Are you struggling to eliminate viruses from your device? Also, preferring to conduct a factory reset so that you can remove viruses from your device. Here the Question comes; does factory reset remove virus actually? We are here to answer all your queries related to it. From a basic overview to the effective resolutions to get rid of the virus, we have got it all researched, analyzed, and put together for you. So, why wait? Let us dive in.  

What is Factory Reset?

Factory reset is a process through which you can make your device back to the condition when it was in the factory.  A factory reset can erase all your data and files which can cost you high. In order to avoid that situation, you should transfer your important files somewhere else. 

Over time your phone develops unnecessary cache and data which results in viruses and malware. To save your device from virus attacks, one should do a factory reset. But doing it frequently would be a good-to-go thing. As it would be a lot of hassle to make it appropriate for use again.

Since Factory Reset removes everything from your device to make it new again results in the deletion of viruses as well. The question comes here: Will a factory reset remove malware and viruses? To know the answer read along with the article.

Does Factory Reset Remove Virus

Does Factory Reset Remove Virus?

The most important question of the discussion is, Will factory reset remove virus? Well, we need to get into it deeply as the answer is very vast and has both possibilities. 

A factory reset can remove the virus. It happens in cases where the viruses are not so strong or evolving. In such cases, A factory reset can protect your device from malicious activities as it will eliminate each file either from work or from the virus. 

There are always if and buts in every situation. Similarly, Sometimes a factory reset can’t eradicate the virus from your device. This happens because of the evolving nature of viruses.  For example, there was an application called Xhelper that led the uninvited virus to come into your device. And any deletion wasn’t working on that this happens because of its diverse nature.Xhelper

How Virus Survives in Factory Reset?

Will factory reset remove virus? Sometimes No. It happens because some viruses can endure at the time of factory reset and come again when you start using your device again. Why does this happen? To get the answer, keep yourself with our article. We have enlisted some of the major reasons for it.

Backup is Infected

This happens when you don’t use any third-party app to remove viruses. So, you should use antivirus software regularly. If not then it could result in malware and viruses. When you do backups before factory reset and neglect running antivirus software. This led to the survival of viruses in your device which becomes very difficult to cope with.

Virus in Recovery Partition

The recovery partition is the place where the factory reset software is saved. In this way, viruses can come again to your device when you are back to using them. But this happens in very rare cases. Likely to happen more when the virus is advanced.

Presence of Rootkit Malware

The presence of rootkit malware is one of the reasons as it is software that is more likely to hack the devices. This is masked software so it is very difficult to detect and delete them. So first, you should not install any such software. And if it is there then you must detect that and delete that before you factory reset your device.

Some Other Devices are Corrupted

Malicious programs may have infected your secondary devices such as printers and SD cards. So, if the virus takes shelter in the secondary devices then again there will be a situation when a factory reset won’t work out. 

How to Get Rid of Viruses on Android?

After reading the above article you have gotten insight into how does factory reset remove virus? Sometimes, it gets very difficult to remove viruses from your device. Then what you gotta do is the alternatives. Here we have come up with a few alternatives as well. You can perform any of the following to eliminate viruses. Clear Cache and Download

Clear Cache and Download

Sometimes you get on a page where a lot of popups come to download a certain file.  In that case, there are many chances of viruses getting into your device. Here, what you need to do is clear the cache regularly.

Use Antivirus Software

This is the most prominent and important way to get rid of these malicious activities and can also fix PowerShell.exe virus. You should keep the antivirus running whenever you download something. You should keep doing this regularly. After completion, The software itself detects malicious programs and deletes them.

Update Your Device

You need to have an updated device. Whenever you feel a problem like a virus in your device. First, you should update your device. You should keep checking regularly too. If there is any update showing up then you should go to update your device. Through this, you can safeguard your device from viruses.

Uninstall Suspicious Apps

If you have any suspicious apps on your phone or whatever device you are using just make sure you have deleted every suspicious app from your device. This is the easiest alternative you can do to remove viruses from your device. If you are stuck with how to do it then you can follow the steps written below.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Apps>Suspicious apps.
  3. Delete them all. 

Note: Moreover, you need to clean your phone if there are virus attacks on your device. We would advise you to do this with a professional app. This way you can do it better. Delete junk files and memory files. 


In the end notes, We would like to let you know that we have discussed the question whether does factory reset remove virus. and what a factory reset is? Also, the alternative methods to remove viruses from your device. We still want to let you know that before you get into the factory reset, you first make sure that you have transferred all your important files to another system. 

We hope this article has helped you out in some way. If you are still struggling with any problem related to it then please feel free to comment below. We will make sure to assist you in every possible way.


Q1. How to remove viruses from iPad?

You can simply remove viruses from your iPad in various ways. You can either delete unnecessary files and then restart your device. If this doesn’t work well then you must try the factory reset option, this probably will help you out.

Q2. How to get rid of viruses on Android?

There are various ways you to remove viruses. You can try this method and see if it works. Go to the settings and click on apps, select the suspicious apps option and delete them all. If that doesn’t work then you can also try the ways listed above.