Didn’t all our friends at some point tell us to watch SpongeBob? I remember growing up in the 90s in New York. While so many of the people had red hair and were taking cool photographs at the time. We were still discussing watching SpongeBob. This is because every session of SpongeBob watch is cool. 

The conversations surrounding watching SpongeBob have been around for twenty-three years now. The show has become an integral part of American media history-making its way to the shores of worldwide popularity.

watch spongebob

I find these days as I bypass my ways to the few cheap cafes remaining in the city post the 90s gentrification. The younger crowd in these places still familiarize themselves with SpongeBob. Their conversations sometimes circle, “hey man, did you view SpongeBob that day? Man, that was funny.”

Their ideas revolving around the show simply resurrected any generational differences. SpongeBob watch will perhaps always remain fun and fresh as a daisy no matter how old the show becomes. But the modern day has got one question in mind, “is SpongeBob on Netflix” as we have got every type of streaming on our fingertips with Netflix. So, let us get through it all now with SpongeBob Netflix & how to access it anywhere anytime.

How to Watch SpongeBob on Netflix? 

SpongeBob in his square pants living in Bikini Bottom along with his friends Patrick and Gary and Squidward. They have been protecting the sanctity of Mr. Krabs’ restaurant for two and half decades now. 

Their every adventure to protect the recipe of what they hold dear is a barrel of laughs. It is a playful nostalgia and a sure reason why we all feel the urge to watch it now and then. 

Well, to watch SpongeBob Netflix, the first issue is, the episodes are greatly scattered. What I mean by this is that if you want to view SpongeBob the first two seasons. They are available in Singapore or Hong Kong or Thailand. 

Similarly, if you want to view SpongeBob from seasons five to seven, they are available in Canada and France, Germany, and the USA. 

Much likewise, people willing to watch SpongeBob movies, have to be in Spain or Russia or Belgium, or France. So basically to watch SpongeBob SquarePants on Netflix you have to be on a whole host of regions around the world.  

The answer to where can you watch it remains in the comfort of your own home. How? Well, in this article we will help you watch every episode of SpongeBob if you are feeling that affectionate towards the show. 

Watch SpongeBob on Netflix via VPN 

So where can you watch SpongeBob is a long geographical question that deals with geo-blockers. You see major streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime or Mubi have strict geo-blockers working for them. This is because film and television rights are complicated. 

There are rules and regulations of media at every different place content is about to be streamed. This is coupled with the fact about projected audience interest or simply cheaper rates to place the show on streaming. All results in the selection of regions and the unselected regions are left out with the use of geo-blockers. 

watch spongebob

There is nothing to feel irked about right now, at all. We have the power of VPNs on our side. You can simply watch by using a VPN then after changing the location to a server where the content is running. Enter your Netflix account type SpongeBob and the deed is done. 

This is true for all other films and series that you are willing to watch but can’t because of the lack of streaming. A VPN will do away with all that problems. They are also extremely safe and privacy-protected. 

So now that we have come to the point of discussion about where you can watch the SpongeBob SquarePants is everywhere via VPN. We have to be in the know to select the right VPN. 

Criteria for Selecting VPN

SpongeBob on Netflix gets a whole lot easier while using VPN. The other part of the spectrum is that not every VPN will do the job. Some will even jeopardize your privacy. So how can you watch SpongeBob Netflix using a VPN that is safe and all privacy protected? Here are the points you must check out every time. 

  1. The speed of the VPN is of the most paramount importance in this case. ExpressVPN or NordVPN all provide great speed to stream content or play games online without any interruptions. The slower speed of the stream will change to a buffering watch and we certainly don’t crave that. 
  2. The number of servers also needs to be looked at. Since SpongeBob is available in different parts of the world. It is only natural to choose a VPN with servers in varied regions.
  3. Best VPNs offer privacy protection. They all come with aligning features like AES 256-bit encryption or military-grade data protection. The intention is to hide the user’s IP address and online activities from third-party traffic. 
  4. Each VPN allows a certain number of devices to be logged in from one account. The whole feature is incredibly useful. It makes paying for the VPN too quite alright. Friends or family members can partake in activities of their own using the VPN. On the other end, you can watch in peace. 
  5. The first-month cash-back policy is provided by the elite VPN companies in the market. The profit of this method can be useful in cases you have selected a VPN and you want to change. 

watch spongebob

To perform this task there is simply no loss of money if you do it within the first month. Not choosing the right VPN is a very common mistake for starters. It is then this policy can be very handy.

Listing the Best VPNs 

Let’s talk about the very cream of VPNs fulfilling all the criteria mentioned above. They are easy to use and do the required job.  

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is often considered one of the best VPNs in the market. The speed is unblemished and streaming can be done for hours and hours long. 

The privacy protection of Express VPN is also in the category of the cream of the crop. The kill Switch feature offers protection of the IP address under circumstances of a breakdown of the internet between the system and the VPN. 

AES 256-bit encryption and military-grade data protection are there. The strict no-logs policy helps in making sure our online activities are not traced back to us. This is very helpful when you are looking to use different torrent sites

The first-month cash-back policy is present as round-the-clock chat support. The number of devices allowed to log in from one account is five. Three thousand plus servers in over ninety-four countries is a guarantee there would be no fret to find any server. 

ExpressVPN has a very good long list of advantages.

  1. There are over three thousand plus servers in ninety-four plus countries. 
  2. Five devices are allowed to log in from one account. 
  3. ExpressVPN has the best speed. 
  4. The security protection features are very reliable and safe. 
  5. The first-month cash-back policy is present. 

Before we move on to the next VPN one must note, the pricing plans of ExpressVPN can be quite steep for the pockets. 

2. NordVPN 


NordVPN is another VPN with an untarnished reputation. The speed is flawless and faultless. Six devices are allowed to log in from one account. The number of servers counts up to five thousand two hundred plus in over sixty countries. 

As far as safety and security go, NordVPN is safe. Kill Switch feature along with No Data leak protection and AES 256-bit encryption are all present. There is of course military-grade data protection too. 

All this along with the continuous live-chat support and first-month cash-back policy makes up an impressive reading. 

  1. NordVPN has impeccable speed. 
  2. NordVPN provides five thousand two hundred servers in over sixty-plus countries. 
  3. Six devices are allowed to log in from one account.
  4. Privacy protections are all taken into the measure. 
  5. There is an all-day/night chat support. 

The drawback of this VPN is that sometimes the desktop applications can run slowly. Also, higher advancement in security will have an equal effect on the slowness of the VPN. 

3. SurfShark



SurfShark is probably the most popular VPN out there for the pocket-friendly market. If you are on the lookout for a cheap VPN for a SpongeBob watch, SurfShark is the VPN for you. 

There is unlimited device login that SurfShark allows which is a very unique feature of the VPN. The server number is around three thousand two hundred plus in over sixty-five countries. 

The privacy protection feature well bodes along with the rest of the other VPNs. AES 256-bit encryption and military-grade data protection and Kill Switch and no-logs policy are in place. 

First-month cash back policy and live chat support of twenty-four hours. All this makes SurfShark such a popular VPN.   

  1. SurfShark has the most affordable rates. 
  2. It provides three thousand two hundred plus servers in over sixty-five countries. 
  3. SurfShark allows unlimited device logins under one account. 
  4. The privacy and security features are in the elite category. 
  5. A first-month cash-back policy is provided. 

As much as all the good parts of SurfShark are appealing. In case you are looking to select SurfShark as the VPN of your choice. 

The servers of SurfShark greatly vary when it comes to speed. This will also depend on the compatibility of the server with the device you’re using.  

Where Can You Watch SpongeBob Using a Free VPN? 

While we all have at some point in our life tried out a free VPN to stream something or play some online games. We would suggest letting go of this dream that a free VPN works and will do the job. 

The geo-blockers working at the giant streaming companies are strong. The servers of the free VPNs aren’t in that comparison to ever bypass them. What happens instead is that free VPNs do not earn money from subscriptions. From them, there is another way. The way is to sell user data to a third party.

Watching SpongeBob SquarePants 

SpongeBob SquarePants will always remain a conversation topic if ever a day comes when we run out of things to talk about. The show’s lengthy period in the limelight has brought memories of fun and wacky adventures. For years, it has remained a show so beloved. 

Hopefully, now you are completely aware of the process of how to watch SpongeBob on Netflix. Since you’re well aware now of all the resolutions to “Is SpongeBob on Netflix?”, we are also imagining you aren’t wasting before you get to watch SpongeBob SquarePants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Where to watch SpongeBob?

SpongeBob is available on Netflix. The episodes and the seasons though are greatly distributed over bits and parts in varied regions. To have autonomy on the episodes you are willing to stream using a VPN. 

We recommend NordVPN. Simply download the VPN from the site, complete the setup and change your IP address to a server where the episodes are available. 

Q.2) Is SpongeBob Squarepants on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix does have SpongeBob. The series and the film are streaming in various sections in different regions of the world. To watch SpongeBob Netflix, you must use a VPN.