We think there are very few people who haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy, a blockbuster series. It has gained so much love from the viewers. Many of you want to watch it but are in a dilemma ‘Is Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix?  If yes, then how can you watch it? If you are residing in a country where it is restricted. So, don’t panic. We are going to mention the top-notch VPNs that help you to watch it from anywhere. 

Grey’s Anatomy Description

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy, a blockbuster TV series, is named after its star doctor, ‘Meredith Grey’, so why wait if you didn’t get a chance to see even one episode yet? The series shows lives of ‘surgical interns, residents, and attendings’ are the subject of this American medical drama television series, which debuted on ‘March 27, 2005’. As these individuals grow into seasoned physicians, they must balance their personal & professional life. Don’t miss a single minute of this riveting medical drama!

Is Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix?

Absolutely Yes. It is available on Netflix and you can stream it from several nations, but not from everywhere. In case, you are living in a nation where it is restricted. But, you want to watch it. Then, continue to read our article to know how you can watch it.

Where to Watch Grey’s Anatomy Netflix?

Is Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix

You can watch Grey’s Anatomy Netflix seasons 1 to 18 if you are living in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. In case you want to watch the last few seasons then you can stream from season 15 in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines. 

If you are not residing in another country and want to watch all seasons then you can with the help of a Virtual Private Network. It allows you to watch any movie or TV series despite the fact that you are residing in another country by hiding your actual location.

Importance of a VPN to Watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix

You might not be surprised to learn that not all internet information is accessible in every nation on the planet. If you use one zone to access the Internet, you can find that another region completely blocks you from seeing the same page.

Netflix has a different collection of content if you access the website from the USA as opposed to the UK or Canada because the content is only licensed for distribution in specific regions. If you use a VPN, you can connect to a server in a country where your show is available, making it appear to Netflix that you are in that server location rather than your actual one.

How to Choose the Top VPN to Watch Grey’s Anatomy?

Choosing a VPN must be extremely challenging for those who are not much aware of VPNs. However, it is not that difficult because we have created a straightforward guide that may help you in every way. Therefore, it is necessary to learn all the key criteria you should take into account before purchasing a VPN service. This is the list:

How to Choose the Top VPN

  • It should have a money return policy. In case you didn’t like it.
  • Choose a VPN that is compatible across a range of platforms & devices.
  • High-quality streaming with fast speed.
  • Select a VPN that is easy to use and doesn’t require much effort.
  • A standing for being able to beat restrictive geo-blocking, such as Netflix’s.

How to Connect a Device with a VPN?

The process of connecting to a VPN is simple. You can perform it at your level. To help you connect with the server, we are giving you the instructions below:

  • Go for a VPN that allows you to unlock any movie or show like ExpressVPN.
  • Then, move to the official website to download the VPN of your choice.
  • Follow the instructions after downloading the VPN to your device. Even if you are not very good at technicalities, they are really simple.
  • Now, look for a server that allows access to all the seasons like Canada.
  • Lastly, open Netflix and enjoy your steaming.

Note: Connecting the VPN is similar for all the geo-restricted series like New Amsterdam, Animal Kingdom, Tokyo Ghoul, etc.

Top VPNs To Watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix

You must have noticed all the information we have provided above. From the fact of choosing the best VPN & setting up a VPN connection. Although there are many VPNs available in the world, we have compiled a list of the best VPNs for you which are recommended by professionals to stream grey’s anatomy netflix.

1. ExpressVPN

Based on every VPN test we conducted, ExpressVPN came out on top as the strongest & most dependable VPN. With a server network of more than 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries. ExpressVPN takes very less time in assisting you to stream Grey’s Anatomy from the USA or any other nation that is generally restricted from access to this program. You can contact ExpressVPN  support team if you are having trouble unlocking the movie or TV show you want to view for whatever reason; they will fix it in a matter of seconds.



  • There is a ‘No-log policy’.
  • Full money-back guarantee within 30 days.
  • It can connect up to twenty Netflix collections.
  • Big network.
  • User-friendly app.


  • It is costly.

 2. NordVPN

With a sizable network of 5,400+ servers dispersed across 60 countries worldwide, is where NordVPN comes into the picture. Additionally, Nord VPN makes it very simple to access some of the most popular platforms, including ‘Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and others. You will be able to unblock regionally specific websites that might otherwise be blocked. With a 30-day money-refund assurance, you may test this VPN risk-free. If you find that there is excessive buffering or you are not able to unlock your favorite shows because of some issue, you can cancel.



  • Six devices can connect at the same time.
  • Great speed.
  • Twenty-four by seven support through live chat.


  • Few issues with User Interface.

3. SurfShark

SurfShark VPN is a wonderful and far less expensive solution for watching Grey’s Anatomy episodes as well as other restricted movies and TV shows on streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney+, or others. The drawback of this service is its speed, not its price or server coverage. If you feel more disruptions while watching episodes, use one of the top 2 VPN services instead. Additionally, it offers a 30-day risk-free trial period with a full money return guarantee.



  • It can unlock several streaming sites.
  • Big network.
  • Easy to use.


  • Less speed.
  • ‘Low-quality’ stream.


It can be upsetting to be unable to access your preferred Netflix content. We have listed the finest VPN services for you along with the variables influencing them. We anticipate that you can now access Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. The question “Is Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix?” has also been answered. Moreover, you can follow this info for similar restrictions with shows like Suits and more. However, if you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. When will season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy be on Netflix?

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is on Netflix from 07/03/2021. 

Q2. When will season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy be on Netflix?

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy is on Netflix from 06/25/2022.