You must be aware of “Friends,” the greatest television program ever. This program features a devoted cast, heartfelt romance, and memorable remarks. Many of you, however, want to see it yet are unable to stream it. Therefore, it’s probable that you’re wondering, “Is Friends on Netflix?” Unanimously, Yes. There is a problem even though this movie is available on Netflix. This movie is not accessible on Netflix globally due to geo-blocking in some regions. You may use a VPN to watch this amazing show even if you live in a different city.

Friends Overview


‘Ross, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Chandler, the humorous 20-somethings from the mega-popular TV sitcom Friends, are introduced to you. These New York City-based pals get together every week at ‘Central Perk’ for coffee and have conversations about their days, lives, jobs, and all sorts of other bizarre subjects. Viewers watched these friends through love, passion, marriage, a tonne of comedy, and—most importantly—an enduring relationship during the course of this great series’ ten-year run. 

Is Friends on Netflix?

Yes, you can stream Friends on Netflix. But, it is possible that it is not available everywhere. So, if you want to watch it then you need to read our post. We have explained how to watch Friends without any conflict. Moreover, this is not only true for Friends but also for any other series from Grey’s Anatomy, Shrek to New Amsterdam, or whatever you wish to stream online.

Where to Watch Friends on Netflix?

Where to Watch Friends on Netflix

You must be connected to a French, Australian, or UK server in order to stream Friends in Netflix. With the aid of a Virtual Private Network, you can view all seasons even if you do not live in another country. By concealing your real location, it enables you to watch any movie or TV show even if you live in another country.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Friends? 

Famous streaming services’ are obligated to limit customers’ access to content if they are not in the jurisdiction where it is legal to do so. It makes it obvious that Netflix & other services would have to adhere to these restrictions since ‘owners & production’ companies only license their movies & series in specific locations.

Other streaming services including ‘BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu’ are all subject to the same limitations. Because a VPN hides your Internet activity and IP address, you can stream Friends from Canada and appear to be doing so but in reality, you’re not. Only you connect to a VPN where you want to use it and then you can enjoy your streaming without any restrictions.

How to Choose the Best VPN to Watch ‘Friends on Netflix’?

In case you are trying to watch Friends using a VPN. Then, you should consider some points while selecting any VPN:

How to Choose the Best VPN

  • You should be able to connect & stream with excellent quality so that you can watch without interruptions or buffering at the funniest parts.
  • It needs to be capable of reliably and respectably unblocking your preferred website, like Netflix, from anywhere in the world.
  • It should feature apps that are compatible with all popular platforms and devices and let you connect many devices at once to a single user account.
  • If a platform is geo-blocking, you should be able to connect to a server in another country using its extensive server network.
  • To assure consumer pleasure, it should feature a reliable money-return guarantee policy & a live-chat service.

How to Watch Friends on Netflix?

It is a very easy process to connect to a VPN. It doesn’t require you to be an expert in connection with any of the VPNs. Just go through the procedure given below:

  • Firstly, you need to choose a VPN that offers high-quality video with no interruptions. Our first choice is ExpressVPN.
  • Then, look for the plan and log in to the account. You can go for the ‘12-month’ plan as it offers you good pricing.
  • Now, you can download the VPN of your choice on ‘Android, iPhone, or any device’ you want.
  • Join a server in ‘Australia, France, or the UK’.
  • Look up and watch Friend seasons or your favorite episode that you’ve been wanting to watch.

Best VPNs to Stream Friends on Netflix

These are the best VPNs for unblocking websites like Netflix, according to our strict review criteria and analysis:

1. ExpressVPN

If your Netflix account is region-locked and you want to watch every episode of this popular show, ExpressVPN can enable you to access your content from anywhere in the globe using one of its incredibly fast servers that are dispersed over 94 nations, including France, Australia, and the UK. This implies that you can use Express VPN to conceal your location if you are not in the needed area in order to access your preferred TV episodes and movies.



  • 30-day full money refund guarantee.
  • It has a ‘Media Streamer’ feature.
  • Over 3,000 servers in 94+ nations.
  • 24*7 chat option.
  • It can connect 5 devices. 


  • A bit costly.

2. NordVPN

Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN offers excellent features, but it is a little less expensive, which will appeal to many consumers. When you try to unblock services like ‘Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, or HBO Max’ from restricted locations, Nord VPN also boasts excellent speeds and dependability, but it is not quite as good as ExpressVPN.



  • Twenty-four by seven support. 
  • It has more than 5,400 servers in over 60 nations.
  • Connect up to 6 devices.
  • Excellent security.


  • Few problems with User Interface.

3. SurfShark

The VPN with the best monetary value is SurfShark VPN, which offers a trustworthy VPN service for only about ‘$2 per month. This VPN also permits an unlimited number of concurrent device connections, so you may watch Friends while your family unblocks Prime Video & other plays without the need for additional subscriptions.




  • It offers 30-day money return assurance.
  • Over 3,200 servers in more than 95 countries.
  • An unlimited connection is allowed.


  • It has many interruptions.
  • Low Speed.


Being unable to view your favorite Netflix content might be frustrating. For your convenience, we have compiled the best VPN services along with the pros & cons. You should now be able to view Friends on Netflix, as expected. Additionally, the query “Is Friends on Netflix?” has been resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What countries have friends on Netflix?

Friends Netflix is streaming in French, Australia, and the UK.

Q2. Can you watch Friends on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Friends in Netflix. 

Q3. How to watch Friends on Netflix?

You can watch Friends in Netflix. But, if you are residing in a country where it is restricted then you can watch it with the help of a Virtual Private Network.