Despicable Me 3 is a popular animated movie that was released in 2017. The film has a 7.6 IMDb rating and grossed over $1 billion at the box office. If you’re looking to watch Despicable Me 3, there are several ways to do so, including using a VPN. In this post, we’ll discuss where and how to watch Despicable Me 3 online with a VPN. We’ll also provide some tips for streaming the movie safely and securely. Let’s get started!

Overview of 2017 Successful Animated Movie Despicable Me 3

It is the fourth film in the successful franchise of Despicable Me and the third in the series. The movie is the production of Illumination and Universal Pictures as its distributor. 

Gru, Dru, Lucy, and their minions are the source of animation, adventure, comedy, and film actions. Gru and Lucy were on the job together at the Anti-Villain League. Once they fail to capture Balthazar Blatt, So, With the annoying action, the new boss fires Gru and Lucy from the job.   

Other mischievous minions think that one-day Gru will return to the league and join them again. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, he decides to visit Florida to find out about his twin brother, who got lost long back. 

Furthermore, they both join their hands on Lucy’s back to win the battle with the 1980’s childhood star Balthazar Blatt. It combines the act of stealing a world-class largest diamond. 

where to watch despicable me

Is Despicable Me 3 Available on Netflix?

No, the movie was released on the Netflix platform 3-years back. It was the year 2019 of this action from Netflix’s side. However, you may watch Despicable Me & Despicable 2 on Netflix. The platform hasn’t taken action against these series. 

Where to Watch Despicable Me 3?

If you want this movie on your watch list, you can switch to other platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft store, and iTunes. To watch Despicable Me 3, you have to purchase it or take it on rent depending on the price variations of the service provider. There is a time in the comeback of the movie on Netflix. However, we will inform you the same once it is available. 

Reasons to Use VPN to Watch Despicable Me 3 on Netflix

That’s true that Netflix has removed the movie or this particular series from the platform. So, you can switch to the other side or VOD platforms. However, if someday you acknowledge that Netflix has uploaded the movie, geo-restrictions are in your country too. Other VOD platforms also can put location blocks. 

Then you would find a way and a VPN is the help at that time. A local licensing agreement absence will lead you to change the server from the device and find the New licensed Area. That will resolve the issue without throwing any implication of doubt in the mind of the streaming service provider. 

How to Switch for Despicable Me 3 Operating VPN?

VPN is efficient for many streaming services from Dragon Ball Z to Big Bang over your devices. By routing your internet traffic, Virtual Private Network permits you to go safe for any search with its connection. From data security to geo-restrict resolution, the user can rely on it with no doubt. 

  • Ensure the subscription to any of the VPNs that are compatible with your device. ExpressVPN is our top recommendation. 
  • Now, ensure which device you are using to download and install it. Then act accordingly with the website and Google play store app service. 
  • Login with the details and replace your existing server with the agreed region. 
  • Open the multimedia content platform and search for the watch despicable me 3 with the changed or illusionary region. 

Top 3 VPN Service Providers to Watch Despicable Me 3

These 3 VPNs have the most effective way to steal the identity of the licensed locations. Let’s see their features below. 

1. ExpressVPN


Don’t get anxious about choosing the world’s most appealing virtual private network service provider. ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers in about 100 countries. With a maximum server in the US, it supports Netflix or any other VOD platform for hassle-free entertainment. 

  • Skilled customer support on time
  • Bypass all geo-restriction
  • Expensive compared to others

2. NordVPN


Data security with consistent entertainment is the feature of NordVPN. The Internet is full of tons of content and waste material. If you go wrong, you and your device can get corrupted. It protects you in this case and provides safe and secure more than 5400 servers in about 60 countries. 

  • Access to geo-restricted content
  • Money back guarantee
  • Slow Speed
  • Less Efficient to ExpressVPN

3. Surf Shark

Surf Shark

By connecting to a server in a country where the movie is available, Surfshark allows users to bypass geographic restrictions and watch Despicable Me 3 from anywhere in the world. In addition, Surfshark encrypts all data sent through its network, providing a high level of security and privacy for users. As a result, Surfshark is the perfect VPN service provider for watching Despicable Me 3.

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • For Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney Plus.
  • Speed is the matter in question
  • Error Displays occasionally

The Final Note

In a nutshell, Despicable Me 3 is a light-hearted and humorous film that the whole family can enjoy. The lovable Minions will have you laughing from start to finish. VPNs are a great way to watch this movie in restricted regions. All you need is a good VPN service, like ExpressVPN, and you can be watching Despicable Me 3 in no time. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some popcorn and sit down to enjoy one of the best-animated films of 2017!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Where is Despicable Me 3 Available?

Despicable me 3 is available on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube TV, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft store, & iTunes.

Q.2 Is Despicable Me 3 Available on Netflix?

No, Netflix removed this kid’s animated comedy film from its platform in 2019.