Torrenting has always been a bit of a legal gray area. Some people see it as a way to share files and bypass copyright infringement, while others see it as piracy. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, one thing is for sure: qBittorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients available today. But is  Is qBittorrent Safe? is  Bittorrent legal and safe to use? Let’s take a closer look.

Is qBittorrent Safe? 

Let’s be honest. Torrents are fun to use and once you get the hang of it very pretty easy too. The problems lie when our activities get stopped by the different adverts. Adverts proclaimed the couple next door became a billionaire in a week. We are all familiar with them, right? 

Well, there are no such potentially annoying interruptions while using qBittorrent. The answer to this is that qBittorrent is not only safe but also free from malware and bloatware, a very common custodian of any torrent site. 

Is qBittorrent Safe? 

Amongst the most popular P2P file share torrent, many agree probably with the answer of is qBittorrent safe. They agree that it is safe. qBittorent is legal and even provides the option of going anonymous to their users. 

The anonymous mode helps in providing another layer of safety to the question of whether is qBittorrent safe. There needs to be an important point to remember. The anonymous mode qbittorrent doesn’t guarantee absolute hiding of the user activity to keep them protected.  

Use qBittorrent Official Site

While you are using the official site, there is no need to worry about whether is qBittorrent safe to use or not. There are plenty of third-party sites providing qBittorrent download links to the site. There needs to be a certain bit of carefulness about that. The open-source software of the qBittorrent feature ensures the possibility of tampering. 

So while generally, anyone in the tech industry will tell you qBittorrent is safe to use. The possible cloning and or tampering of the code and including malware by a third party of qBittorrent are possible. The answer is qBittorrent safe to use then therefore no longer remains positive. So just check the third-party source authenticity if you’re downloading from a third-party site. 

Features Enhancing qBittorrent Safety

Free of Malware and Bloatware

So as we wrote at the very start of this article. When using qBittorrent there are no fears of downloading malware articles. The site of qBittorrent is free from such things. 

Open Source Feature of qBittorrent: 

There are groups dedicated to ensuring the free and safe running of qBittorrent. So as we bliss ourselves downloading from qBittorrent. We don’t have to worry about bloatware downloads. Any errors or bug interventions are always quickly taken care of. 

Faith of the Tech Community 

A dedicated number of groups working relentlessly have made sure, qBittorrent works without any potential harm. This has over time answered whether is qBittorrent safe to use. The qBittorrent right now is amongst the most secure P2P file-sharing sites. 

How to Ensure qBittorrent Remains Safe to Use? 

While as a user you are probably gauged by now many good points is qBittorrent safe to use. The very underlying fact remains that all torrent sites often become vulnerable to malware problems.

qbittorrent vpn

The qBittorrent VPN is always recommended for use. This ensures your protection of both the IP address and the online activities at qBittorrent. Pay attention while downloading that you’re doing so from trusted sources. 

While we might be sure about whether qBittorrent is safe to use, downloading from not trusted sources is. Using qBittorrent without qBittorrent VPN is never a good idea. So, we guess that nearly solves the fact of whether it is qBittorrent safe. Now we shall move into qBittorrent VPN. 

What are the qBittorrent VPNs? 

While discussing to make sure is qBittorrent safe to remain safe to use qBittorrent VPN. Here is a list of VPN qBittorrent to use. These qBittorrent VPNs can be used for qBittorrent Mac too. 

1. ExpressVPN

Extremely popular among regular torrent users. ExpressVPN offers fast and safe use of qBittorrent. The torrent files you are downloading will be protected from third-party attacks during download. Port forwarding support is done by Express VPN for users using a router app. 


These are then the advantages of using Express VPN. 

  1. ExpressVpn offers high speed.
  2. ExpressVPN supports the P2P file-sharing method. 
  3. It provides 3000 plus servers in over 90 countries. 
  4. ExpressVpn offers Military-Grade security. 
  5. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Amongst the con of Express VPN, the different plans can be construed as pricey. 

2. SurfShark

It is the most affordable qBittorrent VPN in the market. It offers connectivity to several devices. Similar to Express VPN Surfshark provides excellent speed. Here is then a list of the pros. 


  1. SurfShark has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  2. It has over 3200 servers in around 65 countries. 
  3. SurfShark is extremely reliable when it comes to security. 
  4. It provides connectivity to multiple connections. 

We would suggest though that this is a con of SurfShark to check the VPN’s compatibility with your server. SurfShark may provide a slow connection to some. 

3. NordVPN

For many users, we all use torrent sites to download films and large similar files. NordVPN is the go-to qBittorrent VPN if your needs are such. This VPN qBittorrent offers military protection and double security to the users. 


Much similar to Express VPN and SurfShark, Nord VPN is compatible with qBittorrent VPN. Here are the pros. 

  1. It supports P2P sharing and fast speed. 
  2. Provides over 5500 servers in over more than 60 countries. 
  3. It has Military-Grade security along with a double VPN feature to go along.
  4. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

To talk about the cons, the desktop Nord VPN app can run slowly. While qBittorrent Anonymous Mode is a good layer of protection to is qBittorrent safe. It is no replacement for VPN qBittorrent. 

Points to Note About qBittorrent VPN  

A trustworthy qBittorrent VPN ensures our device and data are both protected. They offer security from malware and bloatware and hide our IP address. There is also a focus on providing encryption to our online traffic. Therefore using a VPN qBittorrent simply provides greater security if you’re using torrents from qBittorrent Mac. While choosing a VPN qBittorrent these features must be paid attention to in our choice. 

  1. VPN qBittorrent hides the IP address of the user. While the typical change of the IP address by a VPN protects from any third-party virus attacks on the devices. The entire process combines providing cyber security to the user.   
  2. AES-256-bit encryption hides online activities from leakage and instead provides security encryption to your data.   
  3. A lot of VPNs that are used as qBittorrent VPN comes with ad blocker and malware blocker. The worry of accessing malware files while using torrents is often ever-present otherwise. 

qBittorrent used in isolation can be slow. This is largely owing to the built-in encryption features of the site. So a qBittorrent VPN certainly makes sure a faster speed of download and in use in general.

  1. A VPN uses the fastest nearby servers and is independent of the built-in features of the application. 
  2. Even in cases, the unexpected happens and the VPN connection drops, the Kill Switch features of the VPN look like there is no leaking of the IP address of the user.    

We Still Need To Use an Antivirus 

Despite the best efforts of every VPN, qBittorrent third-party hackers still get their way. We may download a malware file while using our qBittorrent Mac devices. There might be a virus file that has the potential to greatly harm our system.  Antivirus should always a priority. Scan and check every file before downloading from any torrent site. Such precautions protect the devices and save us from future hassles. 

Don’t Use Free VPN qBittorrent

Free VPN qBittorrent or any torrent is not of any use. The free VPNs don’t provide any of the features typically for what one uses the torrent for. They might provide some level of protection but that can easily be bypassed. To have safe security, working with a paid VPN is always advised. One doesn’t need to worry much about whether is qBittorrent safe to use.

It is Safe but Does Use the VPN 

We have concluded our article. Yes, qBittorrent is safe to use. There is still a need to use VPN to access any torrent site. qBittorent is no different. A paid plan with any NordVPN or ExpressVPN protects both the system and the anonymity online. The encryption of the IP address and the faster speed along with the other features is worth paying the paid plan for. We hope you enjoyed reading my article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.1  How to use qBittorrent?

You can use qBittorrent by directly downloading from their site. Do the following steps. 

  1. Download a BitTorrent Client. 
  2. Select a Torrent you want to download.
  3. Download that Torrent File.
  4. Next, open that torrent file in the Client software.
  5. We recommend you use a VPN for the process. 
  6. Don’t download dead torrents. 

Q.2 How to make qBittorrent faster? 

The inbuilt encryption of the qBittorrent results in slow running. Therefore, you should use a paid VPN like NordVPN or SurfShark to get fast speed. These paid VPNs connect to the nearest and the fastest servers & are independent of the inbuilt encryptions of qBittorrent.