Many applauded Microsoft’s initiative to release upgrades on a constant schedule for Windows 10 devices as the corporation was not recognized for this practice. Presently, it seems that the acclaimed attribute has transformed into a discomfort. The user productivity is impacted by the increased incidence of updates and the recurring installation notifications. Moreover, Windows 10 periodically commences installing automatic updates, that only makes the situation tougher for users.

In this article, we are forwarding to you some ways on “how to stop windows 10 update”, which will help you if you frequently stumble across the same barrier.

The Automatic Update Dilemma with Windows 10

The fact that Windows always offers certain updates is a frequent complaint among modern digital users. Furthermore, they are curious to find out if there is a way to permanently disable Windows 10 upgrade as it could lead to other issues like data loss, for illustration, might happen with a Windows update or the 0x800F0830-0x20003 error prevents a Windows update from being correctly deployed. But, you are not far from the solutions to fix this specific issue. Keep reading. 

How To Stop Windows 10 Update?

Well, there are a couple of ways that can help you “turn off automatic updates Windows 10 with ease.

how to stop windows 10 update


Method 1: Turn off Windows Update Tasks

You can attempt to disable Windows Update Tasks in Task Scheduler in order to “how to stop Windows 10 Update”. Hence, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Check Task Scheduler for Windows Update Information
  • First, choose the most suitable result after typing “Task Scheduler” into the Windows search box.
  • Next, to access the Task Scheduler’s primary interface, launch it.
  • Therefore, the following route should be performed to reach the Windows Update folder: Microsoft > Windows > Windows Update is available in the Task Scheduler Library.

Check Task Scheduler for Windows Update Information

Step 2: Turn off the Windows Update
  • The Scheduled Start button is located in the right panel hence, right-click on it.
  • Secondly, choose Disable to proceed.

Therefore, the Windows 10 update has now been successfully halted, and you may now dismiss the Task Scheduler window.

Method 2: For 7 Days | Disable Windows Update

This method will illustrate how to block Windows updates in Windows 10 by suspending them for 35 days. In that case, you may use this technique to immediately block Windows 10 update.

Step 1: Open the Update & Security on your Device
  • First, to proceed, Windows 10 users should right-click the Start button and select Settings.
  • Next, select Update & Security to continue from the pop-up window.

Update & Security

Step 2: Suspend Windows Update for 7 Days
  • Here, to proceed, find Windows Update in the pop-up window’s left column and select Advanced Options from the option in the right corner of the screen.
  • Please locate and activate the button underneath the section titled “Pause Updates” in the popup window.

Having followed that, you can block the Windows 10 update for 35 days using this functionality. 

Note: The most recent updates must first be installed when the pause limit has been reached, although, in order to restart suspending updates.

Method 3: Group Policy Modification

Hence, to turn off windows update, you can attempt to change the Group Policy on your device. You might interrupt the Windows 10 update download in progress by modifying the Group Policy as indicated in the instructions below-

Step 1: Access the Local Group Policy Editor
  • First, when the Run dialog box appears, type gpedit. msc by pressing the Windows key and R consecutively.
  • Next, to proceed further, press the OK button.
Step 2: Research the Automatic Updates Configuration
  • Here, follow the path Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update to discover the Windows Update folder in the left side of the Local Group Policy Program window.
  • Secondly following that, double-click Configure Automatic Updates in the right panel.
Step 3: Set Up and Run Automatic Updates
  • Firstly, select Enabled to proceed from the pop-up window.
  • Then, in the Configure automatic updating section, end up choosing Notify for download and automatic installation from the drop-down option.
  • Finally, to proceed, press on OK.

Note: Once all of the aforementioned actions have been completed, restarting your computer will turn off the Windows 10 update.

Method 4: End up Turning Off the Windows 10 Update Service

You may simply turn off the Windows Update service, which automatically updates and applies Windows 10 updates over the Internet, to stop windows updates from becoming downloaded and installed. Kindly follow the steps below –

Step 1: Access to the Service Window in your Device
  • First, to enter the Run dialog box, simultaneously press the Windows key and the R key.
  • Secondly, in the box there, simply type services.msc.


  • Hence, for the next step, press Enter or OK.
Step 2: Turn off the Windows Update Service
  • At first, try to locate the Windows Update service and double-click it in the level processes.
  • Secondly, choose Disabled as the Startup type in the popup window. Next, put the Service status in Stop mode after that.

Disabled in the Startup type

  • Hence, to put the changes into effect, click Apply and OK.

Closing Lines

We hope that you got your answer on “how to stop windows 10 update”. We believe that all of the above simple methods we provided will definitely help you out fix it. After all, if you are still facing issues on this, kindly let us know in the comments section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to stop windows update in progress?

Ans: To stop Windows update, follow the steps – 

  • Choose “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “Security and Maintenance” > “Maintenance” Abandon Maintenance.
  • In order to stop any pending upgrades and future ones, deactivate Windows’ automatic updates.
  • Now, block automatic updates in Windows Group Policy Editor on Windows 10 .

Q2: How to disable automatic updates?

Ans: To disable auto-updates, follow the steps –

  • First, press on Start > Settings > Control Panel > System.
  • Choose the Automatic Updates tab.
  • Now, toggle off automatic updates by clicking then tap on  Apply.
  • Select OK.