There aren’t many people who don’t like binge-watching thrillers. You will love the Netflix movie Sicario since it is one of these. The question being asked right now is, “Is Sicario On Netflix?” In many regions of the world, Netflix has geo-blocking restrictions on this movie. But don’t be concerned. We have a wonderful choice at our end. We’ll show you how to watch Sicario Netflix from any location in the world.

Sicario Overview


The main character of the Sicario film is “Kate Macer”, an upright & idealistic FBI agent who is invited by a govt official to connect with a force squad to combat a significant “Mexican drug” cartel. To find the “drug cartel leader”, the crew must repeatedly cross the US-Mexico border. The tale, however, picks up steam when Kate’s values & honesty are called into question and the sting operation takes unforeseen turns. The other part is Sicario 2 Netflix & Sicario 3 Netflix will be streaming on Netflix.

Is Sicario on Netflix?

Certainly Yes. You can watch Sicario on Netflix. But, if you reside in the USA or UK then maybe you will not be able to see it. The reason behind it is that Netflix has blocked its content in many regions. However, you still have a chance to view it with the aid of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Where Can I Watch Sicario on Netflix?

The Sicario is not streaming everywhere because of geo-blocking. You can view it in only 3 countries mentioned below:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Brazil

That means if you are not living in the country where it was streaming then you have to use VPN. Otherwise, there is no other way of watching it. It is one of the best ways to watch any movie or show without any delay

Importance of a VPN to Watch Sicario with Netflix

In case you want to stream Sicario, then you might feel that you need to be in the countries that we have mentioned. But, it is not like you can still view it with the help of a VPN. As VPN hides your actual Identity & IP address, it also does not show what activity you are doing in it. They will show that you are in the correct location. 

Importance of a VPN

By doing this, you are just trying to make them believe that it is all true. They will not be able to find your current location and you can enjoy your watching without any fear because their security is also top class that safeguards your data. 

How to Get Top-Notch VPNs?

There are various types of VPNs available in the marketplace. But the question that may come to your mind is how to choose the best VPN when you don’t have much knowledge about it. So, we will tell you some qualities that you should look at before choosing a VPN. 

How to Get Top-Notch VPNs

1. Logging Method

You should ensure that it will never show what activities you are doing while selecting a VPN or doesn’t show what all data has been transferred by you.

2. Speed 

Always choose a VPN that has huge servers as it will show how fast you can download any show or movie. Because if the speed is slow then you may not enjoy watching any show. 

3. Background

Look for a service that has a good background. It is because you are keeping your PC at risk. Don’t go for a local VPN without proper investigation about it.

4. Number of Devices

Ensure to choose a VPN that allows 5 to 10 devices to get connected at the same time. Otherwise, you need to buy a new VPN for each device.

How to Watch Sicario on Netflix?

Go through the procedure given below to connect a VPN to your device:

  • You first need to see that the VPN you choose should be good.
  • Then install the app on your device and login into it.
  • Now, to access the collection you need to link to the Japan server.
  • Lastly, go to Sicario Netflix & look up the movie.

3 of the Best VPNs for Streaming

If you want to watch Sicario Netflix or any other series/show, here are some VPNs you could use:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the first choice of every user because of its speed and wide network that is spread around the globe. Express VPN has very advanced features which make it unique and you can also unlock any show/movie without any issue. It also ensures proper security so that your data will be protected.


  • It can connect 5 devices.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • No other VPN can match its speed.
  • You can get a refund after 30 days if you don’t like the service.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is a very good and reputed one. If you use “NordLynx” then you can increase the speed of the VPN. Block the ads that create trouble in watching movies/shows With NordVPN Download

It offers assistance which is available 24/7 no matter if it is Saturday/Sunday. This VPN tries to eliminate all the issues so that your entertainment will not stop.

  • Less costly than ExpressVPN.
  • Good Speed.
  • You can connect 6 devices.
  • A free trial is available for 30 days.

3. SurfShark

The best quality about SurfShark is that it allows limitless connections. This VPN is the least expensive of all. You can protect your device from any virus attack and it is good if your budget is less. You can download Surfshark VPN which can be used on any device and you can use it to unlock any platform.


  • Cheap VPN among all.
  • 3000+ servers in 95 nations.
  • You can connect endless devices.
  • 24-by-7 support. 


We addressed your query, “Is Sicario On Netflix?” in this article. Only three countries—Brazil, Japan, and Australia—have access to it on Netflix. Therefore, if you reside in another nation, you may utilize a VPN. The top 3 VPNs, Express VPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark, are the reliable options for you. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which country has Sicario on Netflix?

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Brazil

Q2. When will Sicario Day of the Soldado be on Netflix?

The Sicario Day of the Soldado is available on Netflix since June 29, 2018.