Pokemon GO is all the rage these days. If you’re one of the lucky ones with an Android or iOS device that can run it, you’ve probably been spending some time trying to catch ‘them all. But what if you’re traveling and want to keep playing? Or maybe your city just doesn’t have any Pokestops or Gyms. In this post, we’ll show you how to spoof Pokemon GO using a VPN on Android and iOS devices. With a little bit of setup, you can keep playing even if you’re not near any PokeStops or Gyms! So read on for instructions on how to get started.

Pokemon Go: Overview

Since it was first released in 2016, Pokemon Go has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The game uses your phone’s GPS to track your location and overlay virtual Pokemon onto the real world. As you move around, different types of Pokemon will appear depending on your location. The aim of the game is to catch as many Pokemon as possible, and there are also occasionally rare Pokemon that can be found. In addition to catching Pokemon, there are also gyms and Pokestops where players can battle each other and collect items.

Pokemon Go

One of the key things that make Pokemon Go so successful is that it encourages players to get up and move around. The game encourages people to explore their local area, and many players have reported becoming more active since starting to play. In addition, the social aspect of the game means that people often play together in groups, which helps to create a sense of community. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Pokemon franchise or you’re just looking for a fun way to get out and about, Pokemon Go is definitely worth checking out.

Why is a VPN Required for Pokemon GO Spoofing?

There is a good chance that Pokemon GO locates your location by looking up your IP address, even if it’s not exactly obvious how the game does this. Additionally, it may confirm that your mobile device’s GPS coordinates match the region associated with your IP address by looking at them. Pokemon GO has the power to prohibit you from playing if you are determined to be stealing.

Therefore, you must employ a virtual private network to prevent this (VPN). We suggest you use a powerful VPN service available in the market. By using a VPN service, your real IP address will be hidden, making it difficult to pinpoint your location. As a result, you will be able to obtain Pokemon GO in places where it would have previously been impossible.

A VPN protects you from cybercriminals and perhaps other entities by using encryption software in addition to spoofing pokemon go. 

How to Spoof Pokemon Go by Changing your Location?

Well, you will want a reliable GPS spoofing program or a VPN provider of your choice in order to spoof your position in Pokemon Go in a proper and secure manner.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are often effective for hiding your real location. However, while working out how to obtain Pokemon Go, use the location supplied by the app instead of your actual location; you will need either a VPN or a spoofing application simply because of the way Pokemon Go estimates your location.

How to Spoof Pokemon Go by Changing your Location

Now, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below very carefully –

Pokemon Go Spoofer

  • First of all, choose a VPN and set it up. We advise using a trustworthy VPN.
  • Secondly, install the Artificial GPS Location application by accessing the Google Play Store.
  • Then, go to the settings on your Android smartphone and choose “About Phone.”
  • Now, turn on developer mode by selecting “Build Number” seven times.
  • Next, select “Developer options” from the Settings menu.
  • Then, choose “Mock Locations App” (or “Allow Mock Locations”) and then root your Android phone. Then, Mock Mock Locations is a module that should be installed and activated.
  • Now, your mobile device must have its VPN turned on before you can select a server in the region where you want to play.
  • Then, ensure your spoofing application is on, then select a place there.
  • Finally, go online to play Pokemon GO now!

Pokemon Go Spoofer iOS

  • First, select a reliable VPN and sign up.
  • Secondly, get your VPN software via the App Store and install it on your device.
  • In order to alter the GPS locations that you have set for Pokemon GO, jailbreak your phone.
  • Now, visit the Cydia app store when you’ve jailbroken your smartphone.
  • Since Pokemon GO prohibits devices that may have been jailbroken, use the protector software to conceal the information that your device was jailbroken.
  • Then, the location spoofing app from Cydia must be installed.
  • Next, select a region in the United States or anywhere else in the imitation locations app after making sure your GPS spoofing and protector programs are enabled.
  • Now, join the very identical zone as the GPS spoofing area by launching your VPN on the device.
  • Finally, everything is prepared for you to begin playing!

Are You Still Not Able To Reach The Pokemon Go Location?

Well, after using a VPN, are you unable to reach the pokemon go location? If so, an error might occur. That leads you to suffer.

‘Error 12: failed to detect location’ is the most typical error experienced by most of the players of Pokemon GO. Several factors, including the following mentioned below, might cause this bug.

  • Your phone’s settings do not allow for mock locations.
  • You’ve switched on your phone’s “Find my Device” feature.
  • The coordinates you provided prevent your device from receiving GPS signals.

Well, restarting your phone’s location service is the most realistic solution to these issues. The location option is easily accessed by going to settings. Tap again to re-enable it once it has been disabled. Doing this can fix the issue and you will be able to reach the Pokemon Go location.

Best VPNs for Spoofing Location Pokemon Go

There are lots and lots of VPNs in the market but, the best VPNs for pokemon go spoofer are listed below. The following VPNs are genuine and will not create any issue at the time you play. Let’s have a look. 

1. NordVPN

For hiding your Pokemon GO location, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs. You won’t ever have problems locating server locations inside a more crowded region to provide you better accessibility to Pokemon GO due to NordVPN’s 5,200+ servers spread across 59+ countries across the world. Fast-paced combat in Pokemon GO necessitates a VPN with enough speed. Fortunately, Nord VPN keeps its performance constant throughout the majority of its servers, notwithstanding their location. 

Due to this, lag-free Pokémon gaming is made simple from anywhere. To provide the impression that you are using an unsecured connection to the internet, it masks your VPN data. Because NordVPN has a trusted kill switch available for both iOS and Android, your IP address will never accidentally escape. 


Due to a dependable kill button on both the iOS and Android applications, NordVPN assures that your IP address will never accidentally leak out.

  • More than 5,200 VPN servers in 60 different countries.
  • Higher results in speed tests.
  • No-logs ruling policy
  • Live chat available
  • An effective kill switch.
  • Divergent tunneling.
  • There is no free version.

2. ExpressVPN

Pokemon Go players are highly familiar with ExpressVPN, and it is generally seen as a reliable VPN service you can rely on for anything. With more than 3,000 servers scattered across 94 different nations, Express VPN has a massive worldwide server network. It offers limitless data and bandwidth, allowing you to play Pokemon GO without any lag.


Network Lock, a feature of the VPN, is also an automated kill switch. By doing this, you may play Pokemon without worrying about your IP address being revealed. Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption will be used by ExpressVPN to safeguard your traffic and IP address. Additionally, a 30-day money-back assurance and 24-hour customer support is offered.

  • Dependable security program
  • Consistent speeds & good user experience.
  • P2P is supported as well as all Tor networking.
  • 24 hours customer service.
  • Pricey as compared to other VPNs.

3. Surfshark

For Pokemon GO users in regions where it is prohibited, Surfshark is another excellent choice. With the addition of more than 3200 servers across 65 nations, SurfShark VPN recently enhanced its services. Additionally, it offers a “Quick Connect” option that automatically selects the server that will provide the strongest connection for you. With the help of the OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols, Surfshark encrypts data at a rate of 256 bits using AES. 


In addition, the MultiHop feature of the VPN offers a chaining technique & its advanced algorithms can help you get unbanned from Omegle & other such platforms too. An integrated ad blocker is also provided by Surfshark. Moreover, it shields you against viruses and hackers that could endanger your safety and confidentiality.

  • Outstanding geo-unblocking abilities.
  • Excellent success on the speed test.
  • Inexpensive subscription costs.
  • Many connections at once.
  • Effective kill switch.
  • There is no free version.
  • Bad tech assistance.

4. IPVanish

One of the most popular VPN services for Pokemon Go is IPVanish, which works with all of the main operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The fact that IPVanish offers an infinite number of simultaneous connections is its strongest feature. Consequently, you may distribute the VPN with most of your pals if they wish to disguise their Pokemon GO geolocation.


It is important to note that the WireGuard protocol is responsible for IPVanish’s incredibly fast and reliable speeds. As a result, you won’t likely encounter much lagging when gaming. To stop this from happening, IPVanish offers DNS leak prevention. In order to keep you protected, it also has an automatic kill switch and impenetrable AES 256-bit encryption. In addition to spoofing Pokemon GO, you can also use this VPN to stream YuGiOh on Netflix & other anime shows available. 

  • Cheap subscription rate.
  • Superior results in speed tests.
  • Number of connections available at once.
  • Live assistance 24/7 hours.
  • No free version available

Leading  Pokemon Go GPS Spoofing Applications

As we covered before in this article, you could need some trusted and secure Pokemon GO spoofers to shift places so you can level up your game and catch more Pokemon without leaving your chair. Now, let’s have a look at the top-most Pokemon Go GPS spoofing applications for both Android and IOS.

For Android Users –

Fake GPS location

It is simple and straightforward to use a fake GPS location. By only a few taps, you may quickly spoof your smartphone’s current position. Most of your location-based applications will change when you update the location.

Fake GPS

On an Android device, one of the greatest applications for Pokemon Go spoofing is Fake GPS. Through the software, you may pretend to be anywhere in the globe without having stepped outside of your house. While playing Pokemon Go, it indicates that there are glitches or latency.


A cool Pokemon Go spoofing android software that you may use to play with your buddies is VPNa. GPS location, it functions similarly to utilizing a VPN, but it provides a larger selection of locations than a VPN.

For IOS users

Go iSpoofer

The GPS position may be faked with iSpoofer Go, an iOS app. With only a few taps and no need for a jailbreak, this application is recognized for its simplicity of use and simple location-changing abilities.


PokeGo++ is the only program you need if you want to look for a phony GPS app for Pokemon Go on your iPhone. Since it has many of the same features as Pokemon Go and all the necessary tools to fake GPS locations, many people think of it as a modified version of that game.


The app store referred to as iTools, is the same as iTunes. This software may be used on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken mobile devices. From the official iTools website, it may be downloaded.

Closing Lines

Well, you might have got the answers to “how to spoof pokemon go”? As you can see, spoofing Pokemon Go can be done from anywhere in the world with minimal effort. A region locked for Pokemon GO can be used with a fake GPS quite effortlessly. You may play Pokemon GO to the fullest without concern for your location by using a strong VPN together with a GPS spoofing app. That’s all about spoofing pokemon go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Does Pokemon Go 2024 spoofing work?

Ans: Spoofing is indeed feasible in Pokemon Go. Gamers may change their geo-location and reach a different area to play the game, whether they do it via a VPN or a software application.

Q2: Is it necessary to recruit GPS spoofing software?

Ans: Pokemon depends on both the coordinates of your device and your IP address to pinpoint your position. Therefore, the game probably isn’t notified that your position has changed when you’re using a VPN and a GPS spoofing app.

Q3: Are two Pokemon Go accounts prohibited?

Ans: It’s still not completely obvious whether using multiple devices simultaneously is still fine, although using multiple Pokémon GO identities on the very same gadget is certainly not authorized and it might lead to permanent restrictions.