Do you want to expand your system’s performance? Cleaning up your PC can be an amazing way through which you can increase your system’s performance and efficiency. A PC Cleaner will help you to boost your system capabilities by deleting unnecessary files from your hard drive, helping you to organize your registry editor, protecting you from unwanted malware threats, automatically upgrading your system if needed, etc.

However, there are two most used and popular digital junk cleaners— the CCleaner and the System mechanic. Both these tools give each other very tough competition. Thus, we are coming up with a guide that will encounter a head-to-head comparison based on their functions and prices. Through this fair comparison, you can actually figure out which software is best for you. So, let’s look at the competing comparison of vs

What Is CCleaner?

What Is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a software developed by Piriform software; it is specially designed for cleaning up your system’s unwanted files. With this software, you can run your system with more ease as this software cleans up the unwanted system files that take up your system’s important space. By clearing disk space, you can ensure your system’s work efficiency. It also helps your system to run at its full potential.  If you use its professional version, then you can take more advantage. As it will keep your software and also it will reduce the chances of unwanted crashes and errors in your system. All in all, it is one of the best utility software around. Let’s examine its features for a better rationale.

  • It gives you standard privacy protection so that your data won’t get leaked.
  • Its standard cleaning opens a perfect way for deleting unwanted junk from your device.
  • Cleaning the system and upgrading apps will enhance system performance.
  • It will keep a close eye on the complete PC health.
  • It will update your software automatically.
  • Using this software will keep all your browsing history private.

What is Iolo System Mechanic?

What is Iolo System Mechanic?

Iolo system mechanic is another fantastic system mechanic software that can help you and your system to work efficiently. It will allow your system to perform well by tweaking some changes in the RAM and CPU. This software will defrag your hard disk to provide you with powered-up performance. It will provide your PC with automated maintenance and repair. Many people have trusted this software for years, and it has also gotten a lot of positive reviews from its users. Let’s look at its features for better insight.

  • Provides you with anti-virus settings which you can not find in any other contrasting software.
  • Data security is paramount, and you must not fear security while using this software.
  • It monitors your system throughout without any data damage.
  • It also provides you with password management technology which ensures your data security too.
  • It monitors your server, and it can help you to wipe your browser history for better system performance.

Head To Head Comparison: vs

So from the above discussion, you have got the idea of what actually iolo mechanic and CCleaner is. But here, the question comes in how one can choose the best for their system. To resolve this question, we are coming up with a section that contains aspects-wise head-to-head comparisons. In this section, Our team of experts has prepared this section based on all the affecting aspects of a digital junk cleaner. Thus, get ready to examine a head-to-head comparison through various factors so that you will know what software is best for you.

Deletion of Duplicate Files & Programs 

The very first aspect and function a cleaner performs is the deletion of unwanted files from the hard disk. Thus, we will see which tool is best for performing this function. CCleaner has a feature for scheduling tasks and setting the time lap of repeating the task. After setting this, you have to take the back seat as CCleaner will take the front. However, with iolo nothing is like that. It works similarly to CCleaner, but you will have to get into the app manually whenever your system feels heavy. You can either go for a graphics card reset

When it comes to cleaning unwanted files, CCleaner has got the edge over machine mechanics. Our experts find CCleaner best for wiping unnecessary files because CCleaner has a scheduling feature, and you don’t need to do anything further. Whereas with machine mechanics, you will have to scan and delete the file manually, which is quite a long and complex process; thus, CCleaner is the clear winner in this aspect.

Organizing Your Registry

The second function that a cleaner must perform is organizing the registry editor. Most of cases, an overworked registry editor creates issues in the system and results in screen flickering, windows errors, and a windows black screen with cursor. If you go to organize your registry editor manually, then it will take hours, but with the commendable software, nothing is the same. You can simply give a command with this software and get your registry back on track. It will automatically organize your files and programs. Moreover, it will delete unnecessary registries also. Here, you must be thinking again about the best in iolo system mechanics vs CCleaner.

Well, again, CCleaner has got the luck because of its features. CCleaner provides you with a different feature that you can not find in any other digital junk cleaner. Why are we saying this? CCleaner provides you with an additional feature of backup. Suppose you have done something wrong with your registry editor; then you can restore your previous version and avoid mishaps. However, with system mechanics, it is really possible, but it also works well when it comes to organizing your registry, but it doesn’t support a backup feature.

Boos Up The Performance of Your PC 

Another function that a digital cleaner is supposed to do is boost the performance of the PC. Let’s check how good CCleaner and the system mechanic are at it.  Well, both software works well in this context. Our experts are not able to find a clear winner in powering up the performance of your computer. Our experts have used both tools on different PCs and experienced the same speed of the processor.

Boosting performance is the primary task for any digital junk cleaner tool. Hence, both software works well when it comes to boosting performance. If we get into the technicality, then CCleaner has not had many tools for increasing the performance of your system, but still, it gives a productive result. In contrast, system mechanics has various integrated tools for it but gives a similar result as the CCleaner. Thus, in the battle of vs no one is a winner when it comes to boosting your PC.

Safeguard User Privacy 

The most underrated thing when it comes to digital junk cleaning tools.  Well, you can expect the antivirus functions from a cleaning tool, as it has never been a part of the deal. Hence, our experts did judge this aspect much. But privacy is paramount for any person. Hence, we are making this section where we examine all the possible privacy measures and risk stakes. 

Both of these software are truly amazing in their functions, but when it comes to the privacy aspect,  System Mechanic got the point as it will provide you with an anti-virus feature in the paid subscription. If you are ready to spend a few bucks on the subscription, then it can provide you with the malware protection feature.

You must note nowadays; there are so many illegitimate sites that are ready and waiting for a single click to get into your system and take all your personal data. So in order to save yourself from these attacks, you can go for a paid subscription. But what if you don’t want to spend? Do worry; you can use other free antivirus software and continuous data protection software in your system to get yourself protected from these unwanted attacks.

Automatic Upgrades of System Programs To Recent versions

Updated systems and programs can keep you at the top of technicalities all the time. Similarly, here you must go for a junk cleaner that supports your upgrade. Fortunately, various PC cleaners can help you out by upgrading your system programs automatically. Let’s check which software between system mechanic vs CCleaner is at the top in the context of app updates.

ccleaner vs system mechanic

Well, CCleaner has got the first position in this function too. CCleaner provides you with the automatic system upgradation feature, but the system mechanic does not provide you with this feature as it is not developed in this way. Hence, with the system mechanics, you will be required to upgrade your apps manually or when you get the notification to update them. However, with CCleaner, you don’t even need to check for upgrades. You just need to click one, and CCleaner will check everything automatically and upgrade the apps which need updating. 


The most important aspect is the price, as it will affect your selection. For your information, CCleaner and the system mechanic both provide you with the free version, but it doesn’t provide you with more functions.  Hence you must go for the paid version as they can provide you with a bunch of benefits, and you can use this software to its full potential.  Moreover, they have different subscription plans with varied prices and features. Let’s look at the pricing cost to find the best in the battle of vs

  • CCleaner: It will cost you around $24 to $70 and provides you with unlimited benefits, such as automatic upgrades of all your apps and programs, privacy protections, frequent system cleanups, etc.    
  • System Mechanic: It will cost you around $40 to $ $65 and also provide you with a wide array of benefits. Through this tool, you can wipe your browsing history, reorganize registries, and much more.

With the above pointers, you can figure out which PC cleaner is perfect for you and falls in your spending range. Well, here we would like to suggest you must go with CCleaner as its cost is less and it provides you with a more wide range of features than its competitors.

System Mechanic Vs CCleaner: Which One Should You Buy? vs

The most awaited section is here. If you have gone through the above section, then you have got the perfect insight into both software. We have given all fair details and information about each software, but choosing the best from CCleaner vs system mechanic is the prime question. 

In our opinion, you must go with the CCleaner in the battle of vs CCleaner is one of the best software for PC wiping as it consists of a tremendous array of revolutionized features that are hard to find in any other software like this. It also costs too less and can back up your registry’s versions. Also, it can boost your system’s performance without even taking up much space in your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a better cleaner than CCleaner?

CCleaner is one of the best PC cleaners floating on the internet. If we get deep into its technical aspects, then also CCleaner has no competition around. Its paid version costs less than other competition cleaners even if we compete with it in terms of features.

Q2. Is CCleaner better than System Mechanic?

Yes, CCleaner is better than a system mechanic. CCleaner provides you with more unique features than a system mechanic. CCleaner provides you with a registry backup feature, photo backup feature, automatic update features, etc.

Q3. Is CCleaner completely free?

No, CCleaner has a free version that you can use, but it won’t serve you with all its potential. Hence, if you get a paid version, you will enjoy a lot more features and security. 


PC cleaner is something that will make your PC’s performance magical. But what cleaner will suit your PC best is the major question you will come across. Well, the top two cleaners in the market are CCleaner and system mechanic. Thus, we have presented a full-fledged comparison guide for vs We have examined both the cleaner with all the possible aspects and chosen a winner too. You can use any of the cleaners for your PC. it will depend on your choice and the budget you have. If you still feel stuck at any point, then you can connect with us anytime.

how to make steam download faster

Do you want to save time by rolling up the steam download speed? Well, one can get easily irritated by the slow speed of the download; hence to increase the speed, we are coming up with the top 6 surefire ways through which you can actually save time that is getting wasted in the long downloading hours. So, you are not required to wait in front of your screen for hours; But how to make steam download faster? 

Fortunately, we have found these ways, from improving Wifi speed to disabling antivirus and setting internet priorities; we have covered all the possible methods in the following 6 ways. Along with this, we will also have a look at Why is steam downloading so slow ? You just need to be with the article all the way through its conclusion and get a speedy steam download.

Why is Steam Downloading So Slow?

why is steam downloading so slow

If you are also facing slow steam download speed, then you are not alone on the globe. There are a lot of people struggling with the same issue. But why does it happen? If you are thinking the same, then let’s resolve it by explaining the reasons why is steam downloading so slow.

  • Bad Internet: If the internet connection is weak, then you are more likely to examine the issue. A lousy internet connection is one of the most common reasons for low download speed, either in steam or any other thing.
  • Multiple Programs: If your system is running with multiple programs together, then you can come across the question of why steam is downloading so slowly. Well, running programs will ask your system from various resources, mainly the internet. Hence, the download speed is lacking.
  • Multiple Devices Connected To a Wifi: If you have multiple devices connected to your Wifi, then also your speed will get down. As the speed will be divided and hence the speed of the internet on your device in which you are downloading will take more time.
  • Downloading Region: Maybe the region where you are living does not provide you with the top bandwidth, and maybe the region you are living in comes under the prohibited region of steam. In that case, you can encounter the same issue.

6 Ways For How To Make Steam Download Faster? 

If you download steam for windows, then you must get frustrated once in a while with the slow download speed. To resolve this, we are coming up with the top 6 ways through which you can eliminate the slow speed of steam downloads. Well, the following ways are truly tested by our experts. You can simply perform any one of them to improve the speed of downloading steam for windows.

1. Close Other Programs

download steam for windows

If you have so many programs opened on your device, then there are chances of lagging. Your system may start running with some hangs, lags, and stutters as multiple programs want the same resource from your computer, which is why it has started working less. 

In that case, you are required to delete all the running tasks, and then you are all set for the efficient and fast performance of your PC. Maybe two running software scratching the same resource from a computer that the download steam wants to extract too. This may cause the download speed to get low. Hence, you must close the ongoing extra programs. Let’s check how one can do so. 

  • Launch your task manager, and here you can see what tasks are running on your device.
  • Here in the below part of the screen, you can simply find an option to end all tasks. Click it.
  • Else, you can select one by one by right-clicking and selecting the end task from the menu if you don’t want to end all the tasks in a go.

There is another shortcut way through which you can perform this. You just need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del together to trigger your PC to end the tasks. In the next screen, you will need to select the task manager in order to make it clear that you want to end the tasks of the task manager. After completing, you must check if you have resolved the question of how to make steam download faster.

2. Strengthen Your Internet Connection

Another possible way that you must try if you want to resolve how to speed up steam downloads. You can use various other internet sources to power up your internet connection if available at your place. You must switch to wired internet connections as they are more secure and come with too few or almost no fluctuations. On the other hand, a wifi connection is susceptible to fluctuations and errors.  

If you don’t have an option for a wired connection, then you can try using an ethernet splitter, as it can give you significant results. Moreover, you can try to move close to your router or wifi. This can also help you to have faster download speed and steam downloads. 

3. Set Priority for Steam

You can select connectivity priority for your steam downloads. This way, you can power up your download time easily. Your system will not allow more connectivity to the other ongoing tasks on your computer. Setting priorities can boost the overall download and your system efficiency too. To do so, you will need to perform the below-written steps. 

  • To open the task manager, you can press  Ctrl + Alt + Del; this will trigger the task manager to open.
  • Locate steam client service in the task manager—Right-click on that.
    Set Priority for Steam
  • Now, press the go-to details option from the menu. 
  • Here, another menu will come up where you need to click the set priority option.
  • Another menu will come up asking about your type of priority. Click high.

After tweaking a little with these changes, you may notice the speed has been powered up. If not, then you can get into the other method to speed up your steam downloads. 

4. Change the Download Region

Changing the download region can also help you to have a faster download speed, as download speed can vary from region to region. This way, you can achieve the desired download speed accordingly if you are thinking about how you can change the download region. Moreover, if your system has any kind of Sd card error, such as GoPro SD Card Error you must rectify it first. This is very simple; you just need to follow the below-written steps to change the download region and to resolve ‘how to make steam download faster.’ 

  • Open your steams.
  • Get into the settings.
  • Click downloads. 
  • Here, you can easily locate the option download region. 
  • Select another region from the drop-down menu. Make sure the region you select should be the closest to your actual location. 
  • Select Ok to get further in the settings.  

5. Disconnect Other Devices From Your Internet Connection

You must disconnect all other devices connected to your WIFi. A connected device will extract the speed of your wifi even if they are in sleep mode, as there are always some programs running in the background. Hence, you must disconnect devices from your wifi if connected. 

6. Disable Antivirus Software

Another measure that you can take to increase steam download speed is disabling antivirus from your system. An enabled antivirus will use your internet to keep an eye on your overall computer’s activity. If you are thinking about how you can perform disabling, then you must know that the process is very simple. You just need to follow the below-written steps.

Disable Antivirus Software

  • Launch your settings.
  • Click the update and security option.
  • Open Windows security. 
  • Here, you can see Firewall and network protection. Click that. 
  • You will get to the next screen; here, you can actually change the settings related to it.  Make sure you have performed all the changes that are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to download steam?

Get into the steam website and click the install button coming on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Click install again and let the download complete. This way, the app will be stored on your device, and you can launch it whenever needed. 

Q2. Why is my steam download so slow?

If your steam download is slow, then there can be multiple responsible reasons that you can rectify to speed up the download process. Some of the reasons are- slow internet, the distance between you and the router, and multiple tasks running in the background. 

Q3. How to increase download speed on steam?

There are various ways through which you can increase steam speed download easily. To perform so, you will need to improve your internet connection. You can do so by using an ethernet splitter or making your Wifi turned into a wired connection. Else, you can try to move closer to your router to get a high-end internet speed.


If you are also irritated by the slow speed of the steam downloads, then you must think of the ways through which you can actually power up the speeds. However, in the above article, we have resolved the question of how to make steam download faster. You will get the top 6 ways through which you can actually eliminate the steam download slow speed and save your time. 

Moreover, we have given reasons responsible for it to improve your overall knowledge about it. You can try any of the above methods and increase your steam download speed. If you are still left with any queries in your head, then you can connect us anytime.

how to download music to your phone

Do you want to enjoy some free music without troubling your internet? Well, enjoying music without even using your internet and without paying any subscription is possible. But how can you do so? Don’t worry. We have covered you all in the below article. In this special blog, you are going to meet the top 8 ways through which you can get free music saved in your internal storage without doing many struggles. You just need to read the complete article all the way through its conclusion and get the question “how to download music to your phone” resolved in easy ways.

8 Ways To Download Music To My Phone

how to download music to your phone

Music has been an integral part of our lives, helps us to maintain good mindful thoughts, and also can resolve much stress easily. However, a lot of research has shown that music can lessen the effect of anxiety and stress on one’s mind. But triggering your daily data for playing music can be exhausting sometimes. Hence, we have prepared the top 8 ways through which you can resolve the questions like how to download music to your phone.  

1. In-app Music Download

In-app downloading is the first option that will come to your head when it comes to downloading music with HD quality, as there are so many websites floating on the internet and the Play Store. You may have listened to it prior as well. The well-known apps are  Spotify, Amazon Music, and Youtube music. You can download these apps on your devices and save the music in the app for listening to them while not connected to the internet.

These apps come with the too-easy download procedure, as easy as just tapping the download icon coming in front of your song. However, you are required to download the app and pay a subscription amount for it. These apps are completely free to use. If you want to use the app to its full potential, then you are required to purchase a subscription plan. If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, then you can use other below-written ways to  mp3 songs free download for mobile offline.

2. CD Ripper

CD rippers can be the easiest and most convenient way to put music on the phone. You can simply copy and paste a CD’s files on your PC. the files that will paste to your device will be saved in WMA, WAV, or MP3 file format. Further, you can move these files to your phone and play them whenever you need to play them. 

mp3 songs free download for mobile offline

If you use an iOS device, then also you can use iCloud to transfer your files to your phone without taking up space from your internal storage. This way, I hope you got the answer to how do I download music to my phone. Before getting into any method, you must make sure that your internet is working properly; for that, you can use ethernet splitters too.

3. Download Stored Audio Files From the Cloud

Using the cloud for downloading mp3 music for free is the easiest and most accessible option for android users. You can use any storage-saving app rather than iCloud, such as google drive, one drive. Well, using this method won’t even take up storage space on your phone. Also, you can use any source for downloading on your PC. 

To use this method, you just need to download the music file you need and save it in the app through your PC, and you are good to access your music files through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. Must note, if your Gmail app is crashing, then you must rectify it first and then go to use google drive for saving music.

4. Use a Browser To Get Music Downloaded 

As you download different music on your PC through the browser, you can do this on your phone and get the answer to how to download music to your phone for free. You must be too precise while downloading the music as you have to give the song name, and you won’t be getting any suggestions for making your playlist. 

One thing that you must keep in mind as there are so many websites on the internet helping you to let you download the music of your choice, but there are those websites that are ready to supply malware and bugs into your system. Hence, you must choose a trusted and secure website to download the music.  

5. YouTube Video Downloader

You can even enjoy youtube video music offline by downloading the full videos of your favorite songs. One thing that you must keep in mind, That downloading a video from youtube is fine until you are not posting it to any other social media site, as the content may have a copyright, and posting it can trigger the owner. However, you are all good to use it for your personal use. 

YouTube Video Downloader

Another way that you can use is YT to mp3 converters. You can convert the videos to mp3 versions, and then you are all set to listen to them without the internet and wherever you want to. Now, the question of how to download music on Android is resolved.

6. Sideloaded Apps For Android

If you want to download youtube video’s audio content only, then you are good to go for sideloaded apps. Sideloaded apps are not allowed in some areas. Thus, you must check your local advisory for using sideloaded apps. However, you will also not be able to find the app on the play store or app store, as these apps are restricted in the App Store.

Moreover, if you are an android user, then you are all good to use these apps, and if you are using an IOS device, then you won’t be able to use this method as it won’t allow you to get into the app. Let’s check the sideloaded apps that you can download for extracting audio from any youtube video. 

  • YMusic

There are several songs that you won’t be able to find anywhere except youtube. Downloading that song may seem like a kind of battle. In that case, the Ymusic app will help you with your full potential. You can extract the mp3 of any video into your internal storage easily. With this app, you can download any music video within a few clicks with this app. You can download the app from its original website. 

  • Fildo

Fildo is another excellent app that you can use as the gateway between youtube videos and their Mp3 audio. You can simply download any of your favorite songs for free from this app. Also, this is a secure option that will enable you to access free music and resolve how to download songs.

7. Recording Built-in Phone Audio

Recording Built-in Phone Audio

In many PCs, there is a build option to record the audio that is playing on the device. If you are using the latest version of ios, then you will get this feature on your device. You can use this feature to extract audio from any video. Or you can simply use other apps through which you can extract audio and save it to your system at whatever destination you want to.   

Why am I Not Able To Play Music After Downloading?

If you have downloaded a music file on your device but are not able to play them, then there can be two responsible for it. Maybe the device you are using does not have the music player app, which is why you are not able to play the music. Another thing is that you may have downloaded the music file in some different format which creates a hassle for you while playing the music.

To resolve it, you will require to download the ideal audio format, such as MP3. Moreover, if your device doesn’t have an audio playback app, then you are required to download an app for it as well. Our choice for this is AIMP for Android and Vox for iOS. The best part of using these apps is that these apps are completely free and safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I download audio from Google?

You can simply download any file from google by right-clicking on the file and selecting the option to ‘download’ or ‘save audio as.’ However, on phones, you can simply select ‘more’ a three dots option to save a file on your device. 

Q2. How can I download music for free?

There are so many ways through which you can download music for free on your device. The most well-known way through which you can download music is to get into the browser and open any website on which you can download MP3 music for free. However, you can find so many websites floating on the internet to provide you with free MP3. Search the song name along with the mp3 download and get the results.

Q3. Can I download music from Spotify?

Yes, you can download the music from Spotify, but it won’t get saved in your device’s internal storage. Hence, you will only be able to play the music when you use the app. 


Music is the best therapy, but it can be triggering to your internet too. To resolve this, you must be thinking of downloading the music you need. However, we have presented a detailed guide about how to download music to your phone for free. There are a total of 7 ways through which you can do mp3 songs free download for mobile offline. If you are still left with any queries, then you can connect us anytime.


Do you want to be on top of your games all the time without spending hours on them? Well, you can do so with an incredible software called TinyTask. Through this modern technology, you can automate all the tedious tasks in your game and avoid spending hours. Well, it is like a superpower to any avid gamer, as it can eliminate all the unwanted grind from the game. This tool will help you to customize your game and to unlock the advanced capabilities in the game. Moreover, you can use this software in other daily tasks, too. Let’s know how you can add more flair to your virtual appearance in the gaming world with the superpower Tiny Task.


Tiny Task

Tiny Task

Free In EnglishVersion 1.2

4.8 (728 )

Tiny Task: An Overview

TinyTask is an incredible software that will enable you to record and play all the events and actions whenever you need them. It is an ideal tool if you want to create macros and play them on a loop. This way, you can simply get into your game and edge over your competitors. You are not required to spend hours in front of your PC to power up the basic level. With this tool, you can simply record all the actions of your keyboard and even the mouse cursor and make its replica action. With a single tap, you can repeat the actions easily. 

Tinytask Roblox

Moreover, this tool is very easy to use. You can simply download it and start using it. Its user interface tab is very descriptive. You can simply recognize the icons and execute them accordingly. It is specifically designed for Windows, but you can use it on os devices as well. You can use this in max and albeit too. The best part of using this, it is entirely free to use. This software will allow you even to customize your scripts in the game. With this tool, you can get more control over your gameplay in every sense. 

Features of Tiny Task 

All in all, the software is quite commendable and useful. Hence, we are coming up with all the essential features of the tiny task that you must know before you go to download the software on your device. So, let’s have a look at the features of TinyTask For Windows & Mac.

  • Light Software: There are various software alternatives to Tiny tasks, such as TgMacro, but they are not as compatible as Tiny Task. This software doesn’t take up too much space on your device. It is very lightweight and can be stored in a bit of space on your computer. Hence, you must not get worried about the lack of storage space.
  • Record Minimal Actions: This software is very fantastic in terms of its functions as well. It records every minimal action made by you on your system. It even records the action of your mouse and cursor movement, which is quite difficult for any software, but it does so easily. 
  • Less Response Time: Response time is too less; this is another feature that will let you download this software. You can simply start executing your replicating tasks in no time. Well, low response time is quite a needed feature in automation tools; if it takes longer to execute the repeating tasks, then it won’t work well. 
  • No Installation Needed: This is the only automation software that doesn’t require any installation process. It is good to go when you are done with the download. You can start using the software as long as you complete the download. 
  • Regular Updates: This software comes with regular updates. Regular updates are important as they will help you and the software to work well. Its regular updates enable the software to function more efficiently.  Also, you are not required to update it regularly; it gets updates on its own.  
  • Free App: The app is entirely free. You are not required to pay even a penny forTinytask Roblox. This is why this tool is quite famous among avid gamers, as they are required to pay even for the simplest scripts too. Its free access has influenced the users too much. 

How To Use TinyTask

What are the System Requirements?

In this section, we are coming up with all the needed system configurations and settings. You must make all these arrangements prior to the download. These requirements are important to make. Otherwise, Tinytask Minecraft won’t work well. Without further ado, let’s check what you need to prepare in your system.  

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit only). 
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • CPU must be Intel Core i3-3210. 
  • GPU must be Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  • Display: 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Network: Internet connection required for installation and activation

These all are too basic system requirements that one has to fulfill. Suppose your system creates any problem with graphics or SD cards, such as GoPro SD Card Error or any other error affecting your system’s efficiency. Then you must try to resolve the issue first and then get into the process of downloading Tiny Task. Moreover, as we have already told you that it is lightweight software; hence, it won’t demand too much from your system. 

How To Do Tinytask Download on Windows PC?

The Tinytask Download process is very simple and straightforward. You can simply click the above button to perform a Tinytask download. This button will redirect you to another website which is the original and trusted website for Tinytask download. You just need to download the latest version of the software, and you are all set to start using the software. 

As you are done with the downloading process, it’s done. The tiny task won’t require any kind of installation process to start working. You just need to get into the downloaded folder and right-click the recently downloaded file now, cut it, and paste it on the desktop. Here, the process is den. You just need to click the icon on your desktop, and you are all set to use the software.

How to Use Tinytask Auto Clicker? Understanding All Tabs

When you are done with the download procedure, you must be getting the question of How To Use TinyTask? Well, you will be getting this question resolved in a further article. So without wasting much time, let’s get into the use process. 

Tinytask For Windows & Mac

Creating A Recording 

The very first thing when it comes to using any automation tool is how one can create a recording in it, as we have already told you that it comes with the too easy user interface. Thus, you can simply click on the software to launch it and then click the “rec” tab in the prompt. This way, the recording will start. Moreover, another way through which you can record your action is by clicking the shortcut keys combination. The combination is ‘Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.’ Pressing this combination will trigger a tiny task to stop the recording.

Stopping A  Recording

When you are complete with the action that you want to record, then you must think of the way through which you can stop the recording. Well, intrusion of any third-party software will stop the recording, but it is not the ideal process to carry on with. Hence, you can simply reopen the tab and click the stop icon to stop recording. else, the shortcut key combination is also valid to stop the recording ‘Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.’

Saving The Recording

Another thing that is maybe worrying you is how to save the recording you just made. Well, there is a button in the user tab through which you can save the recording that you are making. Once the recording is completed, you just need to press the save button. Pressing the button will trigger a prompt asking you to name the recording and then save it.

Playing The Recording

Playing is a very easy yet tricky task for anyone who is less technical. However, you just need to click the ‘open’ button on the user interface tab, and the library of your tasks will be open. You can choose whatever task you want to play. 

Is it Worth using the Program on Your Machines?

The tiny task is the most revolutionized way to automate repetitive tasks. It does not require any prior experience in coding programming to execute the tasks. It comes with an easy user interface and doesn’t require much effort from the user end. This automated software has become the most popular choice for avoiding the grind of day-to-day repetitive tasks in the game. Hence, there is no doubt about the efficiency of the software. You must download this software if you are looking for an automated tool. This software will be the best software to suit your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you get TinyTask on Roblox?

The tiny task is a game-based automation tool. You can use it on any game, such as Minecraft and Roblox. You just need to download the version suitable with Roblox (The version is already visible on the website.) As you omplete the download, you are all set to execute the repetitive tasks in a click in your game, whether it’s Roblox or Minecraft.

Q2. How can one stop recording in Tinytask?

If you want to stop recording in Tinytask, then it is not a difficult process. You can simply click the stop button in the user tab, and the recording will stop automatically. Another thing that you can try to stop the recording is pressing the combination keys  ‘Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.’

Q3. How do I stop its playback?

If you want to stop the payback combo, then you can simply stop it by pressing a hotkey combo  Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P. This will trigger the tiny task to stop the playback function (if playing).


If you are a tech geek, then we have found a way to make your life easier. Well, if you are looking to manage multiple apps together, then Tlauncher can be a very good solution for you. It is a third-party launcher that can help you to organize your system and its efficiency. You can download the launcher and launch multiple games together. From managing multiple applications, personalizing your home screen, and using different instances of the same application at once. In short, we can say that this app is going to make your technology life easier. But what exactly is it? How can we download it? Is it really worth a shot? Well, we have covered everything in the below article. Let’s check the below article and get the t launcher. 



FreeIn EnglishVersion 1.2

4.8(728 )

What is TLauncher?


Tlauncher is the perfect software through which you can launch multiple programs together in a click. Well, if your system lacks when you start using multiple programs, then Tlauncher is a way for you to resolve the hassle. Through this application, you can launch multiple programs together; even you can launch UI tabs for the same software. The best part of using this app is that you can launch mine craft’s paid game for free. It is a third-party launcher that enables you to unlock various hacks and cheats without even compromising your data. 

Features of T Launcher Minecraft

In this section, we are going to cover all the reasons why you need to download the T launcher on your device. We are too sure after reading this section, you will definitely jump into the downloading section to get the software and its advantages. 

  • Free: The best part of using this software is that it is free to use. You are not required to pay even a penny to use this software and take advantage of its exceptional features. You can use this app and enjoy all its features without even buying a subscription. 
  • Customization: Another feature of this app Tlauncher is that it allows you to customize the apps you want to use. You can select the apps as per your requirements, and then clicking launch will get you launched with all the apps in a single click. 
  • Highly secure: The app is highly secured and fully encrypted. You are not required to worry about the security of your system. Well, you are required to give it access to have a little control over other apps. This way, only you can launch the apps together. 
  • Easy To Use: The app has a very easy user interface. A non-techie person can easily get onto the app and use it without any hassles. You can easily select the apps that you want to launch and carry on launching them together with a single click. 
  • Lag-free: another reason why you should download this launcher is that it is lag free. It doesn’t come with major lags. You will never encounter lagging, buffering, or hanging issues with this launcher. Hence, you must get rid of the worry about its quality work.
  • Compatible: The app is compatible with every other device. You can download the app on any device. Moreover, you can use the app without much restriction on device configurations.

System Requirements to Download (Both Windows and Mac OS)

When it comes to launcher download, then there are certain system requirements that every other person has to fulfill before downloading it. Well, the requirements are too basic; let’s check them out in the below section.

  • The operating system must be Windows 7 or more. 
  • CPU must be Intel Core i3-3210. 
  • AMD A8-7600 APU or better.
  • GPU must be Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  • 4GB of RAM is important.

How to Download and Install T Launcher? 

Tlauncher download is quite an easy task to do. You just fulfill the requirements, and then you are all set to download tlauncher Minecraft. After doing so, click the above button and start the downloading procedure. This button will redirect you to the official website of tlauncher Minecraft. Here, you need to download the latest version of the T launcher and wait for a few minutes.

When you are done with the download process, it is time to get the launcher installed on your device. In the below pointers, we are going to examine what you are required to do to install T launcher Minecraft on your device.

  • Open the file. Located in the recent download folder.
  • Here, you will encounter an installation tab. Click it.
  • After completing this step, you will encounter a prompt asking you for permission to make some changes to your device.
  • Another prompt will come asking you about the shortcut on your desktop.
  • Now, you can launch multiple programs single-handedly.

Note: Many people face the error while downloading. If you are also facing the GoPro SD Card Error, then you must resolve it first.

Is Tlauncher Safe?

Is Tlauncher Safe?

Suppose you are confused about the safety and security features of Tlauncher. Then, you must not worry about it, as it is completely safe and secure. It has been developed by trusted developers and has been trusted by many users over the years. Also, you can check the ratings and reviews. One thing that you must keep in mind is that you must download it from a trusted source or the original site. For this, you can click the button above. There are too many fake sites floating on the internet, ready to get into your system with viruses and bugs. Hence, you must download that from a trusted source. Also, you can use other mods as well to power up your games such as Script Hook V.

Do We Need TLauncher Download?

Yes, the T launcher is worthwhile. If you are too much into gaming or on your computer, then this will be the best solution for you to get into your system more easily. All in all, it can make your virtual gaming life very easy and efficient. If your system always lags and hangs while launching multiple applications, then the T launcher will be a savior for you. Thus, you must download it. We have already given the complete guide about it above.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it illegal to use TLauncher?

Yes, the T launcher is completely legal to use. One can use the T launcher without being hesitant about its legality. It is a legitimate app, and anyone can use it; it is not a kind of hack and cheats; it is just a launcher through which you can customize your apps and launch them together when you need them to be launched.

Q2. How does T launcher make Minecraft better? 

T launcher can make any game better. It is not just limited to Minecraft only. However, this launcher manages all the apps quite well, and it never comes up with lagging and hanging issues.

Q3. Is Tlauncher allowed in the US?

Yes, the T launcher is allowed in the US. If you live in the US, then you can simply download the app from the Mojang website.

Script Hook V

Are you an avid gamer? If so, then we have found a way for you through which you can transform your boring gaming session into incredible and leveled-up gameplay.  The way is Script Hook V, a modding tool that will allow you to add some more flair to the game. You will get the freedom to change speed using exclusive codes. It provides you with the ASI plugin that will enable you to have advanced capabilities in the game. Let’s see how it actually works. How to download it and all the important tricks and tweaks that you can do while using Script Hook V.


Script Hook V

FreeIn EnglishVersion 1.2

4.8(728 )

Script Hook V: A Modding Tool

Script Hook V

Script hook V is a software that enables users to unlock different levels and new possibilities in the game grand theft auto. It allows users to create and apply new scripts. Well, it is a free plugin package developed by “Alexander Blade,” who has made all other well known cheats and hacks for virtual 3d games. Its library offers multiple features a user can examine, easy teleporting, Custom keys, and camera options. It also allows users to bind their personal control schemes. Moreover, you can modify your weapons, costumes, maps, police presence, money, and other minigame activities.

If you are a GTA5 geek, then it will be an incredible tool for you to edge over your competitors.  You can simply heat up your game through this, and you can unlock many limitless possibilities with this mod.

System Requirements to Use the Modding Tool: Script Hook V

This section consists of all the possible requirements that one needs to fulfill before one may go to download the mod. Well, these basic requirements are too basic that can be applied to other game-enhancing software such as TG macro. You are already having GTA 5 on your device, which means that the device is quite high-end. But this script executor is quite heavy; thus, you must look at the requirements. 

  • .Net Framework Higher or Equal to v4.8 
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 
  • Visual Studio 2019 x64
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • At least 500 MB of free space 
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit only)

Script Hook V Download

Script Hook V Download is not a hectic task to do, as we have made it easy for you. Click the above download button and get started with the process. Must keep in mind that you have made your system compatible with the modding tool by meeting all the requirements written above. If you are done with them, then you are good to go for the download proceedings. Well, you just need to click the above button; it will redirect you to the official and trusted website for Script Hook V Download. Here, you can download the latest version, wait for a few minutes, and let the download complete.

Method to Install ScriptHookV

  • Done with the download, click and open the downloaded file.
  • You will require to unzip the downloaded file as it is in the zip folder.
  • Launch the GTA 5 folder and paste all three downloaded files into it. 
  • Three files are: ”Dinput8.dll, NativeTrainer.asi, & ScriptHookV.dll”

If you also encounter the issue of not finding the GTA folder. Then you must right-mouse the shortcut of gta5 and click to open the file location to get into the folder. 

Point to Note: while installing, many users found the issue of the AMD driver not working.  Thus, if you are encountering the same, then you must rectify the issue first and then again perform the steps to install it.  

How to Use Script Hook V without Getting Banned? 

How to Use Script Hook V without Getting Banned? 

Using ScriptHook V comes with so many risks too. If you don’t use script hook V with care, then you can get banned for using it without doing anything. Although it is a mod and hack which can get you banned also, it can enhance your overall gaming experience and heat up your gameplay. Hence we are coming up with a section that consists of top tricks that can help you to avoid getting banned. 

  • Know When to Delete ScriptHookV: You must delete the software when you start playing.  As playing multiplayer online can recognize you doing cheats, in that case, you are required to delete the mod. Otherwise, you will get banned. This majorly happens when your system is using an anti-cheat system.
  • Remove the dinput8.dll: Dinput8.dll file is the file that contains all the cheats codes. Hence, deleting this file only can help you to avoid banns for playing gta5 using cheats. Hence, it is another way that you must keep in mind while playing GTA5 with script hook V.  
  • Be Cautious During the Download: You must download it from a trusted source or from the original site. This way, you can avoid getting banned, as the original software is safer and more secure than the software downloaded from any third-party website. 
  • Regular Updates: Updating the application regularly can be another trick through which you can make yourself detached from the virus bugs and from getting banned as well. Old versions of the app are more susceptible to viruses and malicious things through which your system can get hacked. Hence, you must keep updating your app regularly.

How To Update ScriptHookV for GTA 5?

Now, you must be getting the question of how one can do script hook V update. Well, in this section, we are going to look into it. It is not a typical update that you can do easily. For updating this, you will require to delete the old files of the application present in the GTA folder. 

Now, Download the latest version of the application on your device. The latest version that you can download is 1.0.2612.1. Also, make sure that you download it from a trusted source. When you are done with downloading, unzip the downloaded file and paste it into the GTA folder. 

Here, when you are done with all these things, you just need to launch your game. Everything is already set for you in the game. You can use your scripts and codes to power up your gameplay.   

Is Script Hook V Worth It?

Script hook V is a fantastic tool, especially for those who want to get a level up in the game. You can customize your gameplay sessions easily. There are various advanced features that you can use through the software, from teleporting to customizing maps and many more things. However there are so many mods available on the internet, but it has something different from others. It will not come up with too many errors and coding problems. Hence, we would love to recommend this software to have exceptional gameplay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there any risks with using Script hook V? 

Yes, there are risks. Enjoying mods in the game can be fun, but there are many risks too. You must consider all the risks while downloading. Well, there are ways through which you can save yourself from getting banned or any other malicious attacks.

Q2. Which is the Latest Version of Script Hook V?

You can check the latest version of it on the official website of the mod. However, the latest version of script hook v is 1.0.2612.1, which you can download. Keeping the software updated is quite important as it will protect you from unwanted bugs and viruses. 

Q3. How to Disable Script Hook V?

Disabling script hook v is another easy-to-do task. You can simply delete the files of the application that you have pasted in the GTA folder.

faulty hardware corrupted page

Have you just experienced a crash on your smooth-running device? And the crash shows “faulty hardware corrupted page error” If so, then say goodbye to the error with our troubleshooting guide. However, this might have been a bit annoying for you. However, the time has arrived to resolve it. In this blog, We are coming up with the top 10 troubleshooters to rectify faulty_hardware_corrupted_page, from cleaning your computer to troubleshoot the error with tools like DISM and  Memory Diagnostic Tool. We have got it all covered. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started with the guide. Keep reading to enjoy the smooth running of your PC again.

What is Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Blue Screen?

What is faulty_hardware_corrupted_page Blue Screen?

A faulty hardware corrupted page is a blue screen error that can interrupt your running program and also unstabilize the overall performance of the PC. This error will make the screen stuck or can cause a random crash. It comes up with a bug check value of 0x0000012B. You must try to rectify it timely. Otherwise, it can deliver further damage to your PC. Let’s have a better rationale for it by understanding its real causes.

Causes of Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page

There are various causes for faulty hardware corrupted page windows 10. Understanding the causes will give you a better rationale for resolving the issue. Let’s check them all in the below pointer. 

  • Problems in device drivers.
  • Corrupted files in your device.
  • Malicious attacks of viruses on your device.
  • Corrupted Registry.
  • Problematic hard drive. 

10 Ways To Troubleshoot The Issue “Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page”

After knowing all the essential pieces of information about Windows 10 faulty hardware corrupted pages, one must get into the troubleshooters. Thus, we are ready with the top 10 surefire ways that will be going to assist you in every way possible and eliminate the issue in no time. So without further ado, let’s get started with the solutions.

1. Disable Fast Startup

This issue has majorly been encountered in windows 10 because of its fast startup feature. Its core component sometimes corrupts the files of your device and leads the device to an error. Thus, disabling this fast startup can fix the issue of faulty_hardware_corrupted_page. Let’s see how one can do so.

  • Open the power user menu by pressing the Windows logo key and X together.
  • Now, choose additional power settings.
  • Click the ”Choose what power button does” option.Disable Fast Startup
  • Tap on the change settings option coming up on your screen.
  • Untick the box coming for the fast startup option.
  • Don’t forget to save the changes you made.

After getting done with the above settings, you must power off your computer entirely and turn it again after a few minutes. Now, check if the error has been resolved or not. 

2. Upgrade Drivers

Outdated drivers can be the cause of these random issues on your device. Thus, you must keep updating your device driver to have a seamless experience of using your device. Not only these drivers, but you must also keep updating all your network drivers and the Windows itself. Let’s check how you can update your device drivers in easy steps.

  • Open the settings of your device by pressing the Windows logo key, and I.
  • Now select the option coming ”updates and security”
  • Click check for updates.
  • Here, you get a blue-colored option of “checking additional updates”; click it.
  • Check the boxes of every other driver that requires an update.

3. Roll-Back Drivers

If you recently have a new driver injected into your system, it may be the issue with the new drivers. Thus, you are required to roll it back. You can simply get a satisfactory result by following the steps below.

  • The first step is to open the device manager on your PC.
  • Expand the list of devices from the drop-down menu.
  • Right-click on the device that you want to roll back.
  • Select Properties.
  • Now, a prompt will come up.
    Roll-Back Drivers
  • Select the Roll back drivers option. 
  • Don’t forget to save the changes. 

4. Eliminate External Peripherals

If you have multiple connected devices to your computer, then you may find this error bumping again and again on your screen. Thus, you are required to eliminate all these peripherals, such as scanners, printers, and other less necessary devices. After removing them, Check if the issue has been eliminated or not.  If following this has brought you results, then it is good. If not, then just hop onto the other method in the queue.

5. Run DISM Tool

Faulty files can disrupt the good performance of your computer and can cause trouble in overall performance. This way, the error faulty hardware corrupted page blue screen will be triggered. Hence, you must use the tool DISM stands for “Deployment Image Servicing and Management” you can simply follow the below steps to resolve the error.

  • Right-click on the power button, and you will get the menu opened.
  • Select the Windows PowerShell option coming in the list.
  • System file checkers can help you to repair system files. 
  • To do so, you can use below written three commands: 
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

6. Check Disk Utility

Might the issue you’re facing be with the disk? Thus, you can perform disk utility to ensure that it is corrupted and make hassles for your windows to run smoothly. To resolve the error, you may inculcate the following steps.

  • Press the Windows button on your laptop and type PowerShell under the search bar.
  • Right mouse click on it and choose the option ‘Run as admin’
  • Here, you can use it to its full potential. 
  • Now, type chkdsk C: /R, and one must not forget to replace the letter C with the drive letter of your windows partition.
  • Press Enter.
  • A prompt will come up asking permission.
  • Type ‘Y’ and click Enter.

You must restart your computer for better implication results. After doing so, you can see the changes that have been brought after doing the Disk utility check.

7. Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

The Windows memory diagnostic tool helps a lot in resolving windows errors. Thus, you must try this method out to eliminate Windows 10 faulty hardware corrupted pages. Let’s see how one can do so.

  • Press the Windows log key and write Memory diagnostic. Launch it.
  • Click Restart. This way, your computer will restart by itself. 
  • Now, the diagnostic tool will load as the computer starts. Wait for a while.
  • Here, you can see a test running on your computer waiting for it, too, until it finishes itself.
  • Go to the power user list and choose the event viewer.
  • Select Windows and click System Logs.

Here, if you can see any errors, then you must try to resolve them by changing your RAM. If you see no error, then hurrah, it has been resolved. 

8. Clean the Computer

Frequent cleaning of your computer is essential. You can not only save your investment through it, but you are saving your internal data as well. Over time, unwanted dust and debris in the computer’s internal parts lead to some errors. Also, it can affect the overall smooth running of your computer. Thus, you must clean the screen and dust in the keyboard keys every few days. Hence, you must try performing this cleaning first and then check if the issue has been reduced or not. 

9. Resetting Windows 10

Resetting your windows can improve the overall performance of the PC and enhance the smoothness pace as well. If you perform a reset on your Windows, then your computer will get a fresh start with a completely new reinstallation. However, a reset can not only resolve windows 10 faulty hardware corrupted pages, but also it can improve the performance, battery life, security, and browsing experience as well. So let’s check how one can do so.

  •  Open the settings of your PC.
  • Choose the option for the update.
  • Click the recovery tab and select the option coming ‘get started.’
  • Here, a prompt will come up to keep the files or remove them.
  • You must choose to keep my file if you don’t have a proper backup. 
  • Click Enter to get started with the Resetting procedure.

10. Upgrade BIOS

Upgrade BIOS for windows 10 faulty hardware corrupted page

Outdated hardware is the most common reason for the error: Faulty hardware corrupted the page windows 10. Hence, you must always keep an eye on upgrading your software. However, Outdated BIOS always results in various hardware-related issues and errors. However, it can be untouched for many years, but if it remains like that, then it may cause some issues. Thus, it would be better to update it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What causes faulty hardware to be corrupt?

A malware attack can cause your hardware to go corrupt. Thus, you must do a malware check on your system. And one should always keep their firewall settings unable to protect their PC. 

Q2. How do I check for faulty hardware on Windows 11?

To check faulty hardware on your device, one must do troubleshooting on your PC. You can simply do this troubleshooting with the following steps.

  • Open system settings.
  • Click the system option coming on the next screen.
  • Click troubleshoot.
  • Now, target devices one by one.
  • You will get your query resolved.

Q3. How do I know if my Windows hardware is failing?

You can simply check it by performing a test on your PC. For this test, you just need to follow the below-written steps.

  • Press the window logo key and R together to trigger run windows.
  • Type mdsched.exe and enter to run the test.
  • Now, your system will take a few minutes to get back to you.

Your system will restart itself. After a few minutes, try using your system again and check whether your system has started performing well or not. 


In a nutshell, we have provided you with the top 10 methods for fixing the faulty hardware corrupted page error. Along with these resolving tricks, we have provided you with a detailed comprehension of it, which consists of its meaning, causes, and resolvers. However, you can try any resolving techniques mentioned above. If you have any queries or suggestions, then you can get back to us anytime.

Server IP Address Could Not Be Found

Are you stuck with a google server IP address that could not be found? In order to resolve it, you ended up scratching your head. If so, then you no longer need to worry, as we are here to rescue you from this frustrating error. However, we are coming up with a guide that has 9 resolving tactics to rectify and eliminate the error in a few clicks. Fortunately, we have got all covered, from its meaning to the causes and to the top resolvers. Well, if you want to resolve the error server IP address cannot be found, then you must read our guide and get your chrome working again. 

What Does  “Server IP Address Could Not Be Found Error” Mean?

Server IP Address Could Not Be Found

If you search for something and your system shows  “Server IP Address Could Not Be Found Error,” you must get freaked out first, and you will start to look for the resolving methods. But before that, you must know what it actually means. Well, it means that the server of your system and the server of the site that you want to reach are unable to connect. Thus, it showed the error “couldn’t find the IP address.”

Causes of “Google Server IP Address Could Not Be Found”?

When it comes to finding the cause of the error, then you can find it on your end and the site’s end as well. However, the solutions are reason based. Thus, you must understand all the possible reasons to resolve your error with our reason-based solutions coming in the further section.

  • Bad Internet Connection: If the internet connection through which you are connected is weak, then you are more prone to see this error. You must check your internet connection. You can try accessing another site to check where the problem is located.
  • Problematic Cache: If the random and unnecessary cache in your computer takes up important space, then you are likely to get the error. In order to resolve this, you can try deleting unwanted cache from your system. This will not only result in eliminating the error, but also it will help you to improve the smooth running of your overall system.
  • Down DNS server: If the DNS server is down at your end, then again, you will encounter this error. You can simply detect the cause of the error coming on your screen If it writes, “the DNS IP address could not be found.” 
  • Site is Down: Another possible cause for the error coming on your screen is the server of the site that you want to access is down. You must wait for a while to get your chrome back on track for this cause, as the problem is not at your end.  

Top 9 Troubleshooters For “Server Could Not Be Found”?

After getting a proper rationale for its meaning and the causes, one must look for reason-based troubleshooters for the error. Thus, we have prepared detailed stepwise troubleshooters for you. Try the following method one by one and rectify your error within a few clicks.

1. Restart Google Chrome

The best troubleshooter for any kind of problem in chrome is restarting it entirely. Restarting chrome will help you to re-establish the connection with all the sites and the pages you want to browse. Hence, re-establishing it will help you to surf limitlessly.

Simply exit the chrome with the coming red cross option in the top right corner. And relaunch it. Check if you have eliminated the error or not. If not, then you must try the other following methods enlisted below.

2. Make Sure Your Internet Works

The most common and significant reason for the error is that the google server IP address could not be found in the lousy internet connection. Thus, you must check if the error is from your side. Also, try fixing your internet connection. You can try restarting your wifi if your internet is not working. In addition, you must try connecting with a wired connection as it is meant to be more stable and frequent than the wifi connections.  Furthermore, you can check if your connection is lacking by connecting to any other site. 

3. Verify Your Proxy Settings

Verify Your Proxy Settings

Another possible cause for the error coming on google chrome is your proxy server. Might your proxy server be creating a problem with your internet connection. This is why your google chrome is not able to run efficiently. Hence, you will need to tweak some settings on your pc with a proxy. This way, you can manage to eliminate the server error. Let’s see what tweaks you can perform to eliminate the error.

  • Go to the start menu and look for proxy settings.
  • Here, you can see two options coming on the screen. One Automatically detects settings, and the other uses a proxy server.
  • You need to turn on the automatic detect setting option and,
  • Turn off using a proxy server option.

After doing this, you must check to open your google chrome and connect to any site. See if the error has gone or not. If not, then simply get on the next method written below.

4. Turn Off Your VPN

If you are connected with a Vypr VPN or any other, then only this step is relevant for you. Either way, you can skip it. A VPN server is most likely to have less connectivity, which ultimately results in showing server IP address cannot be found. In this case, you must turn off your VPN connection to eliminate the error. Furthermore, sometimes the site you want to reach is not approachable to the proxy location, thus resulting in an error. Hence, you must turn off your VPN and try establishing the connection with a standard wifi connection.

5. Use the Internet Connections Troubleshooter

If the above-presented methods fail for you, then you must try using an in-build internet troubleshooter in your system. But what does it do? Well, it simply detects the problem and gives you a way to resolve it. Thus, trying it can give you a productive outcome. Let’s check how one can do so.

  • Launch your settings app on your computer.
  • Open Update and security option 
  • Select troubleshooter and see in the right pane, and select additional troubleshooters.
  • Navigate to internet troubleshoot
  • Click “run the troubleshooter.”

5. Use the Internet Connections Troubleshooter

After a few minutes, your system will detect the problem and will show you the solution too. You just need to follow the on-screen wizards to remove the error. 

6. Clear the DNS Cache

If your DNS cache is creating problems, then clearing it can bring you productive results. Clearing unnecessary cache can help you to improve the overall performance of your PC. you can optimize the smoothness of running programs. Also, it will help you to remove the random errors coming on your device, such as Server IP Address Could Not Be Found and AMD driver timeout. Let’s check the following steps through which you can perform the cleaning. 

  • Open your command prompt. You can simply search the command prompt in the search windows.
  • Type “IPconfig /flushdns” in the command prompt and press enter.
  • Here’s how you can delete all the DNS cache from your system 

The above steps are valid for every other Windows computer, but if you have macOS, then you must try out the following steps.

  • Open terminal Utility.
  • Type “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder” command in the terminal. 
  • Put your password and click enter to delete the cache.

7. Clear Chrome Host Cache

Another thing that you can perform for the seamless and errorless performance of your pc is clearing the host cache from your google chrome. It is quite simple. What you need to do is listed below. Follow the easy steps. 

  • Launch your chrome and type chrome://net-internals/#dns
  • Click enter.
  • When you get to the next screen, you must select the DNS option coming on the left pane.
  • Now, you will get the option “clear host cache.”
  • Click it and check if your error has been reduced or if you can access your favorite sites.

8. Enable Dynamic IP Address on Your Windows PC

Enabling a dynamic IP address is one of the significant methods that you can try to remove the error server IP address could not be found. It happens when you manually set the IP address for your system, and your system is unable to show you the result with this inappropriate IP address. Let’s check how one can do so.

  • Launch the settings app on your PC.
  • Navigate to the network and internet options.
  • Click the “change adapter” option.
  • Now, you will get the network adapter option; right-click it.
  • Select properties.
  • Here, you will get a list where you can set the ‘protocol version 4’, click it, and then open its properties.
  • In the next screen, you must choose the obtain an automatic server address. 

You must press okay to save the changes. Also, you must not forget to restart your system for better execution of the changes you made. Try opening your google chrome and check if the error is eliminated or not.

9. Update Your Network Adapter Driver

Another possible cause for the error is your outdated network driver. Thus, you must keep updating your network drivers timely. If you are confused about how to do so? Don’t worry. We have covered it as well in the below pointers.

  • Open the device manager; you can simply enter the search bar and type device manager.
  • Now, you can see the list of all the connected devices to your system.
  • Navigate to the network drivers.Update Your Network Adapter Driver
  • Click the drop-down menu and right-mouse on the network device. 
  • Click to update the driver option.

After doing the above steps,  you will encounter a prompt that will ask you whether you want to search automatically for the driver or not. Then you must choose the automatic search option; this way, you can make your upgrading process easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does it keep saying the server Cannot be found?

There can be various reasons responsible for the error you are getting on your google chrome. One of the most common reasons for it is a weak internet connection. You must check your internet connection to see if it is working well. Another possible reason is the unnecessary cache in your computer.

Q2. How do I fix being unable to connect to the server issue?

There are various ways to fix the server error you are getting in chrome. You can re-establish the connection, and you can try clearing the unwanted cache from your system. Another thing that you can try is to upgrade your network drivers.

Q3. What is the meaning of couldn’t connect to the server?

When your system and phone show that it is unable to connect to the server, then it means your network adapters are not able to connect with the local network servers.  


If you are struggling with the chrome error “Server IP Address Could Not Be Found,” then you must be freaked out at first, but you can resolve it with our top 9 methods that we have listed above. You can use any of the above methods to resolve the error. However, you must check to reach other sites if the issue is at your end or the site’s end to which you want to navigate. If you are still left with any query unanswered, then you can connect us anytime.