Are you experiencing trouble while trying to watch Parks and Recreation Netflix? Is it “Blocked”? Is Parks And Rec on Netflix? This content is not available in your region” or “Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error” displayed when you tried to stream this series on Netflix? If so, you don’t have to worry. This happens when you try watching Parks and Recreation from a region where it is being geo-restricted. But, is it right that you cannot enjoy watching this series on Netflix? Absolutely not. This particular article will guide you on how you can watch Parks and Rec Netflix, even if you reside in a geo-restricted area in any corner of the world. So, start reading this article without skipping a single line.

parks and rec netflix

An Overview Of Parks And Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a political satire mockumentary comedy television series in the United States. Michael Schur and Greg Daniels are the creators of this great series.

In the television show Parks and Recreation, the local government works to improve the quality of life for its citizens in a small Indiana town. Viewers are exposed to a dream town in the show where there are jobless people who are trying to find work and those who have a combination of good and bad connections with the government. Leslie, the primary character, is cheerful and happy, and she finds the good in everything.

During the first season, Leslie Knope underwent massive adjustments in response to the backlash from audiences who believed the character was dimwitted and lacking in common sense. Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, and a few others are members of the ensemble and auxiliary cast. 125 episodes spanning seven seasons of the show were broadcast on NBC between April 9, 2009, and February 24, 2015. A 2012 list of the top television shows included Parks & Recreation.

Is Parks And Rec On Netflix?

parks and recreation netflix

Yes, Parks And Recreation are available to watch on the Netflix platform. But, the issue is this television series cannot be streamed from all the regions directly. This is because Parks and Rec Netflix is being geo-restricted in regions like – United States and several others. There are a handful of regions, including  – the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Sweden, where you can generally view the show on your Netflix account. But, there is a solution. You can easily stream this show on Netflix, even from a restricted region. 

Continue reading further to find out the solution.

Where To Watch Parks and Rec? 

We have already mentioned that Parks and Rec can be viewed directly from the regions like – Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, etc on Netflix. But, from a location like The United States, one cannot directly watch the series on Netflix, as it falls under geo-restriction. 

Well, to view Parks and Rec on Netflix from a restricted area, you need to connect with a VPN. You may get over geographic restrictions by diverting your connection to the internet through a different location with the help of a VPN.

How Can You Pick The Best VPN For You To Watch Parks and Rec?

Before jumping to purchase a VPN service randomly to watch Parks and Recreation, it is really very crucial for an individual to review all the VPNs in the present market. There are several VPNs in the market, but not all might fulfill your requirements. That is why we have considered this an important matter.

In this section, we have listed some points for you that you need to consider prior to connecting to a VPN service. Following these factors will definitely help you in selecting the best VPN for streaming many other shows of Netflix like the Modern Family, Kingsman & more. Continue reading to find out.

  • Make sure to pick a VPN that continuously controls a large server network.
  • You must search for a VPN that provides great speeds if you would not want to suffer frequent delays and glitches on your network.
  • Ensure that your VPN is simple to install and then use.
  • Seek a VPN with quick download and upload speeds.
  • Enquire about VPNs that Support Multiple Devices
  • Select a VPN that provides quick and beneficial customer service, whether through email,  or round-the-clock live chat.
  • Inspect your VPN to see whether it allows well-known payment options.  When choosing a VPN, you can also seek one that permits bitcoin payments.

How Can You Connect With the VPN You Have Chosen?

Well, now you have learned what really needs to be done before buying a VPN and connecting with it to watch Parks and Recreation Netflix. Now, let’s learn how you can connect your device with the VPN service you have chosen to view the series from your restricted location. Follow the steps properly that are mentioned below –

  • Create an account with your favorite VPN provider first.
  • In order to establish a VPN connection, open the web browser or software on your system.
  • Once you’ve done that, connect to a Netflix server in Australia, Canada, or the UK.
  • Login into your Netflix account now, on either website or the application.
  • Then, check for Parks and Recreation finally, then instantly enjoy watching it.

Are Free VPN Services Safe For You To Use?

The goal of a VPN is to increase your online security, but a free VPN may have the opposite effect. In comparison to a paid VPN, a free VPN will never provide you with the most recent cybersecurity features. Inadequate security and encryption levels may occur with free VPN service providers if they don’t have a strong server.

However, free VPNs have many drawbacks, so we suggest not using a free VPN service. Instead, use a premium VPN service and enjoy your favorite show without experiencing any issues.

4 Top-Most VPNs To Stream Parks And Recreation Netflix

Well, you have now learned how to connect your device with the VPN. Just remember to apply the steps properly during connection, so as not to experience any difficulty or any further issues. 

In this section, let’s move forward to know about the topmost VPNs in the present-day market. You can definitely choose one for yourself from here by your choice. 


express VPN

This is an excellent VPN for you if you’re attempting to access all of Netflix’s US libraries and are seeking a VPN for The US Netflix. It is a VPN for Netflix that is incredibly safe and just doesn’t block. You can watch your favorite TV episodes and movies with no hassle due to ExpressVPN lighting up speed. ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers scattered over 160 VPN dedicated servers in 94 countries. Additionally, if you run into any problems, you are provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee and round-the-clock customer service. You may use Express VPN on a broad range of devices, like Apple TV, Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, etc.

So, simply establish a connection to an ExpressVPN server in the area you want to access Netflix from, and start watching as normal.

Furthermore, if you fall into any complications, you are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee and round-the-clock customer support.

  • Uniformity of speed.
  • A huge array of servers.
  • Compatible with a variety of routers and devices.
  • Dependable user encounter.
  • All Tor networking and P2P are supported.
  • Simple accessibility to the US Netflix catalog.
  • Live chat is available constantly.
  • Due to the recent Netflix upgrades, there were only minor inconveniences.



This is the ideal package if you want to stream Netflix and need a fast, cost-effective VPN. You may easily access many Netflix libraries by fast getting around Netflix’s geo-restrictions using NordVPN. In 59 different nations, NordVPN has 5891 servers. Without slowing down your internet, NordVPN’s fastest speed enables you to enjoy Netflix in the highest possible video quality. You may also use one subscription to access up to 6 devices concurrently. This is how the rest of your family may utilize this VPN for Netflix.

You may try NordVPN risk-free as there is a 30-day money-back assurance. Additionally, if you experience any difficulties while streaming, its live chat help is available for you 24 hours.

  • A large server park with several server sites
  • Fantastic user experience
  • Comprised of the CyberSec feature
  • Data security at the highest possible level
  • Live chat is available 24×7.
  • Not really optimized for mobile phones.



The affordable VPN provider SurfsharkVPN is one of our top picks for unblocking Netflix. In the market, it is a well-known and reliable VPN. Netflix and several other streaming platforms can be streamed efficiently and smoothly with Surfshark. All of the major Netflix regions are accessible using Surfshark’s strong and secure VPN. Surfshark allows you to select any place you desire with a single tap due to its 3200+ servers distributed over 95 different countries. Advanced security options like kill switches, 256-bit encryption, CleanWeb, Whitelister, etc. are provided.

Windows, Macs, Android, Linux, iOS, Chrome, Fire TV, and more operating systems all support Surfshark. You also get email and live chat assistance from experts round-the-clock.

  • Plans that are cost-effective.
  • 3200+ servers distributed over 95 different countries.
  • Quick connections with WireGuard.
  • Multiple connections in one go.
  • Support via live chat.
  • Money-back promise for 30 days
  • There may be a delay in connection.
  • International server network with a relatively small footprint.



With PureVPN, one of the quickest and most trustworthy VPN services, Netflix can in fact be unlocked. As a secure VPN with a reliable privacy policy, PureVPN is also recommended. Your DNS queries, original IP address, browsing history, and timestamps of your VPN sessions are all protected from logging or leakage. With a network of more than 6500 servers spread across 78+ nations, including many in 13 US cities, PureVPN has a sizable user base.

Because of its quick speed, it is also great for streaming HD videos. Additionally, PureVPN employs split tunneling, which increases the protection of your link and ensures the privacy of your data by sending it all through 2 autonomous encrypted channels. Additionally, it provides customer service available 24/7.

If you have a limited budget, PureVPN can offer you excellent service.

  • Protection against DNS leaks
  • Online kill switch
  • A great way to unblock both American Netflix.
  • Masking of an IP address
  • More than 6500 servers spread across 78+ nations.
  • Protection from WebRTC leaks.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Exchanging data or information with law enforcement

Last Say

As you can see, you have all the solutions to “Is Parks And Rec on Netflix”? It’s not that difficult to unblock Parks and Rec on Netflix from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good VPN like ExpressVPN, which comes with a sure-shot 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can easily watch all your favorite episodes of Parks and Recreation without worrying about geo-restrictions. So, go ahead and try out ExpressVPN today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where to watch parks and rec?

Ans: You can watch Parks and Rec on Prime Video, Peacock TV, Vudu, or Apple TV on your Roku device.

Q2: Are Parks and Recreation available on Hulu?

Ans: No. Hulu doesn’t have this series. However, the series is exclusively available on Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, & iTunes.

Q3: How can you watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix?

Ans: If you live in a geo-restricted area and are not able to watch this series directly on Netflix, you can just connect your device to a reliable VPN service and then enjoy it peacefully with friends and family. 

Q4: Is Parks & Recreation available for free on Amazon Prime?

Ans: All the seasons of Parks and Rec can be watched for free on Amazon Prime with a premium membership.