We are all fans of legal drama whether it is the age-old exceptionally riveting Twelve Angry Men. The more recent mainstream exploration of the boundary of the legal work on Suits Netflix has probably gained attention depending on the same psyche. No, we are certainly not comparing the two, we are more about the genre we find on the Suits series on Netflix. So is Suits on Netflix? This is the focus of this article, but why should you be watching Suits on Netflix? In this article, we will answer all things related to Netflix and what the series entails. 

is suits on netflix

Overview: Suits  

Suits on Netflix revolve around the story of Mike Ross. The man that you see up and about in every other frame of Suits holds a rather tethered past. Mike, a college dropout, manages to hold some strings with Harvey Specter, a top New York City lawyer. Mike had to leave college because he got involved in drugs. A drug deal went astray and so meant his life following the course. 

To get rid of this ignominy Mike through the powers that be of Harvey manages to become a lawyer at the Pearson Hardman firm. A very reputable top-tier law firm is what the place is and it is here that the complication of the drama starts of the Suits series Netflix. The next course of the seasons is a ride about the moralities of the structures of the supposed pillars of society. Here we have on the surface of it a tricky man with a not-so-glorious past working with excellence at a law firm meant to be rather good.

Suits series Netflix is a study of morality and the usual conventions of the workings of the law industry and the rules working at large. As Mike becomes more and more able at his job, Suits Netflix becomes enhanced in intrigue. The cast members of Suits include Gabriel Macht and Meghan Markle and Rick Hoffman and Wendell Pierce and Amanda Shull. 

Is Suits on Netflix? 

is suits on netflix

Yes, in a way the answer is Suits on Netflix is available on the platform. Suits Netflix though is only available with all the seasons in the regions of Japan and France and Brazil and Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Unless you were typing in Suits on Netflix based on these regions, you won’t be able to watch the usual Suits Netflix series. Don’t be disheartened though there is a way to watch Suits Netflix. 

The way to have a positive way out is Suits on Netflix is by using a VPN. Why do we need a VPN to stream Netflix? In the next segment, we will be detailing that. So hold onto your horses.

Watching Suits on Netflix via a VPN 

As you know by now film and television rights are complicated. There are media regulations and finances involved that are uneven and are based differently in different regions. All the seasons are available in Canada and Japan, and France. Now, who wants to stay in Winnipeg to do anything? 

Even Suits Netflix series is streaming in one country the rest shall be done using a VPN, we assure you? Major streaming sites usually come in with strict aggressive geo-blockers, to make sure Suits on Netflix remains available only in the regions it is supposed to. 

An elite VPN will simply bypass the geo-blocker by connecting to a server in the region where Suits is streaming. Simply logging into the Netflix account and typing Suits would do the job. Simple and easy to follow, right? Well, how to choose the VPN with the sea of options that are available on the internet? 

is suits on netflix

The Right VPN Listings 

Selecting the right VPN is necessary if you are searching for not only Suits on Netflix but you can also watch your other favorite shows like Vinland Saga, Divergent on Netflix, etc.. Alongside any other shows or series or online games or sports broadcast that isn’t available in your region. The following few points then are notes to remember before you start streaming Suits Netflix. 

  1. The speed of the VPN is of great importance. The show is streaming and just about when Mike is fidgeting holding his tie, the screen goes buffering. Well, how annoying is that? The speed of the VPN then remains always of great importance for all things you do via the VPN. 
  2. The number of servers is of equal needed criteria. Much like Suits on Netflix answer as it is available in Canada or France. There might be other content you are willing to explore. These contents are available in different parts of the world. So the greater the number of servers, the better is the advantage. 
  3. I hear a lot about whether using a VPN is even safe in the first place. Well let me put the marker down over here, the best VPNs available in the market all come with a no-logs policy. All this makes using the VPN safe and reliable and you can stream without underlying worry.     
  4. Top-tier VPNs allow login of multiple devices. This is indeed an important feature. You’re a fan of the English Premier League and its Goal Rush Saturday time. 
  5. There is also the option of 24/7 chat support. The chat support greatly helps if the interface of the VPN encounters some problems or other queries that need resolving. Whatever the time you’re going to stream, the chat support is there to make it a hassle-free process. 

Our VPN Recommendations 

These are then the best three VPNs out there that will assist you then to watch with ease Suits. 

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is rightly tagged as among the best VPNs one can use. The speed of Express VPN needs no query. The total server count clocks up to around three thousand plus servers in over ninety-four plus countries.

The security features in place include a Kill Switch feature. The Kill Switch feature helps in hiding the IP address in case there is a dropdown of the internet connection between the VPN and the system. 256-bit encryption and a military-grade data protection feature and a strict no-logs policy offer reliability and safety. 

Five devices are allowed to log in from one account of ExpressVPN. There is also of course the first-month cash-back policy and live chat support running day/night. 

To paraphrase the advantages then of ExpressVPN, 

  1. ExpressVPN provides the best speed. 
  2. ExpressVPN allows five device logins from one account. 
  3. The security features offer reliable protection. 
  4. The total number of servers is more than three thousand plus in over ninety-four countries. 
  5. There is a first-month cash-back policy. 

The drawback of ExpressVPN remains as great as the VPN is, the pricing is also quite hefty. We would suggest subscribing to longer plans to even out the high-end subscription price. 

2. NordVPN


NordVPN can arguably take the place of ExpressVPN at the top of this chart with some of the best speeds and server numbers of around five thousand two hundred plus in over sixty-five countries. 

The usual security features are all in place with the Kill Switch feature and the 256-bit encryption, a no data-leak policy, and military-grade data encryption. Nord VPN allows login with six devices from one account. 

The best feature of NordVPN if we have to list them. 

  1. NordVPN allows six device logins from one account. 
  2. The number of servers is around five thousand two hundred plus in over sixty-five countries. 
  3. The security of the VPN allows protection for the user.
  4. The speed of the VPN is elite. 
  5. NordVPN has 24/7 chat support.   

All good things in life also come with a bit of a tinge of bad. For NordVPN the greater the advancement of the security the slower the VPN can be. Also, there might be a case where the desktop applications run slowly. 

3. SurfShark 

Surfshark is mean girls on netflix

SurfShark has a plenitude of greatly enticing features. The SurfSharkVPN subscription rates are the cheapest amongst the top-row VPNs. There is also the option of unlimited device login using one account. 

To talk about security features, to hide your online activities there is a strict no-logs policy. Kill Switch feature and no data leak and military-grade data protection are similar to other VPNs offering enough protection.

The server number is three thousand two hundred and some more in around sixty-five countries. The chat support feature and first cash-back policy make sure the VPN is at par with the other similar in the market. 

  1. The total server count is around three thousand two hundred plus in sixty-five regions. 
  2. There is an unlimited device login from one account feature.
  3. The security protocols are at par with the best and offer reliability. 
  4. The price of the subscription is the most affordable. 
  5. There is a first-month cash-back policy. 

You might be wondering if SurfShark is the best VPN option in this article is Suits on Netflix, wait, hang on. SurfShark comes in third over here partly greatly because the speed greatly depends on the servers. 

These servers are in turn compatible with the device you’re using. So there has to be a bit of time investment in selecting the right server every time.  

Never Use a Free VPN (Data Security Issues) 

We feel the need to urge everyone in the streets to never be intertwined with the business of using free VPNs. No matter what the free VPN is offering. The answer is Suits on Netflix and well so the way to watch via a VPN is never to use a free VPN. 

The major streaming sites all come in with strong geo-blockers. The free-to-access VPN simply doesn’t have strong enough servers to bypass them. Moreover, since the free VPNs don’t earn through free subscriptions, the easy way to is to sell user data to a third party. 

Is Suits on Netflix (Answered) 

Well, we intended to write the above title “Is Suits on Netflix” with a bit of in-your-face sarcasm, but it was answered wasn’t it? Now you know what you got to do to stream Suits Netflix. Simply use a VPN, say NordVPN, go to their site, and pay the subscription fees. Then connect to a server in Canada or Japan or France, enter Suits on Netflix, and there you go.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q,1) Why is Suits not on Netflix?

Suits is on Netflix and is streaming in Japan, France, UK, Canada & Brazil. If you’re living outside of the mentioned regions, use a VPN like SurfShark, go to their site and pay the subscription fees. Thereafter connect to a server of the region where Suits is streaming. 

Q.2) Did Suits get removed from Netflix? 

No, Suits is not removed from the Netflix library. It is streaming in the regions of Canada, France, Japan, and Brazil. To stream from regions outside of these regions, use a VPN like ExpressVPN.