Do you also love watching animated series? If yes, then Adventure Time is the best option for you. But, now the question that arises: “Is Adventure Time On Netflix?”. You will get all your answers after reading our article. As Adventure Time Netflix is geo-restricted and you are not able to stream it everywhere. But, then also you can watch it and you know how, just by using any VPN service. Let’s see how?

Adventure Time Description

Adventure Time

Adventure Time was released on 5 April 2010. This series is very entertaining and is based on a twelve-year-old boy whose name is “Finn” & his dog called Jake. Throughout the film, they travel to post-societal locations and engage in ambiguous adventures. Because of this, they put themself in problems and the way they dig out themselves is very entertaining. People of any age can watch this series and they will definitely enjoy it.

Is Adventure Time on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Adventure Time on Netflix. But, it is not available in the US or in any other nation. It is because Netflix or any other platform has restricted its content to specific locations. If you reside in South Korea, Japan, and India then you can watch it without any issue. 

You can see Adventure Time Netflix just by using a premium VPN and it will show as you are using it in the specified location. This is the way you can fool Netflix and stream your favorite shows or movies anytime and from anywhere. 

Relevance of a VPN to Stream Adventure Time

Relevance of a VPN

A Virtual Private Network allows you to mask your real location and access the server from the location where it is banned. It allows you to stream shows, movies, and series that are not streaming in your location but that you want to watch. 

By doing this you are free to watch any show/movie that you are waiting for so long, but are not able to find it. So, always choose a VPN that is reliable and works on all devices with outstanding speed, and also gives security and safety assurance. 

How to Select the Top VPN? 

In order to select a VPN that can easily allow you to stream any shows on Netflix by not looking at the fact where you reside is a little tough task. So, you need to choose wisely and we will help you in selecting the top VPN for you:

  • Your VPN should be able to connect at least 6 to 11 devices without fail.
  • The setup of your VPN should be simple so that it doesn’t create any mess.
  • If you select a VPN that has excellent speed then you can save a lot of time and can do streaming tension free. 
  • Also, look at the fact that it will be able to unlock various platforms. 
  • Make sure your VPN offers 24×7 customer support, regardless of the day of the week.

How to Connect a VPN to Your Device?

Follow the steps to connect a VPN to your device to watch Netflix Adventure Time:

  • Start it by selecting your favorite VPN.
  • After that download the VPN on your device from Play Store.
  • Then, log in with the credentials and select a server where this series is streaming.
  • At last, find it on Netflix.

Top-Ranked VPNs for Streaming

We have explained all the factors that you should keep in mind and how you can connect it to your device. After reviewing all VPNs we have mentioned top-ranked VPNs for you. So that you can enjoy your streaming.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has a simple UI with great speed. No one can identify what activities you are performing and you can transfer the data without any worry. Download Nord VPN, if you are stuck anywhere then there is an option that you can get support anytime. It has “256-strong encryption, Kill Switch”, and many other security features. 


  • Over 5,000+ servers in more than 60 countries.
  • Uncostly than ExpressVPN.
  • 30 days money return assistance.
  • 6 devices can connect.

2. SurfShark

SurfShark is inexpensive but the speed that it offers is commendable. SurfShark feature blocking ads and also provides security that you can trust blindly. This VPN allows limitless connections that no other VPN can offer. It can connect 3000+ servers in 65 nations.

  • 3,000+ servers in over 65 countries.
  • Countless devices can connect.
  • It is the best option if your budget is low.
  • Get 30 days money return method.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is very popular in the market and has a good reputation. Unblock any kind of show or movie with Download ExpressVPN. Impressive speed makes it more attractive and you can entertain yourself for hours without any disruptions. You can’t match its security feature.


  • 2900+ servers in 94 nations.
  • 256-bit encryption.
  • UI is easy.
  • Money-refund assurance in 30 days.

Final Say

You must watch the series Adventure Time since it is so fascinating. However, you may not be able to access it on Netflix if you reside in the USA. You would need to connect to a VPN in such a situation. A VPN can be selected from the list above. We hope you found the solution to “Is Adventure Time On Netflix?” and will be able to watch it there. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can I watch Adventure Time?

You can watch Adventure Time on Netflix. 

Q2. What seasons of Adventure Time are on Netflix?

You can watch all seasons on Netflix. But, if you are living in the US or UK then you can’t stream it. You need to use a VPN to watch it.

Q3. When will Adventure Time season 2 be on Netflix?

Currently, you can stream Adventure Time on Hulu. But, soon it will be available on Netflix and you can also watch it with a VPN.