Are you a Hulu Plus subscriber, but find that you can’t use the service when you’re traveling outside of the United States? If so, you’re not alone. Hulu Plus is only available in the US and Japan. However, there are ways to get around this restriction and still be able to stream Hulu content while traveling. In this blog, we’ll show you how to start watching Hulu on PS4 using a virtual private network (VPN). We’ll also provide some helpful tips on choosing the right VPN for your needs. Let’s get started!

Why is VPN Service Necessary for Hulu on PS4?

hulu com start ps4

A VPN proves to be beneficial not only for your Hulu com start PS4 but also for PlayStation Netflix content. The services of VPN help to run Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, etc. because there have been restrictions for them in many areas wherever their servers are not running. 

Apart from the unblocking process, a VPN is also useful in protecting your data and hiding your web browsing activity, location, IP address, etc from several prying eyes whether it is a network provider or a government agency. 

If a virus attacks your device, then VPN will absolutely find it and will also be able to correct it immediately. In VPN service, you do not even have to give your login details because their focus is more on the data protection of the user. 

Moreover, it is also going to work as an ad blocker, which repeatedly frustrates you on streaming platforms.

How to Watch Hulu on PS4?

If you are traveling out of the US and want a Hulu PS4 movie stream but are unable to do so, you need to have a good reputed VPN like expressVPN, or any other. 

As you cannot make a direct VPN connection with your playstation 4, you really need to run the ExpressVPN MediaStreamer DNS address for establishing a SmartDNS on your PS4. Let’s know how to do this: 

  1. Select a reliable VPN for Hulu, we recommend ExpressVPN. 
  2. Get a subscription to this VPN. 
  3. You need to log in to VPN. 
  4. Visit the Account tab and click on the Smart DNS MediaStreamer. 
  5. Need to make a note of that given DNS IP address.  

This DNS address will help to establish the DNS servers on ps4 movie stream to watch Hulu. 

Hulu on PS4- 5 Hulu Packages

Here we will inform you about 5 packages when you will subscribe to Hulu.

Plans  Price 
Hulu Basic Plan $5.99/month USD
Hulu Basic Plan  $59.99/year USD
Hulu Ad Free Plan  $11.99/month USD
Hulu + Live TV 64.99/month USD
Hulu + Live TV (Ad-Free) $70.00 USD

Simple Steps to Configure DNS for Hulu on PS4

hulu com start ps4

We have guided you here to make you easily install the DNS on PS4. So, you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, launch your Playstation 4. 
  • Visit the Settings icon. 
  • Click on the Network→ Select Set Up Internet Connection. 
  • Tap on that active internet connection. 
  • Hit on the Custom→ Choose Automatic. 
  • Select the Do Not Specify tab and then click on the Manual option. 
  • Choose Primary DNS→ 
  • Enter the DNS of your VPN in the mentioned box. 
  • Tap Done→ select the Next button and choose Automatic. 
  • Restart the PlayStation so that recent settings can be implemented. 
  • Go to the PlayStation Store and download the Hulu application. 
  • Open your Hulu app and then sign in. 
  • Stream all desired Hulu content from anywhere outside the US. 

3 Top VPNs to Watch Hulu on PS4

Looking for a great VPN for Hulu? If so, we will walk you through the 3 best VPNs that offer you the best features so that you can login Hulu with Disney Plus consistently without any issues. It is very beneficial for PlayStation 4 to stream your favorite content. 

1. Express VPN 


ExpressVPN is always at the top of the experts’ recommendation lists. To unblock Hulu from Canada, the UK or anywhere, we would really recommend you to use Express VPN. As of today, it covers high-speed network servers that are over 3000 across 94+ countries. It can be used in iOS, Windows, Mac, router, Xbox, or any other device you have. You can connect up to 5 devices to this service after taking a single subscription.

  • 30-day refund payment policy 
  • Live and 24/7 customer help service 
  • Strong Data Protection 
  • Split tunneling 
  • Private DNS on every server
  • Advanced AES 256 encryption 
  • Public Wifi Safety 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Pricing

2. NordVPN 


We have seen many more great features in this NordVPN, that too with a good price, so we set it in the second position of the top VPNs list. By NordVPN, it is possible to stream Hulu at any region outside of the US location from PS4, or any other device. Using this, your activity will not be shared with anyone from government agencies, and network providers to third-party apps. NordVPN gives you a completely free logging policy.

  • A single subscription connects 6 devices 
  • 30 Days 100{50afa256e6562afb2cd7837d8db3fd71ce947f26b53ffff72a77bb9141ae121a} money back guarantee 
  • 24/7 live chat support 
  • Split tunneling 
  • Secret no logs policy 
  • 5200+ high speed 
  • Keep your data safe 
  • Limitless bandwidth 
  • Smart DNS scale 
  • Cannot examine NordVPN by free trials 
  • Slower for desktop apps

3. SurfShark 


If you need a VPN at an affordable price, Surfshark is the one to go for. It is capable of providing a very good facility as per its price. You can connect this service to any device, as well as get a connection to the router to run with PS4 to unblock and watch Hulu. If you want to implement this service in unlimited devices at one time and on one subscription then that is also possible with this quality VPN.  

  • 30 days money back guarantee 
  • Customer helpline service for 24/7
  • Zero logging policy 
  • Great working DNS 
  • Strong privacy & security 
  • Cheaper price than other best VPNs 
  • 7 days free trials 
  • Comparatively slower speed 

Is Free VPNs Safe to Stream Hulu on PS4?

Are you outside of the United States and trying to use a Free VPN to stream Hulu on playstation 4? If so, we would like to say it is unlikely to work. All free VPNs are the first to be restricted by the IP address blocking technology of Hulu, which means you will only get irritating error notifications as you try to unrestricted Hulu from any location in the world. 

Even if you do get access, you will still see poor service like slow speed, and frequent buffering. This is because free services do not provide many servers and with this, there is a lot of crowd of users to get VPN ps4 movie stream. 

There is no guarantee of your privacy and security, this means that neither your data nor your activities are safe. At times, it also catches damaged and corrupted data on your gadget. 

Best Content to Watch on Hulu 

Hulu on PS4 will allow their users to run more than 2550 movie options and over 1655 TV shows. Below, we are giving you suggestions of all popular content that will entertain you a lot on your PS4. 

Top Trending Shows 

Here are the names of those shows which are included in our top list: 

Family Guy, Shrill, 30 Rock, Killing Eve, Bob’s Burgers, Pen15, Seinfeld, Community, Elementary, and Castle Rock 

Most Desiring Movies 

We have arranged below the name of all top-rated movies on Hulu: 

  • Bolt 
  • Rushmore 
  • Eating Animals 
  • Super Dark Times 
  • Rocketman 
  • Malcolm X
  • Missing Link
  • Luce 
  • I, Tonya 
  • Akira

Use These Devices to Watch Hulu 

The following devices can support you to stream Hulu:

  • Chromecast 
  • Android Devices 
  • macOS
  • Samsung TV 
  • Roku
  • Windows 
  • Apple TV
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad) 
  • Fire TV Stick and Fire TV 
  • LG TV
  • Xbox 
  • Playstation 
  • Nintendo Switch 


Now, you must have understood the role of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). But if you are thinking that you can use Free VPN for Hulu on ps4, then we do not recommend it to you because free services are not successful in protecting much of your data. 

Apart from this, if you are not able to grasp any info, then you can always get back to us. We are here for you 24×7.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q.1- Can you get Hulu on the PS4?

Yes absolutely, you can stream Hulu on PS4 and PS4 Pro also. It is accessible on PS4 to those living in any region of the US but if you are not from there then first you need to get the best VPN. VPN offers its own IP address and location where Hulu servers are available and hide your real identity and login credentials of Hulu. So, it is completely safe! 

Q.2- Is Hulu free on PS4?

There is a big need to subscribe to any plan if you want to watch your desired content on PS4 by Hulu. For free, everything is out of your reach whether it is a TV show or movies. You can get 3 to 4 options to choose any plan with cost and it does not fluctuate frequently. 

Q.3- How to Cancel Hulu on PS4?

Ans- You need to cancel the Hulu plan by following the steps we provided:

  • Visit the Hulu platform. 
  • Go to the Settings option 
  • Select Account Management.
  • Click on the Account Information. 
  • Tap on the PlayStation Subscription. 
  • Choose Cancel Your Hulu Subscription.