As we all know, Netflix is one of the best streaming services available. However, there are some regions where Netflix is not available. For example, many users in the USA cannot access Netflix without using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this post, we will show you how to stream Kingsman Netflix USA using a VPN in 2024 and give you all the answers to “is Kingsman on Netflix”. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the best VPN for streaming purposes.

Overview of Kingsman Netflix (The Secret Service)

With an IMDb of 7.9/10 stars, it has the story of an adult (Eggsy)- living in London with his mother, who is unemployed. One day Harry Hart (Colin Firth) communicates with them to offer: Eggsy a secret spy job in the Kingsman. 

Here, he takes the seat of Lancelot (Jack Davenport) and further of Harry. In the whole movie, you will see the actions, adventures, and comedy of Eggsy and his team in the bringing down of their opponent. 

kingsman: the secret service netflix

Is Kingsman on Netflix?

No, at present! You can not watch Kingsman Secret Service on Netflix. Notwithstanding, you switch to other OTT platforms Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon prime video. 

Various countries’ audiences can access Kingsman: the secret service Netflix, including the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Reasons to Use VPN to Watch Kingsman Netflix: The Secret Service 

VPN or virtual private networks trick the streaming service provider and ISP to allow you to watch blocked content finding your virtual location in the permitted country.

Now, Netflix is not an issue. But you have to access Kingsman via Amazon video or Disney+. On that note, you need a VPN because it supports multifold platforms for multiple devices. 

For further information, we are recommending some details about the best VPN for your requirement. Keep reading them. 

How to Sign Up for VPN to Watch Kingsman Netflix?

How to Sign Up for VPN to Watch Kingsman Netflix?

Every OTT platform follows the licensing agreement policy, like Netflix. To switch to Amazon Prime video and Disney+, one has to Sign up for a VPN. Let’s find out the details.

  • ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the top names of quality VPNs. You may choose any of them to sign up for. 
  • After subscription, download the application on a compatible device. 
  • Install it. Sign up with the fine points and change the unlicensed locations with the licensed ones like the USA or UK. 
  • Open the paid subscribed application (Amazon Prime Video and Disney) 
  • Search and watch Kingsman secret service Netflix from the blocked region. 

How to Select the Best VPNs to Watch Kingsman Netflix?

If you are from a geo-restricted country for Kingsman or any other content for any OTT platform. Here is what you need to know when selecting the best VPN.

  1. Device Compatibility: Device compatibility with a few other features is always a top-notch point for selection. Before subscription, notice which device you use and whether the particular VPN is compatible with the device or not. 
  2. Ultra-Fast Speed: Speed can get affected due to various reasons because of location, device, internet package, or others. You must make sure that, in all conditions, it has ultra-fast speed from start to end. 
  3. Unblock the Content: Not every VPN can do everything for you. The user must check how many requirements it is fulfilling for her. Unblocking the content is a prime concern. Analyze your alternatives one by one and move on to the next requirements. 
  4. Security Features: Security is vital in any case. The VPN should have military-grade encryption, a lag-free policy, and a fast switch option with complete privacy. You are not allowed to ignore it in any case. 
  5. Maximum Servers: To access it from anywhere in the world, you have to notify the option of the utmost servers so that you can’t miss the content on any VOD. 

3 Best VPNs for Kingsman: The Secret Service Netflix

We have found several VPNs in the market. After the complete analysis, we have figured out the 3- of the best at present for streaming any of your favorite Netflix shows including Crazy Rich Asians, The Matrix, etc. Let’s see the description for your reference. 

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN has multiple device compatibility, like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you have any of them, feel free to subscribe ExpressVPN to watch Kingsman Netflix for only $6.67/month. It has the best features on all OTT platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon prime Video, to unblock your favorite content from any of the world’s corners. 

You have the chance to experience ultra-fast speed with no buffering issues like never before. It allows you to connect 5 simultaneous devices with torrenting power and DNS features. It is functional in almost 94 countries with 3000+ servers. 

It’s a complete pack with no services compromised. You can experience the entire 30-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • High-quality Speed
  • Unblock the Geo-restricted content
  • High Pricing

2. NordVPN


With the slightly less quality of ExpressVPN and ahead with one Cyber Security feature, it is accessible for only $3.71/month to unfreeze the geo-freeze content like kingsman Netflix. Yes, NordVPN has servers in the USA and UK, or if you live in Canada or any other location, you can quickly switch to another server. 

As it has 60 countries in its monitoring power with the coverage of more than 5400 servers, it is one step ahead of ExpressVPN. You have 6- devices with simultaneous connection instead of 5. So, don’t miss a chance to grab the military-grade encryption, lag-free policy, buffer-free service, and more with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Speed
  • Customer services
  • Torrenting doesn’t work on a few servers

3. Surf Shark

Surf Shark

With an unlimited connection facility only for $2.49/month, Surfshark can be a perfect choice for multimedia content lovers and virtual gamers. Yes, it supports Netflix, Amazon prime video, and Disney+ in 65 countries with 3200+ servers for Android, iOS, Windows, and more. 

To be sure, you have a 7-day mobile trial time again and 30-day money-back guarantees like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Only one account is enough for your entertainment time from any remote location, including the mask-up of Netflix, Disney+, and your ISP. 

  • Affordability
  • Wide-spread Servers
  • Speed Issues
  • Customer Support

The Final Notes

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with Kingsman on Netflix, make sure you have a good VPN! We’ve provided a few of our favorite options to counter “Is Kingsman on Netflix” issue. We hope our guidance might get you started. What are some other ways you like to stream Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where can I Watch Kingsman?

You can watch Kingsman on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ with USA and UK servers but not on Netflix. Virtual Private Network will help you access the movie if you are outside these countries or living in any other unlicensed region. 

Q.2 Which Countries have access to Kingsman on Netflix?

Ireland, South Korea, Switzerland, Austria, and Hong Kong had Kingsman on Netflix. However, it is entirely out of Netflix. It is available on Amazon and Disney for USA and UK & a few other locations. One can switch to a virtual private network if they have geo-restriction for their area. 

Q.3 When will the Kingsman Be on Netflix?

Kingsman is currently not on Netflix. There is no confirmation from any of the sources where it will be on the platform. If you still want to watch it, switch to other platforms, like Amazon Prime video and Disney+.