Windows cloning is always a good idea for a variety of safety facets. I have done Disk Upgrade several times to often store my files on another larger hard drive. Windows cloning has ensured my data is backed up. Disk Backup is important, done by cloning the hard drive in use to another to create a backup. About a year back my hard drive crashed a week or so after I had done Disk Backup. The cloning of the hard drive meant all my data was saved from the mishap. What is the best free Cloning software is the question that is coming to your free cloning software

So what is the best free cloning software on the market right now? Since my near accident of losing every data present in my hard drive. I have spent many hours delving into the best cloning software free of cost. The best software for cloning hard drives or free cloning software Windows 10, the version I was using. Here is what I have got with my deep insights and research.

Importance of Cloning

My entire article becomes rudimentary if I don’t first talk about why cloning becomes paramount. Swiftly thereafter we can move on to more specifics of the best free cloning software. 

1. Disk Upgrade: Disk Upgrade performs the task of replacing HDD with SSD to increase speed. A simple upgrade to a larger storage file might also be the issue. 

Best cloning software free to purchase will have the ability to guide you through the entire process. 

2. Migration of OS to SSD: The entire ordeal of Windows reinstallation and other applications is important for the running of the system. These require a lot of patience. Patience and faux efforts. 

If you use say, supposedly the free cloning software Windows 10, to clone Windows 10. The entire chores get done away with. 

3. Disk Backup: The very popular use of the best free cloning software is Disk Backup. This is a quick sure-footed way to make sure the data is safe and backed up at all times. 

Free Cloning Software Windows 10

It is difficult to evaluate the need if you don’t know what is the difference between Cloud download vs Local Reinstall in the sense of justifying spending money on cloning software and applications. I understand that. 

Hence let’s talk about the best software for cloning hard drives. This software also falls into the category of the best free cloning software. 

MiniTool Shadow Maker

MiniTool Shadow Maker is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7. The MiniTool Shadow is amongst the most reliable and best cloning software free to purchase. 

In my experience with the MiniTool Shadow Maker, I found the transferring of data and files from one hard disk to another easy. The entire application is reliable and allows cloning the Windows version you’re using to SSD. 

MiniTool also allows the user to perform a boot from the cloned drive. An important function of any cloning software is worth its grain. MiniTool is an extremely user-friendly, best-free cloning software, all in all. 

MiniTool stands out as an option amongst the best free cloning software you are likely to come across on the Internet. This is owing to features such as system/file/folder/partition/disk backup and recovery file, sync backup automatic backup. There are also many other options created to cater to almost every need of the user. 

How to Clone Hard Drive Via MiniTool?minitool

If by my showering of praise, I have convinced you about MiniTool. The information is that MiniTool is indeed the best software for cloning hard drives. Let’s talk about the steps now. Steps on how to use this best free cloning software to clone a hard drive for PC

  1. Start by preparing the hard drive you will be backing up the original files into. The size doesn’t matter as long as it is large enough to store the size of the data you will be backing up. 
  2. Next comes the requirement of a SATA-to-USB CABLE. This will enable the connection between the hard drive or SSD to the system or by using the SATA connector. The only requirement is that the system detects the disk.  
  3. In case the disk is not used before, go to disk management and initialize MBR or GPT 
  4. My anxiety makes sure I back up the most necessary files on my hard drive before the cloning process starts. There is a chance of a loss of data during the cloning process. 
  5. In case you want to save time, deleting some old unnecessary files will quicken the process. 

Once you get the hang of it, the steps become easy to follow. MiniTool is the best cloning software Windows 10 right now. Not everyone cloning has to be a computer genius, MiniTool certainly understands in its work that. 

How to Clone Windows via MiniTool?

Cloning windows is also pretty easy with a few quick steps with MiniTool to follow. Let’s delve into how this best free cloning software clone windows 10. 

  1. Download the MiniTool trial edition, thereafter click on the .exe file and follow the steps appearing on the screen. 
  2. Choose Desktop shortcut 
  3. Choose Keep Trial 
  4. Go to the Tools Tab, then click on the Clone Disk feature How to Clone Windows via MiniTool?
  5. From there choose Source and choose the drive as your source disk, once you’re done with that choose destination in your selection of the hard drive as the target disk. 

I will recommend an SSD. 

The best software for cloning hard drive and Windows has now started the process. 

Here is my wishing the easy-to-follow steps of MiniTool Shadow Maker provide you with a good user experience. I am hoping you too might feel that MiniTool is the best software for cloning hard drive. Certainly the best free cloning software on the market. 

Best Cloning Software Free to Buy 

MiniTool Shadow Maker is easy to download now. I have written for you the steps for using it. Cloning a hard drive saves a ton of mishaps and saves important files. Use the best free cloning software for this purpose. MiniTool is certainly the best cloning software Windows 10 has for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to clone a hard drive?

Follow the steps to clone a hard drive.

  1. Prepare another hard drive as the location of the backup.
  2. Use a SATA-to-USB cable to enable the connection between the hard drive and the system. 
  3. In case the disk is not being used before going to the disk management, initialize GBR PBT. 
  4. Back up important files, there might be a chance of files getting deleted during cloning 

Q2. How long does Hard Drive Cloning take?

The duration is completely dependent on the speed of cloning and the amount of data we are backing up. An average speed of 100MB/S will take up to around 17 minutes to clone a 100 GB drive.