If you want to create a bootable USB for Windows 10 and are feeling stuck in order to make a bootable USB from iso. So, don’t worry as we have come to assist you. We know how irritating it can be when you need to face issues like a broken window. In contemplation of installing the Windows Operating system or fixing a broken Windows, you need to create a bootable USB Windows 10. Keep up with the blog below for the step-to-step guide on booting from USB windows 10 and getting all the answers to “how to make bootable Pendrive for windows 10 from iso file”.

Is it Important to Make Bootable USB from ISO?

Yes, It is kind of important as ISO can perform booting USB more efficiently. Also, it has gotten more popular over time because of its exceptional features. For instance, its reliability, efficiency, and safety. We would advise you to use USB for this as any other option like CD/DVD would cost high. 

How to Make Bootable Pendrive for windows 10 from ISO File?

When you search “boot from USB windows 10” on the internet you may find thousands of non-working results. But here, You will be getting 2 on-point methods to resolve the issue in a very simplistic manner. Through these methods, you can come out of glitches. You need to have a bootable USB for it. Just go and check the methods which suit you.

Method 1: Windows Media Creation Tool

Windows Media creation tool is one of the efficient tools provided by Microsoft to allow you to install the window which is compatible with your computer. So just follow the steps below to create a bootable USB Windows 10. 

Step 1: 

Go to Windows 10 Download page and click on the download tool now option.

Step 2: 

The tool you have downloaded is an independent tool so you don’t need to install it. Just open the tool and create a bootable USB Windows 10. Accept all the terms and conditions coming to you. how to make bootable Pendrive for windows 10 from iso file

Step 3:

Two options will come up. You need to select “create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, ISO file) for another device”.

Step 4:

It will ask you about the architecture language and edition. In this phase, you can choose the “ recommendation” option.

Step 5:

In this step, you will be asked about what media you want to use. Here you can choose the former option. Just make sure that if you choose the USB option then your USB must have at least 8GB of capacity. So, simply choose the option and click next.

Step 6:

The tool will start downloading on your USB. Now, you have to wait as it can take a little time. The tool will create Windows 10  media, be patient.

Furthermore, after waiting for a few minutes your USB is ready to boot from USB Windows 10. Don’t forget to click the finish button at last. Here, the process is fully complete now you can use this USB on another computer to install Windows.  how to make bootable Pendrive for windows 10 from iso file

Method 2: Download ISO File and Burn Window ISO to USB

This method is also an easier way to make Windows 10 bootable USB but you must first check your computer for Windows 10 Compatibility. Here are the two things that you need to do to get your issue resolved.

First:- Download Windows 10 ISO File

Similarly, Here you can use a media creation tool in this. When it asks you which media file you wanna use, please select the IOS file. Follow the on-screen wizard and continue with the process.Download ISO File and Burn Window ISO to USB

Second:- Burn Window 10 to USB

You may choose the USB option when you want to boot or you may have used the Rufus to create bootable usb windows 10 as it is an easy-to-use and convenient option available to you. You can simply follow these steps further to burn Windows 10 to USB.

  1. Goto Rufus’s official website and download “ USB bootable software free download for all Windows”
  2. Run this ISO to the USB burning tool. This tool automatically detects your USB.
  3. You need to click on the select button and click to start. Before that, You need to specify the volume label and partition scheme.
  4. This tool will start to burn. You need to wait for a few minutes. When the status is ready click close. Finally, you are done with the process.

Last Lines

All in all, We have provided you with the best insight available and believe you got all your answers to “how to make bootable Pendrive for windows 10 from iso file”. Lastly, we are hoping that your problem has been resolved with the above-mentioned methods. If you are still stuck with the issue then you may contact us below in the comment section. We will definitely be reaching out to assist you in every possible way.


Q1. How do I make a bootable USB from an ISO file?

Ans- Download the Rufus tool> open it> Select ISO image> choose standard Windows installation and start the process.

Q2. How to make a boot disk?

Ans- You can create a boot disk with simple steps. Here we are enlisting some for you.

  1. Goto application home select disaster recovery.
  2. Select boot media type.
  3. Create your bootable image.

Q3. How do I convert ISO to USB with Rufus?

  1. Open Rufus and plug in your clean USB.
  2. Click on the Device and select the USB.
  3. Make sure the boot selection option is set to USB then click Select.

Q4. Can I copy the ISO file to a USB?

Ans- Yes, You can. It is a very easy process. You can transfer any ISO media to a USB. Either it’s the Operating system, Game ROS files, etc.