Suddenly, if you receive a notification related to Critical Error Start Menu, now don’t take the tension of resolving it because our technical supporters are already here to help you. We know this error is blocking the functions of your system like installed apps and essential settings to access them. At times, due to Windows 10 start menu errors, your system starts hanging up. 

Various reasons are attached to this error in your windows like files not in a good condition, some antivirus software restricting the operations, error in the registry, etc. So, let’s match all the symptoms of Cortana critical errors Windows 10 and come to know how we can resolve them without much tampering with the features of your system.critical error start menu

All Common Signs of Critical Error Start Menu

When you face this kind of problem, you are unable to access your essential applications as well as start menu settings. It hangs up your computer. We have mentioned the details of error notifications that probably come with this issue. 

Error Message 1: 

If only your start menu has a problem then you will face this popup message on your screen. 

“Critical error in your start menu isn’t working, We are trying to resolve it next time you sign in.” 

Error Message 2: 

When both search features start menu Cortana are affected then you will receive another type of popup message. 

“Critical Error: your Cortana and start menu both are not working. We are trying to fix it soon the next time you sign in.” 

Other Critical Error Start Menu Messages

You may also receive other messages related to these. 

  • An error has been caught in the Cortana and Start Menu. Some applications may not be there. 
  • Damage Start menu. 

Easiest and Quickest Methods to Fix Windows 10 Critical Error Start Menu

We are sure that now you have come to know about all the reasons for the Cortana critical error Windows 10, so now is the time to know about the solutions related to them.

Solution 1: Restart Your System 

Sometimes our system gets tired due to overwork on it and when so many tabs are opened at once. If there are some processes on your computer or in the middle of loading and you try to run other tasks. At this time, your computer wants to take a break by restarting. Here’s how to do it. Press three keys at the same time- Ctrl + Alt + Delete. 

  1. Press three keys at the same time- Ctrl + Alt + Delete. 
  2. The Task Manager menu will open. 
  3. Choose the Power Icon to select the Restart button. 

Solution 2: Rebooting Windows Safe Mode

It is also effective for Windows 10 start menu errors on time when you enter the safe mode and then return to the normal mode. On one hand, it is also said that this solution is not permanent and critical error start menu starts coming again.Rebooting Windows Safe Mode critical error start menu

  • Press two keys (Windows + L) simultaneously to sign out when your Windows begins. 
  • Tap on the “Power icon” from the right and bottom sides.
  • Select the Shift button–> Click on the “Restart”–> Enter Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). 
  • Visit the “Troubleshoot” option→ “Advanced” Tab—> Click on the “Startup Settings”→ Press “Restart”. 
  • Enter the password (If ask). 
  • Click on the “F5” key for entering “Safe Mode with Networking”. 
  • Lastly, restart your computer. 

Solution 3: Disable Antivirus Software

As per the analysis of experts, the “critical error your start menu isn’t working” issue can prevail due to the interference of the antivirus. So, if this is creating a problem then it is not necessary to use. Uninstall them right away with the following steps. In the box, enter “appwiz.cpl”--> Select “OK” tab. 

  • Press the buttons Windows and R from the keyboard to open the Run box. 
  • In the box, enter “appwiz.cpl”–> Select “OK” tab. 
  • Tap on the “Uninstall” button. 
  • Restart your system and check again if the error persits. 

Solution 4: Create an Account as a New Administrator Create an Account as a New Administrator  critical error start menu

  • Firstly, go to the “Start” button (at the bottom side of the screen and in the left corner too). 
  • Click on the “Settings” tab. 
  • Select the “Accounts” option and visit “Family and Others”. 
  • Select “Add another person” or similar to this option.
  • Choose both the options “Microsoft account” and “sign-in information”.
  • Enter the username, set a password→ tap on “Next”. 
  • Hit on the “Finish”. 
  • Press the “power icon” to sign out. 
  • You should log in again and this time with your new administrator credentials. 

Solution 5: Refresh Cortana and Start Menu 

If you register the applications then your Windows apps will be refreshed like the start menu and Cortana. It will fix your corrupted start menu and miss Cortana by registering it. Here’s how to do troubleshooting. 

Note: This step has the risk of losing your essential data, so it is mandatory to have a backup of all the files before you start this method.

  • Press the following key together- Ctrl + Shift + Esc. 
  • Task Manager will open→ Select “File” from the top left corner side of the screen. 
  • Choose the “Run New Task” option. 
  • Type there Powershell when the new window will open→ Select “OK”. 
  • Type this command: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
  • Press the “Enter” button and this process will start. 
  • Reboot your system. 

Solution 6: Refresh Your PC Running Windows  Refresh Your PC Running Windows  

If the above-mentioned solution does not work for the critical error start menu, you should reset your PC. It will be used in the wake of refreshing your windows so that everything can be smooth in your system. 

Note:- Don’t forget to set a backup of all your important files because while refreshing you may lose them. 

  • Hit and hold the Windows Key and L key. 
  • Click on the Power icon→ hold the shift key and tap on the “Restart” tab. 
  • Enter the WinRE there→ Go to the “Troubleshooting” option. 
  • Tap on the “Reset this PC”. 
  • You will see two options there- “Keep My Files” and “Remove Everything”. 

We suggest you select the first option just because you can keep the personal files. 

  • Perform the given instructions on the screen. 


In addition to the critical error start menu, all technical errors should be solved with the help of experts only so that your work is not hampered much. Moreover, our computer keeps giving us more such errors. That’s why our experienced masters are here to fix any kind of error in your system. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : 

Q.1- How do I get to the Troubleshoot menu in Windows 10?

  • Visit the “Start” tab from the left corner. 
  • Tap on Settings→ press “Updated & Security”. 
  • Select the “Troubleshoot”. 
  • Click on the option that you want to use. 
  • Choose the “Run the Troubleshooter”. 

Q.2- What do I do if my Start menu isn’t working?

Ans- Below are the quick methods to resolve your problem. Use them for the critical error start menu and Cortana to fix. 

  • Enter Safe Mode
  • Refresh your Windows 10/11. 
  • Uninstall the software as to antivirus
  • Create a New Admin Account. 
  • Use the troubleshooter start menu
  • Register and Restart Cortana and Reinstall the Start Menu 

Q.3- What is the main cause of critical process died?

Ans- We will tell you here about the four main reasons behind the critical process death error which is also called blue screen error

  • If the system files are corrupted, damaged, or missed. 
  • Device drivers are not up to date
  • Bad sectors
  • Virus attack