Well, most of us know that there is lot of content on Netflix in the United States. But, is it the same for all countries? No, in many other countries there is very less content on Netflix to stream, especially in Mexico, as compared to the US Netflix. So, if you are a resident of countries like Mexico, will you not be able to watch your favorite show on Netflix? Definitely not. You can stream your favorite show on Netflix. We have a fantastic solution for this.  In this article, we will explain to you how to watch Netflix in Mexico with all the content as the US Netflix. So, without any further delay, let’s dig into the article. 

An Overview On Netflix

Netflix is an American filmmaking company that offers a subscription on-demand streaming service. In the year 1997, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings established it. Along with its own works, dubbed Netflix Originals, the online streaming system also offers a collection of movies and Television shows (in 4K resolution) through distribution agreements.

There are a variety of devices that can access Netflix, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, portable media players, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and many more. 

In November 2021, Netflix officially enabled mobile games available to Android customers everywhere. Subscribers could play some games for free using the app. The collection was made accessible for iOS on November 9, 2021. Netflix plans to increase the number of games in their collection while also improving the choices for playing games on the cloud.

Can You Access Netflix In Mexico?

Yes, definitely. There is no such question that you cannot access Netflix from Mexico. The issue here is that, made in Mexico Netflix does not have a large amount of content like the United States Netflix. Unfortunately, if you are a resident of Mexico, you only have the right to stream local or regional broadcasting in Mexico. 

Hence, to access a large amount of content without any limitations or to access American Netflix from Mexico, you need to utilize a good VPN service. 

How To Watch Netflix In Mexico

How Will A VPN Help You To View Any Material On Netflix From Mexico?

You now know that with a VPN you can access the United States Netflix in Mexico and enjoy a large number of films or tv shows like narcos Mexico Netflix or narcos Mexico season 3 Netflix, without any limitations. 

By concealing your true IP address and acting as though you are in another country, you may use a VPN to access Netflix in that nation. In accordance with rights-related concerns, such as licenses and trademarks, and other parameters motivated by financial advantage, Netflix geo-restricts its content.

How To Choose The Best VPN For Netflix In Mexico?

Well, as you came to know that VPN is necessary, and choosing the best VPN from the market is also necessary. There are lots of VPNs in today’s market and you might be confused about which one to choose and which one to not. 

Therefore, to make your work easy, we have pointed out some considerations we need to mind during purchasing a VPN. Let’s see how to change your Netflix region & watch Netflix in Mexico with VPNs

1. Compatibility with Devices

A VPN is useless if it is incompatible with the gadgets you already own, after all. All popular platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, will be supported by the finest VPNs applications. To make it simple and quick for you to get started, they will also come with comprehensive setup instructions.

2. Safety and Confidentiality

Security is the main justification for using a virtual private network. A VPN service’s encryption of your internet data will be poor if it still employs an antiquated tunneling technology. You must pick a VPN provider that protects the privacy and anonymity of your personal information. Paying a monthly price for subpar services is not something you would want to do.

3. a Large Number of Servers

A VPN will be able to spread its assets more efficiently if it has a large number of servers, which will enhance VPN connection speeds. A VPN with fewer servers typically experiences poor performance simply because more consumers are connected through a single server. When several servers are offered, customers’ fight for resources is minimized.

4. Speed and Effectiveness

When you watch videos online, a solid VPN won’t bog down your connection or create buffering. Instead, it will provide quick, dependable speeds that let you stream HD and 4k videos without any problems. The top Vpn providers also provide limitless bandwidth, allowing you to stream as much as you like without worrying about exceeding a data restriction.

5. Log-Free Policy

Choose a VPN with a strong no-logs policy if you’re looking for a cheap one. Most VPNs are more secure and appealing because they don’t divulge any user details to outside entities. To bill clients, some VPN providers maintain access records. You need to make sure that they subsequently erase them in this situation.

6. Customer Support

One of the key considerations when selecting a less expensive VPN provider is customer assistance. The provider’s top-notch customer support can assist you with any queries or problems you could have. If you run into an issue that has to be fixed right away, you won’t be able to get help if there isn’t enough customer support.

How Can You Connect To A VPN Netflix Mexico To Stream The US Netflix?

How Can You Connect To A VPN Netflix Mexico To Stream The US Netflix?

Connecting to US Netflix with a VPN from Mexico is really an easy task. After you connect it properly, you can stream any of your favorite shows even from Mexico with zero trouble. 

In this section, we have explained to you the connecting process step-by-step to make your work easier.

  • The first step is to visit the program’s or the browser’s web page for the VPN service’s subscription page.
  • Select a plan next, and then pay for it in the manner of your choice.
  • Install the client software on your device and log in after that.
  • The next step is to connect to a server located in the US.
  • Finally, log onto your Netflix account to ensure US content is being viewed.

How To Watch Netflix In Mexico? Best VPNs For You

Having learned how to connect your device to a VPN, you can now use it to access US Netflix from Mexico. By reading on, you can evaluate for yourself which VPNs are the finest ones currently available. Thus, read further to know “How to watch Netflix in Mexico?” Select the best VPN from our selection to access your favorite shows on Netflix.

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN comes in at the top of the list of the best VPNs for streaming videos on Netflix. The VPN service makes it easy to torrent anonymously around the globe, play games without latency, and watch HD/4K video quickly. Over 3,000 servers are dispersed throughout more than 95 nations. ExpressVPN secures all of your information with the military-grade AES-256 standard. Up to five devices may be safeguarded with just one account. Apple TV, Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android are just a few of the platforms that ExpressVPN supports.

ExpressVPN Pricing –

Customers of ExpressVPN must pay $12.95 for a one-month membership, $59.95 for a six-month membership, or $99.95 for a full year of membership.

Advantages –
  • Five devices can be connected to one connection.
  • Support is offered via live chat and email 24×7.
  • Money-back guarantee for returns within 30 days.
  • Over 95 nations and 3000+ servers are distributed over a global network.
  • Features compatibility with Apple iOS, Android, Windows, routers, Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Fire TV, and some other platforms.
Disadvantages –
  • It is inexpensive when compared to other VPNs.
  • The most current Netflix improvements led to a few annoying quirks.

2. PureVPN


One of the quickest and most reputable VPN services, PureVPN, can in fact access Netflix. The VPN is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other platforms.  You won’t notice much buffering when viewing Netflix because PureVPN’s servers were built with streaming in mind. Furthermore, PureVPN employs split tunneling, which secures your connection twice as well as ensures the privacy of your data by routing it through two independent encrypted channels. PureVPN makes it possible to select the server that links to Netflix the quickest and many more platforms.

PureVPN Pricing –

Customers of PureVPN must pay $10.99 for a one-month membership, $5.41 for a full-year membership, or $3.54 for two years of membership.

Advantages –
  • Compatibility with more than 20 devices.
  • Interconnecting tunnels.
  • More than 2,000 servers across 141 countries.
  • Unlimited Switching Between Servers
  • Five multiple logins
  • Accredited by No-Log.
Disadvantages –
  • Linux application with few capabilities.
  • Connectivity problems.
  • WireGuard does not enable all functionalities.

3. SurfShark 


One of our recommended solutions for unblocking US Netflix is SurfShark. With over 3000 servers located across more than 64 different countries, this Vpn provider is a wonderful choice. Streaming will be delivered through a speedy and secure connection thanks to the WireGuard tunneling method. The service has undergone several independent audits and strictly adheres to the no-logs regulations. It integrates with Windows, iOS, smart TVs, streaming devices, and more with simplicity. Use this service if you are searching for a VPN to use for streaming, gaming, or other activities.

SurfShark Pricing –

Customers of Surfshark must pay $12.95 for a one-month membership, $6.49/month for a six-month membership, or  $2.49/ month for twenty-four months of membership.

Advantages –
  • Over 3200 servers are located in 95 different countries.
  • Several connections to different networks at once.
  • Strategies that are affordable.
  • Guarantee of a 30-day money-back period.
  • Support is available through live chat.
  • Fast communication is possible using WireGuard.
Disadvantages –
  • Connection lags.
  • global server network with a small dimension.

4. NordVPN


With approximately 5200 servers spread over more than 60 countries, NordVPN is one of the quickest and most secure VPNs currently available on the market. NordVPN offers robust security, an easy-to-use interface, and support for streaming. Since there are no servers to download from, you will always have a quick connection wherever you are. The kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and DNS leak prevention are some of NordVPN’s standout features. In addition to not keeping any archives, NordVPN doesn’t deploy any extra virtual private networks or ad blockers.

NordVPN Pricing –

Customers of NordVPN must pay $11.95 for a one-month membership, $143.40 for one-year membership, or  $286.80 for two-year membership.

Advantages –
  • You may connect up to 6 devices at once.
  • More than 5,500 servers in over 60 countries.
  • Money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days.
  • AES-256 bit encryption, IKEv4, and IPSec, are used.
  • Live chat support is available 24 hours a day. 
Disadvantages –
  • The IP address is not altered.
  • The mobile application may occasionally have problems.

5. CyberGhost 


CyberGhost, one of the least expensive VPNs, does nearly every task flawlessly. Torrenting and P2P are optimized on the servers that CyberGhost offers. It features both private NoSpy servers and open Wi-Fi networks. With the help of CyberGhost’s 8200+ servers, spread over 91 countries, you may access any type of material. A variety of devices, notably Android TV Amazon Fire Stick, etc, may use specific connections to connect to CyberGhost’s specialized servers. It is easy to use and works great on laptops, cellphones, and Firestick devices. It gives a 45-day money-back guarantee to its consumers.

CyberGhost Pricing –

Customers of CyberGhost must pay $12.99 for a one-month membership,  $47.40 for a one-year membership, $75.60  for a two-year membership, or $83.85 for a three-year membership.

Advantages –
  • Blocking of hazardous or profit-driven content.
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Utilizing 256 bits for AES encryption.
  • Over 9000 servers in 91 countries.
  • Protection from DNS and IP leaks.
Disadvantages – 
  • If you do not join up for so long, it can be expensive.
  • Payment choices are few and far between.
  • Compared to other VPNs, the servers are slower.

6. PrivateVPN


The user interface, speed, and security of PrivateVPN’s applications are excellent. There is a quick-connect option available, and manually connecting to a link in one of PrivateVPN and over 60 countries is uncomplicated. Additionally, the VPN supports up to ten simultaneous connections, allowing the entire family to view various shows simultaneously. Most modern operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Amazon Firestick, are suitable for PrivateVPN’s applications. Also, a 30-day money-back guarantee is also included.

PrivateVPN Pricing –

Customers of PrivateVPN must pay $3.30 for a one-month membership,  $6.00 per month for a three-month membership, $2.00 per month for thirty-six-month membership. 

Advantages –
  • Executing simultaneously over ten connections.
  • 63 different countries have servers.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Using 2048-bit encryption and AES-256.
  • Among the VPN protocols are IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IPSec.
Disadvantages – 
  • A constrained server network.
  • It may take a while to move servers.
  • Windows only has a kill switch.
  • Live chat is not available constantly.

Can You Use A Free VPN To Stream Netflix Mexico?

Free VPNs are bad to use, as we just discovered after extensive investigation. In light of this, we never advise using a free VPN.

Free is merely a term that can catch your attention; it has no actual use. While watching your favorite series or movies on Netflix in Mexico, using a free VPN will provide you with a number of problems. Let’s explore some facts regarding free VPNs.

1. Limits the Usage of Data

If you use a free VPN, there is a chance that your data use will be limited. This is so that before hitting the VPN service’s facilities, any data you see will first go through the servers of your ISP. You are likely to experience significantly worse and more limited browsing by using the free VPN.

2. Contains Masked Viruses

Most free VPN services include spyware that might gather your data disguised in them. Your device might be rendered useless, you could receive unwanted emails, or someone may use your payment information for their own gain. Malware is frequently concealed in free VPN services, while the majority of users are unaware of it.

3. Unknown Malware is Present

The majority of free VPN providers contain malware that may be able to access your hidden data. You could get spam emails, and the device will become worthless. Although the majority of users are unaware of it, malware is regularly hidden in free VPN services.

4. Unblocking Online Streaming Platforms is Not Possible.

Except if you want to view an entire movie on a sluggish connection, unblocking Netflix is not possible using a free VPN. In contrast to data limits, free VPNs also have limitations on connection speed. So, when viewing a movie, you run the danger of experiencing never-ending lag. The streaming experience must be terrible even then.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how to watch Netflix in Mexico. By the use of any of the above-mentioned VPNs, you can watch any of your favorite content on Mexico Netflix just as the US Netflix. Those VPNs are really dominating the market today and will surely help you watch movies without any difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Can I legally access American Netflix from Mexico?

Ans: It is completely legitimate for Mexicans to access American Netflix. Hence, to achieve that, you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By hiding your IP address, you might give the impression that you are in the United States. 

Q2: Can you use a free VPN to stream Netflix in Mexico?

Ans: Well, using a free VPN to watch Netflix in Mexico is really not recommended by us. Free VPNs contain a lot of drawbacks like – hidden viruses, excessive advertisements, no customer support, no privacy, and many more. It also slows down your internet speed. 

Q3: What are the best VPNs for accessing Netflix in Mexico?

Ans: The best VPNs to view US Netflix on Mexico are:

  • ExpressVPN.
  • NordVPN.
  • SurfShark.
  • CyberGhost.
  • PureVPN.
  • PrivateVPN. 

Q4: Is there Spanish subtitles on American Netflix?

Ans: American Netflix really does provide Spanish subtitles. This is a wonderful resource for people who wish to watch their preferred television shows and motion pictures in Spanish or who just want to brush up on their linguistic skills.