Is your device stuck with a blue screen that shows the message “ your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you” then you might be facing one of the errors of Windows named the Driver Verifier DMA Violation. This is one of those errors that would crash anytime on your device casting such a blue screen on your device and restricting the further use of your device. Such errors are not only a hurdle in the running of the device but also have serious instability issues for your device.

No more restrictions due to this abrupt issue as we bring you an absolute end to this issue through our multiple solutions. In order to get rid of and fix this error, you need to look deeply into what might be triggering this issue and then choose a solution for your issue. Let’s move ahead in the article and find out all the possible ways to counter this issue and enjoy our devices without these nerve-racking interruptions.

What is Driver Verifier DMA Violation?

There could be a lot of reasons that might be causing the appearance of the Driver Verifier DMA Violation error in your Windows. This inconvenience causing error could be an issue that might be troubling you. All you might be thinking of right now would be how to resolve this error as soon as possible. But the thing that you should know before heading into the different methods of solutions is getting to know about the reasons behind the emergence of the error.

Driver Verifier DMA Violation

As there are different solutions for different situations like Task Manager not responding issue and the reason behind the issue would determine what type of solution you are aiming for. So before heading towards the solutions let us have a look at the different reasons that would be the cause of an error such as the Driver Verifier DMA Violation.

Reasons behind the Driver Verifier DMA Violation

Although there might be a plethora of reasons behind this error to show up but following are some of the main reasons that trigger this error on your operating device:

  • Outdated  SSD and BIOS is one of the prime reasons that cause your windows to experience such an error.
  • If your device has faulty and corrupt drivers then these are also one of the leading forces for causing Driver verifier-detected violations in your system.
  • Sometimes having faulty hardware acts as the root cause behind problems like this occurring on your device. So this might be something that needs your attention while you are figuring out the reasons causing the driver violation in your operating system. 

Different Solutions to Tackle the Error Driver Verifier Violation

As there are a number of reasons that might cause this error to appear, so to clear the issue from every aspect there is quite a lot of variation in the methods that can be used according to the user’s preference you can use Minitool for protecting your data. Let’s look at all those methods along with the steps to carry out those solutions on the devices.

Update SSD

If you have not updated your SSD then this is something that might also be bugging your device. So let’s look at the steps to update your SSD and put an end to errors like the Driver Verifier DMA Violation. So just check your SSD and if there are any possible updates or fixation that is required for it. After doing this, you can check if your error has been resolved or not.

Update your BIOS

Update your BIOS

BIOS is something that needs to be updated in order to avoid situations like these where you face errors like the Driver Verifier Violation. To keep your device away from such mishaps, always keep your BIOS up to date. Follow the given steps to update your BIOS:

  • Open the manufacturer  website 
  • Check the model name of your device and check for the latest BIOS updates for your device.
  • Download the file of the BIOS update zip file
  • Unzip the file and copy the file
  • Restart your device
  • Boot your computer to the BIOS screen
  • After backing up the current BIOS file your Windows 10 will be updated to the latest BIOS version.

Driver Update for your Device

As we have discussed in the reasons having a faulty or not up-to-date driver can be a reason for Driver Verifier DMA Violation error. So keeping your drivers updated can be a solution for fixing this error. Given below are the steps that will guide you to update your driver:

  • Open Power User Menu
  • After that you need to select the option Device Manager

Driver Update for your Device

  • This would open the list of drivers, from this list you have to choose those drivers which need to be updated.
  • Select the option Update Driver Software
  • Now your system will update and bring out the best driver for your device.

Look out issues on your Hardware

Issues on your hardware can have a direct or indirect effect on your system resulting in errors of your Windows. To resolve the Windows 10 Driver Verifier Violation issue, you can run the hardware troubleshooter. Follow the given steps to use your hardware troubleshooter to end the error:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Select the option Update and Security
  • Now open the menu and click on Troubleshoot
  • Select the option BSOD
  • Further click on Run the Troubleshooter
  • Now complete the process of troubleshooting

This will surely fix your problem and allow you to end any further interruption of the Driver Verifier Violation in Windows 10.

System Restoring your Device

The one common solution that is prescribed for any issue in your device is the solution of restoring your device. This is the simplest yet an effective measure to fix issues such as Driver Verifier detected Violation. Given below are the steps to reset your system :

  • Start an automatic repair
  • Select the Troubleshoot  option
  • Reach out for the Advanced options

System Restoring your Device

  • In that option click System Restore and enter your username and enter your password.
  • Click on the Choose a Different Restore Point and press Next.
  • Select a restore point that you want to reset your device to 
  • Click on next and finish up your process.

SFC Scan on your System

Running a SFC scan be one of the effective methods to troubleshoot Windows 10 Driver Verifier DMA Violation. Now you might think about how to run an SFC scan on your device? The steps to run a quick SFC run on your device are mentioned below:

  • Open the Start Menu 
  • Get to the Command Prompt and type “sfc/scannow”

  • Press Enter and wait for the command to process
  • After the processing of the command is done, restart your device and check if the error of the driver verifier is solved or not.

Resetting Windows

One more way to solve the error Driver Violation could be by restoring your Windows. If you too are troubled by this error of Windows. If you don’t know what to do in a situation like this then you can simply reset your Windows and fix the errors with the following steps that are easy to use:

  • Reach out to the Troubleshoot option after restarting your device during the boot
  • Click on the option Reset this PC
  • After clicking that option select  Remove Everything
  • Now install your bootable USB flash drive
  • Click on the option Only the drive where Windows is installed
  • Select  Just remove my files
  • Finally click on the Reset option and complete the process of resetting your windows.

DISM Check

DISM Check

DISM stands for “Deployment Image Servicing and Management” which is a command line that might come in handy to resolve your issue of Driver Verifier DMA Violation. Here are the steps for running a DISM scan for your operating system:

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Reach out to the Command Prompt and type the command “DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth”
  • Press Enter after entering the command and wait for it to process
  • After the process is done just restart your device. This would very effectively solve your issue regarding the error of Driver Verifier.

The Final Say

This piece of information is fully packed with an abundance of methods all for the solution of the error Driver Verifier DMA Violation. There is always a chance that a single solution might not come in handy for you to fix such issues. So we have come up with all the possible solutions that you can use to get your device free of this error. 

This article aims at answering all your queries related to the error and the solution for those issues. Hoping that this article would be helpful for handling the issues related to the error. If there might be any further queries, you can reach out to us and we would be back with constant assistance for your help


Q1. What Causes Driver Verifier Detected violation?

Following are a few reasons that cause a Driver Verifier detected violation:

  • Corrupted drivers on your devices
  • Lack of update of SSD and BIOS
  • Faulty hardware
  • Bugs in your operating system

Q2. How do I fix the Driver Verifier detected violation in Windows 10?

If you are looking for the solution of Driver Verifier Detected Violation in Windows 10 then you can use any of the below-mentioned methods :

  • Run an SFC scan for your device
  • Reset your windows
  • Update SSD and BIOS 
  • Run a System restore for your Windows