Every tech-savvy person can confirm that technology is not an easy task to handle by everyone. You may say you know how to operate the system, but can you guarantee that if somehow a minor issue occurs, let’s say you witness a computer beeping while Starting or Operating your system? Can you resolve the error? The answer is most probably no! Because it is a hardware error and only a technician can fix it. 

On that note, we are here to guide you with some points where you can repair the issue without any technician. But that doesn’t mean there is never a need for a professional. Let’s find the support. 

What is Computer Beeping?

Let’s understand it from the beginning. You have a computer and use it for personal and professional goals. There is no requirement for any system brand name and OS version here. The issues occur in every brand. Like your goals, the computer also marks its goal with a Power-on Self Test (POST) when you start your computer to check whether it is fine starting or not. 

If everything is OK, then you can see your desktop screen immediately, notwithstanding noticing the computer beeps on startup because of an error inside the system. What usually happens is! If any issue comes while booting, then you may find an error code on the screen. Contrary, you may hear the sound. (Beep Codes) The crux is when it can not display any clear screen error, it gives sound or beep or startup tones. 

Computer Beeping

Meanwhile, consider some common causes, like hardware or motherboard issues that gave this error before you or in your system. Although the technician is responsible for this repair; nonetheless you can do some of them. Like the keyboard is not stable or not connected, you can fix it on your own. 

BIOS/Basic Input-Output System– A program or inbuilt software used by the computer processor to start any computer after Powering On completes the POST & indicates the issue with the beep code in the sound mode. The data flow management among OS & attached devices, like video adapter, mouse, keyboard, printer, and hard disk, is possible via BIOS. To your knowledge, the Basic input output system “First-software,” the computer runs while it starts. 

Identification of Computer Beeping

The laptop is beeping, and the PC, a single time, indicates that it is getting started or the system boot function is there. On the other hand, repetitive sound demands priority repair of serious POST found errors. You don’t have to take it for granted. 

The seriousness depends on the volume or repetition. Maybe one beep is long & the other two are short/One is long, and the other-3 are short. A quick and slow succession of every beep considers an independent issue and another division of malfunctioning. 

Identification of beep sound in computer

Before troubleshooting the error, one must understand that beep codes are crucial to controlling these computer beeps, which are the outcomes of various BIOS. The most important note is that BIOS contains different beep codes, although they are from indistinguishable manufacturers. 

It happens because of the planned reflection of motherboard manufacturers’ independent customization via reprogramming codes. You may visit their official web address to get the updated codes with few exceptions. 

Computer Beeps Codes from Several BIOS Brands

As you have now understood that it is because of your motherboard and various other causes, then you should consider some error names that affect and program the sound codes. Find the names.

  • Award BIOS/AMI (American Megatrends)/AST BIOS/Compaq/Phoenix/IBM Desktop/IBM ThinkPad/Mylex/Quadtel BIOS

However, this article will only represent the Award BIOS and its fixes. 

What is Award BIOS?

What is Award BIOS?

It is among the types of BIOS of Award Software Inc in the ownership of Phoenix Technologies (1998). Award is popular and practically adopted by various celebrated motherboard manufacturers. Most of the time, it shows screen errors (in the ownership of Phoenix Technologies).

A certain highlight is that you may see one long and two short beeps when using an award BIOS is an indication of what the issue; is for video error. Furthermore, it can not trigger any video screen displaying “Additional Information.” Others are for RAM issues. 

Contrary, the Beep codes of other manufacturers are like:

  • One long and two short beeps mean there is a video adapter error/Bad-improperly “Seated Video Card.”
  • Repeating beeps mean there is improperly seated RAM or Memory Error. 
  • One long and three short indicate bad video RAM/Video card absence. 
  • High-frequency beeps monitor the overheated CPU or suggest checking the fans. 
  • Repetitive high or low beeps say improperly seated/defective CPU.

How to Fix Computer Beeps on Startup?

After considering all the facts & the causes, you can quickly switch to the fixes. Some fundamental points are here for your reference. 

How to Fix Computer Beeps on Startup

Solution 1. Restart the Computer

Restarting a computer is always a possible solution for any computer error. Here also! You can manage this task by turning it off and restarting it to resolve the laptop is beeping issue. 

Solution 2. Listen to it, Not Hear It

Award BIOS description indicates that you must figure out what beep code is there so that the particular manufacturer tutorial can resolve the issue. That is possible when you listen to note it, not hear to find the solution. If you face confusion, it is better to repeat the restarting solution to get the exact idea of the problem or code. 

Solution 3. Note the Volume and Frequency of the Beeps

For a further solution, try to understand the volume and frequency of the sound. The Beep’s speed, repetition, high or low volume, party low-partly high, and very high/very low are the points one must note. 

Solution 4. Find the Manufacturer Details

After gathering all the information related to the issue, you must look for the manufacturer’s name and other details. Because the motherboard runs all your computer applications and it should be of the brand of industry, this beep information can be so;ved by visiting the manufacturer or its official website to find the exact tutorial for the beep code and issue computer beeps on startup. 

More Resolutions for the Operators Before or After the Motherboard Manufacturers’ Tutorial (Computer Beeping)

Computer Beeping

Step 1. Examine the RAM

The beep code description also includes a RAM issue. At such a time, you must notice whether the RAM is fine or not. You can figure it out by following a tutorial.

Step 2. Video Card Replacement 

For instance, if the video screen error msg appears then it is due to a video card error, completely replace it and add a new one over there. 

Step 3. Personal Computer, Hard Disk Drive and its Replacement

Nowadays, most operators go out with their laptops and PCs using them on the go, and later complain that the laptop is beeping. This may disturb the wiring of the system or the device. To resolve the concern, you should examine PC to HDD connections. PC cleaning, RAM repairing or replacement, CPU fan check, GPU/PCI cards, and more. Moreover, replace the hard disk drive if there is a fault. 

The Final Note

Our article is a complete package solution for the question of why is my computer beeping continuously. If you have faced this issue in the past and forgot some steps or solutions, then this guide will be helpful in the speedy recovery of your system. On the other hand, if you are new to error or not Tech-savvy, then- it can be a bit tough task for you. Still, we are sure that the solutions are in the easiest way possible. You don’t have to drill your heads out to understand and apply them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is My Computer Making Noises?

Your computer makes noises when it faces any critical inside errors. When you start the PC, the POST indicates that either the RAM, Hard Disk, hard disk drivers, motherboard, or CPU fans are faulty and are not able to process the system. It is making noises because the video screen can not display the error message, and the motherboard programming uses sounds to pass the information to the operator.

Q.2 Why is My Computer Beeping Continuously?

The continuous beeping of the system is dangerous for the safe environment of the computer booting. BIOS indicates that any hard drive is faulty and not supporting running the computer. You must note the BIOS code and visit the motherboard manufacturer’s website to find the tutorial. Meanwhile, you should check the CPU fans and act accordingly. 

Q.3 Why is My PC Beeping?

If that’s the case, you should check the PC heating, remove the dust, let the PC cool down, check the keyboard connection, random access memory faultiness and its replacement, hard drive failure, motherboard problem, & other related things.