries where The Blacklist is available to watch The Blacklist Netflix. 

How to Watch The Blacklist on Netflix?

How to Watch The Blacklist on Netflix

You can follow the super easy steps given below to watch the blacklist. 

  1. Download a good and reputed VPN service. 
  2. Set your location to the USA, Canada, Australia, or Brazil.  
  3. Now log in to your Netflix account again. 
  4. Now go to the search bar and search for The Blacklist. 
  5. Hurray! You have found it, now you can binge-watch all the seasons. 

Important Factors to Choose the Best VPN

How to Choose A Quality VPN

Now that you know, you are going to need VPN to watch The Blacklist Netflix, let’s have a look at some of the most important factors that you should focus on while selecting a VPN. 

1. Speed and Servers

Go for VPNs that have the most number of servers. Because the speed of VPNs depends on the number of servers. 

2. Reputation

Select the VPN services that have a good reputation. After all, you are going to risk your whole computer system and data on it. 

3. Security and Encryption

Go with the VPN that provides at least 256-bit strong encryption because otherwise, it will be very easy for the hackers to get into your computer or device

4. Number of Connections

Make sure that you select the VPN service that provides at least 5-10 device connections from one account. So that you do not need to get ner account for every device you own. 

Top 3 VPNs to Watch The Blacklist on Netflix

In this section, we are going to tell you about some of the best VPNs that will allow you to watch The Blacklist and other movies and shows that you were not able to watch because of geographical restrictions. 

1. SurfShark


If you love binge-watching then SurfShark can be the best VPN for you. It provides unlimited bandwidth and you can connect an unlimited number of devices. This allows you to share your account. You can also use SurfShark VPN with other OTT platforms like Prime Video, Disney Plus App, Hulu, HBO Max, BBC, etc. It also provides good speed so you will not get annoyed by buffering. 

  • Unblocks geographical restrictions. 
  • Serves in over 65 countries. 
  • 24 x 7 live chat support. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth and connections. 
  • The speed gets slower on the desktop. 

2. Nord VPN 

Nord VPN

Next on our list comes Nord VPN. It is best for unblocking the US geographical restriction. It provides good speed and 256-bit strong encryption, so it is able to protect your system from hackers. Also, it serves in around 60 countries and has over 5500 servers. 

  • Servers in over 60 countries. 
  • Very good speed. 
  • 24 x 7 live chat support for the customers. 
  • 30 days money return policy. 
  • Best for unblocking the US geographical restriction.
  • The desktop app buffers sometimes

3. ExpressVPN 

Express VPNThe next VPN in the top 3 list is ExpressVPN. It provides a 7 days free trial for mobiles and you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. The monthly subscription costs $6.67 so it is more expensive than the other VPN services. Though it is completely worth it because it serves over 95 countries and the speed is commendable. 

  • Serves in over 95 countries. 
  • Great speed. 
  • 7 days free trial for mobiles. 
  • Live chat support for customers. 
  • Wide network and unlimited bandwidth. 
  • A bit expensive. 

Should I Watch The Blacklist with Free VPN? 

A free VPN service might allow you to unblock geographical restrictions, but their speed and user interface are not good. And the main issue is, their security is not good and some hackers also trap you in free VPNs to steal your data. So, you can watch The Blacklist on Netflix with the help of a free VPN, but we would not recommend you to do so because you might end up harming your system and losing your data.

At Last

In this article, we answered your question, is The Blacklist on Netflix. It is on Netflix, but only in four countries, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the USA. So if you live in any other country then you can use VPNs. You can go with the top 3 VPNs, the list includes SurfShark, Express VPN, and NordVPN. If you have any other questions then let us know in the comments section. 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How many seasons of The Blacklist are there on Netflix?

There are a total 9 seasons of The Blacklist. They are available on Netflix in Australia, Canada, Brazil, and the USA. We can expect the next season to be released by the end of 2023.  

Q2- When will The Blacklist season 9 be on Netflix?

Well, season 9 is already there on Netflix but you might not be able to find it due to geographical restrictions. You can use VPN to watch it on Netflix. 

Q3- When will season 8 of The Blacklist be on Netflix?

Season 8 of The Blacklist is on Netflix. It was released on 6th October 2021. There are a total 9 seasons of this show and the final season might be released in October 2023.