Do you want to expand your system’s performance? Cleaning up your PC can be an amazing way through which you can increase your system’s performance and efficiency. A PC Cleaner will help you to boost your system capabilities by deleting unnecessary files from your hard drive, helping you to organize your registry editor, protecting you from unwanted malware threats, automatically upgrading your system if needed, etc.

However, there are two most used and popular digital junk cleaners— the CCleaner and the System mechanic. Both these tools give each other very tough competition. Thus, we are coming up with a guide that will encounter a head-to-head comparison based on their functions and prices. Through this fair comparison, you can actually figure out which software is best for you. So, let’s look at the competing comparison of vs

What Is CCleaner?

What Is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a software developed by Piriform software; it is specially designed for cleaning up your system’s unwanted files. With this software, you can run your system with more ease as this software cleans up the unwanted system files that take up your system’s important space. By clearing disk space, you can ensure your system’s work efficiency. It also helps your system to run at its full potential.  If you use its professional version, then you can take more advantage. As it will keep your software and also it will reduce the chances of unwanted crashes and errors in your system. All in all, it is one of the best utility software around. Let’s examine its features for a better rationale.

  • It gives you standard privacy protection so that your data won’t get leaked.
  • Its standard cleaning opens a perfect way for deleting unwanted junk from your device.
  • Cleaning the system and upgrading apps will enhance system performance.
  • It will keep a close eye on the complete PC health.
  • It will update your software automatically.
  • Using this software will keep all your browsing history private.

What is Iolo System Mechanic?

What is Iolo System Mechanic?

Iolo system mechanic is another fantastic system mechanic software that can help you and your system to work efficiently. It will allow your system to perform well by tweaking some changes in the RAM and CPU. This software will defrag your hard disk to provide you with powered-up performance. It will provide your PC with automated maintenance and repair. Many people have trusted this software for years, and it has also gotten a lot of positive reviews from its users. Let’s look at its features for better insight.

  • Provides you with anti-virus settings which you can not find in any other contrasting software.
  • Data security is paramount, and you must not fear security while using this software.
  • It monitors your system throughout without any data damage.
  • It also provides you with password management technology which ensures your data security too.
  • It monitors your server, and it can help you to wipe your browser history for better system performance.

Head To Head Comparison: vs

So from the above discussion, you have got the idea of what actually iolo mechanic and CCleaner is. But here, the question comes in how one can choose the best for their system. To resolve this question, we are coming up with a section that contains aspects-wise head-to-head comparisons. In this section, Our team of experts has prepared this section based on all the affecting aspects of a digital junk cleaner. Thus, get ready to examine a head-to-head comparison through various factors so that you will know what software is best for you.

Deletion of Duplicate Files & Programs 

The very first aspect and function a cleaner performs is the deletion of unwanted files from the hard disk. Thus, we will see which tool is best for performing this function. CCleaner has a feature for scheduling tasks and setting the time lap of repeating the task. After setting this, you have to take the back seat as CCleaner will take the front. However, with iolo nothing is like that. It works similarly to CCleaner, but you will have to get into the app manually whenever your system feels heavy. You can either go for a graphics card reset

When it comes to cleaning unwanted files, CCleaner has got the edge over machine mechanics. Our experts find CCleaner best for wiping unnecessary files because CCleaner has a scheduling feature, and you don’t need to do anything further. Whereas with machine mechanics, you will have to scan and delete the file manually, which is quite a long and complex process; thus, CCleaner is the clear winner in this aspect.

Organizing Your Registry

The second function that a cleaner must perform is organizing the registry editor. Most of cases, an overworked registry editor creates issues in the system and results in screen flickering, windows errors, and a windows black screen with cursor. If you go to organize your registry editor manually, then it will take hours, but with the commendable software, nothing is the same. You can simply give a command with this software and get your registry back on track. It will automatically organize your files and programs. Moreover, it will delete unnecessary registries also. Here, you must be thinking again about the best in iolo system mechanics vs CCleaner.

Well, again, CCleaner has got the luck because of its features. CCleaner provides you with a different feature that you can not find in any other digital junk cleaner. Why are we saying this? CCleaner provides you with an additional feature of backup. Suppose you have done something wrong with your registry editor; then you can restore your previous version and avoid mishaps. However, with system mechanics, it is really possible, but it also works well when it comes to organizing your registry, but it doesn’t support a backup feature.

Boos Up The Performance of Your PC 

Another function that a digital cleaner is supposed to do is boost the performance of the PC. Let’s check how good CCleaner and the system mechanic are at it.  Well, both software works well in this context. Our experts are not able to find a clear winner in powering up the performance of your computer. Our experts have used both tools on different PCs and experienced the same speed of the processor.

Boosting performance is the primary task for any digital junk cleaner tool. Hence, both software works well when it comes to boosting performance. If we get into the technicality, then CCleaner has not had many tools for increasing the performance of your system, but still, it gives a productive result. In contrast, system mechanics has various integrated tools for it but gives a similar result as the CCleaner. Thus, in the battle of vs no one is a winner when it comes to boosting your PC.

Safeguard User Privacy 

The most underrated thing when it comes to digital junk cleaning tools.  Well, you can expect the antivirus functions from a cleaning tool, as it has never been a part of the deal. Hence, our experts did judge this aspect much. But privacy is paramount for any person. Hence, we are making this section where we examine all the possible privacy measures and risk stakes. 

Both of these software are truly amazing in their functions, but when it comes to the privacy aspect,  System Mechanic got the point as it will provide you with an anti-virus feature in the paid subscription. If you are ready to spend a few bucks on the subscription, then it can provide you with the malware protection feature.

You must note nowadays; there are so many illegitimate sites that are ready and waiting for a single click to get into your system and take all your personal data. So in order to save yourself from these attacks, you can go for a paid subscription. But what if you don’t want to spend? Do worry; you can use other free antivirus software and continuous data protection software in your system to get yourself protected from these unwanted attacks.

Automatic Upgrades of System Programs To Recent versions

Updated systems and programs can keep you at the top of technicalities all the time. Similarly, here you must go for a junk cleaner that supports your upgrade. Fortunately, various PC cleaners can help you out by upgrading your system programs automatically. Let’s check which software between system mechanic vs CCleaner is at the top in the context of app updates.

ccleaner vs system mechanic

Well, CCleaner has got the first position in this function too. CCleaner provides you with the automatic system upgradation feature, but the system mechanic does not provide you with this feature as it is not developed in this way. Hence, with the system mechanics, you will be required to upgrade your apps manually or when you get the notification to update them. However, with CCleaner, you don’t even need to check for upgrades. You just need to click one, and CCleaner will check everything automatically and upgrade the apps which need updating. 


The most important aspect is the price, as it will affect your selection. For your information, CCleaner and the system mechanic both provide you with the free version, but it doesn’t provide you with more functions.  Hence you must go for the paid version as they can provide you with a bunch of benefits, and you can use this software to its full potential.  Moreover, they have different subscription plans with varied prices and features. Let’s look at the pricing cost to find the best in the battle of vs

  • CCleaner: It will cost you around $24 to $70 and provides you with unlimited benefits, such as automatic upgrades of all your apps and programs, privacy protections, frequent system cleanups, etc.    
  • System Mechanic: It will cost you around $40 to $ $65 and also provide you with a wide array of benefits. Through this tool, you can wipe your browsing history, reorganize registries, and much more.

With the above pointers, you can figure out which PC cleaner is perfect for you and falls in your spending range. Well, here we would like to suggest you must go with CCleaner as its cost is less and it provides you with a more wide range of features than its competitors.

System Mechanic Vs CCleaner: Which One Should You Buy? vs

The most awaited section is here. If you have gone through the above section, then you have got the perfect insight into both software. We have given all fair details and information about each software, but choosing the best from CCleaner vs system mechanic is the prime question. 

In our opinion, you must go with the CCleaner in the battle of vs CCleaner is one of the best software for PC wiping as it consists of a tremendous array of revolutionized features that are hard to find in any other software like this. It also costs too less and can back up your registry’s versions. Also, it can boost your system’s performance without even taking up much space in your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a better cleaner than CCleaner?

CCleaner is one of the best PC cleaners floating on the internet. If we get deep into its technical aspects, then also CCleaner has no competition around. Its paid version costs less than other competition cleaners even if we compete with it in terms of features.

Q2. Is CCleaner better than System Mechanic?

Yes, CCleaner is better than a system mechanic. CCleaner provides you with more unique features than a system mechanic. CCleaner provides you with a registry backup feature, photo backup feature, automatic update features, etc.

Q3. Is CCleaner completely free?

No, CCleaner has a free version that you can use, but it won’t serve you with all its potential. Hence, if you get a paid version, you will enjoy a lot more features and security. 


PC cleaner is something that will make your PC’s performance magical. But what cleaner will suit your PC best is the major question you will come across. Well, the top two cleaners in the market are CCleaner and system mechanic. Thus, we have presented a full-fledged comparison guide for vs We have examined both the cleaner with all the possible aspects and chosen a winner too. You can use any of the cleaners for your PC. it will depend on your choice and the budget you have. If you still feel stuck at any point, then you can connect with us anytime.